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Flowju Luxury Nature Latex Foam Neck Massage Pillow


Latex Foam Pillow was made of natural latex and velvet. It is elastic, high flexible and good ventilation, suitable for neck vertebra physiological curve.May cause mild soreness in the neck or upper back with the first few times it is used. If y...
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  • Wave design is easy to adapt to the user, and to provide full help prop up the neck
  • Wake up free of neck and muscle pain because pressure is relieved when your head and neck are supported correctly
  • Experience deep sound sleep because your body relaxes
  • Moreover, Latex Pillow is also able to relieve neuropathic pain
  • Latex Foam Pillow is a good choice for you to use at home, in office or during a trip
  • Breathe easier and reduce snoring because your air passage is unrestricted
  • Enhance circulation because blood flows better through relaxed muscles
  • Enjoy better posture because your spine is aligned in a natural way
  • Gradually increase the amount of hours you sleep with the pillow, until you are sleeping through the night
  • Material: Nature Latex & Velvet
  • Size: 60 x 40cm/23.6 x 15.7in(L x W), 10cm/3.9in(Front Thickness), 12cm/4.7in(Back Thickness)


 Flowju Luxury Nature Latex Foam Neck Massage Pillow

  •  Latex Foam Pillow can remove acarus and resist bacilli,effectively enabling you to avoid skin allergies as well as harmful material infection effectively

Flowju Luxury Nature Latex Foam Neck Massage Pillow

Flowju Luxury Nature Latex Foam Neck Massage Pillow

  • If you are experiencing a lot of pain, use your old pillow in conjunction with the Latex Foam Pillow

Flowju Luxury Nature Latex Foam Neck Massage Pillow

  • This neck massage pillow can speed up intracranial blood flow velocity and boost Oxygen capacity

How to Use a Neck Pillow

A neck pillow can be used while traveling, sleeping or even resting in a chair. The pillow supports and realigns the neck and upper spinal area into a proper posture curve to help relieve chronic and temporary neck pain.

  • Consider firmness. Based on the recommendations of a physician, you will need to evaluate the firmness of the pillow you will be using. A softer pillow, for example, is good for temporary neck pain due to an injury or the sudden onset of pain from a long-standing condition. Firm pillows are recommended for chronic neck pain sufferers. Pillows can be filled with everything from memory foam to buckwheat hulls and should be chosen for the individual comfort they provide.
  • Choose the proper thickness. Your neck usually needs the most support while you sleep. To find a pillow with the proper thickness, keep in mind the following recommendations:
  • * While lying on your side, your neck and head should remain horizontally level with your mid to lower back.
  • * While lying on your back, your neck and head should remain level with with your upper back and spine.
  • * Your head and neck should not be propped up or tilted away from your body in any way.
  • Place your pillow properly for sleeping. There are a variety of neck pillows available, but the basic premise is the same for all. The primary outward curve of the pillow should rest at the neck. If you are using a "sleeping" pillow, you will note how your head naturally falls into the indentation in the pillow, which acts as a headrest.
  • Place your pillow properly for traveling. Travel neck pillows resemble a U-shaped tube filled with foam or other stuffing. This U-shape provides additional support for your head and neck. Many also come with gel packs that offer a cooling sensation, lessening the effects of migraines and headaches. Place the opening of the pillow around your neck, nestling it into the base of your head. The U-shape should fit under your ears and above your shoulders, supporting your head and allowing the proper neck curvature.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Nature Latex Foam Neck Massage Pillow
  • 1 x Breathable Mesh Pillowcase