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Thaizoo Radiation Protection Anti-fatigue Health Care Titanium Necklace


Often get fatigue when working or studying and rather suffered on this? Looking for something to relive fatigue? If yes, this delicately designed Titanium necklace is highly recommended, which would be your best choice and never disappoint you. Made ...
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  • Made of Titanium, this Titanium necklace could relieve the fatigue from work and study
  • Because of special material made, this fashion necklace could protect the users from radiation
  • This magic Titanium necklace could relieve stress and tense from work and study
  • Delicate craftsmanship and finest workmanship of this cheap necklace makes itself extraordinary, charming and cost-effective
  • The fashion necklaces could accelerate blood circulation
  • Classic design of the fashion necklaces makes themselves the idea gifts for friends or a spacial treat for youself
  • Material: Titanium & Germanium
  • Color: Silver
  • Size: 53.0 x 0.7cm/20.8 x 0.3in(L x W)


Thaizoo Radiation Protection Anti-fatigue Health Care Titanium Necklace

  • With anti-fatigue and radiation-preventing  features, this Titanium necklace is design makes this fashion   necklace extraordinary and popular

Thaizoo Radiation Protection Anti-fatigue Health Care Titanium Necklace

  • Made of Titanium, the fashion necklaces could relieve the fatigue from work and study

 Thaizoo Radiation Protection Anti-fatigue Health Care Titanium Necklace

  • To the workaholics working at night but rest in the day, this Titanium necklace would be of great help for them to get used to the irregular lifestyle within shortest time

Thaizoo Radiation Protection Anti-fatigue Health Care Titanium Necklace

  • Delicate craftsmanship and finest workmanship of this fashion necklace endows it unparalled charm

 Thaizoo Radiation Protection Anti-fatigue Health Care Titanium Necklace

  • This fashion necklace would be an idea gift for your lovers or friends


  • Please don't wear it when bathing, swimming, doing sauna or other water-revolved activities
  • Please clean it with soft cloth and keep them in seal preservation when you don't wear it

Types of Women's Necklaces:

Thaizoo Radiation Protection Anti-fatigue Health Care Titanium Necklace

A fashionable necklace can turn a woman's ensemble from simple to striking. Necklaces -- just like clothing -- should be selected to fit body type and style preference. Most women own a variety of necklaces to suit various occasions. Today's necklace designs offer something for everyone. They range from modest chains and simple pendants to flamboyant layers, fashioned to make a bold statement


  • Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images A pendant necklace showcases precious gems or decorations hanging on a chain. One of the most popular pendants is the diamond solitaire. The simple setting typically includes a round or princess-cut diamond. Pink, white and black pearls, rubies, sapphires and emeralds often take center stage as the focal point on a pendant. Some ladies prefer more elaborate designs, such as a diamond flanked by other gemstones. Modern pendants are shaped into circles, hearts and monograms. Jewelers create the designs from a cluster of gemstones or imitations. They also mold them from gold, silver or platinum. Pendants were traditionally modest designs, but today's choices include over-sized, bold pieces, such as large gold or silver bars


  • Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images A choker is worn just above the collarbone, at the base of the neck. A choker is typically 15 to 16 inches in length. Women often use choker necklaces to show off the neck and shoulder area. They complement strapless dresses, but also work well with some high necklines. Chokers range from simple ribbons and hemp to ornate jeweled necklaces. Beaded chokers have gained popularity. Choker designs range from modest choices to bold, colorful and chunky styles


  • Baerbel Schmidt/Digital Vision/Getty Images Necklaces with multiple strands are chic and artistic. They work well with strapless or simple, high neck tops. Layered necklaces often show off contrasting feminine and edgy elements. For example, one strand of pearls might be nestled among rows of chains. Interesting textures, such as colorful glass balls, are added for interest. Bohemian necklaces, reminiscent of the free-spirited sixties, favor the layered design. Feathers, wooden beads and bangles reflect this style. A more dramatically layered necklace is the "bib style." Several strands are positioned either horizontally or vertically from the collar area. The elaborate cascade necklace is typically reserved for special occasions. It is composed of several layers, front and back, and drapes over the shoulders, covering much of the chest and back

Single Strand

  • Hemera Technologies/AbleStock.com/Getty Images A single strand necklace -- such as a strand of pearls -- is a traditional necklace. Cultured pearls and their less expensive simulated alternatives are no longer just for special occasions. Choose pearl color to match your skin tone and clothing. Popular colors are white, cream and ivory. Black pearls are rarely black; they contain hues of blue and green. Well-made simulated pearls are constructed of beads such as glass and then coated with varnish and ground fish scales to simulate cultured pearls. Single-strand gold, silver and platinum chains provide versatility. They come in different lengths, typically from 18 to 48 inches. These chains range from fine, delicate pieces to chunky, twisted ropes and cable links

How to Choose the Right Necklace for Different Necklines:

Thaizoo Radiation Protection Anti-fatigue Health Care Titanium Necklace

  • Consider the occasion. Opt for a simple, understated piece for daytime and a more precious or extravagant piece for evening
  • Accent a V-neck with a drop pearl necklace or solitaire pendant. This same piece also complements boat-neck and crewneck tops. Match gemstone colors to those found in your outfit and earrings
  • Accessorize strapless and off-the-shoulder necklines with a necklace that remains close to the neck. Pair a faux gem choker on an invisible string with a top made of satin or silk. Add elegant sophistication with a short strand of pearls
  • Pair an open-collar blouse with a thicker, chunkier piece of costume jewelry. Faux silver or gold interlock chains that lie flat on the collarbone accent a dressy casual outfit or business suit Coordinate your earrings and belt with the tones in your necklace.
  • Enhance a jewel-neck or turtleneck sweater with a long string of colorful beads. Precious stones work well with a thicker day look, while crystals bring a little glamour to an evening ensemble
  • Pair a square-neck top with a pendant that dangles from a long chain. Consider lengths that fall between the collarbones

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