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JaLeHui Classical Game Dustproof Controllers for Nintendo WII


Do you want a Wii controller? Are you looking for a Wii controller with good quality? If so, you have come to the right place. We highly recommend the Nintendo Wii controller for you. You will love this product at first sight.This Wii controller...
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  • Stylish pink Wii controller is comfortable to hold, even during extended gaming sessions
  • The Nintendo Wii controller has unprecedented value and is perfect for all Wii owners  
  • This classic Wii Remote controller is designed with improved ergonomic design
  • Great Wii wireless controller with excellent quality is easy to use, plug and play
  • This Wii controller offers maximum comfort and endless game play for you
  • A great gift for your friend who is a fan of Wii, which contains your love and care for him or her
  • This is a NON-OEM product
  • Compatible with: Nintendo Wii
  • Color: Pink


JaLeHui Classical Game Dustproof Controllers for Nintendo WII

  • The Wii controller is made of high quality material, which is durable and solid for your using

JaLeHui Classical Game Dustproof Controllers for Nintendo WII

  • The material of the Nintendo Wii controller touches smooth and comfortable, which is perfect for you to play

JaLeHui Classical Game Dustproof Controllers for Nintendo WII

  • Light weight makes the Wii controller easy to carry and daily use

JaLeHui Classical Game Dustproof Controllers for Nintendo WII

  • The size of the Wii remote controller is neither too big nor small, and you can carry and use it conveniently

JaLeHui Classical Game Dustproof Controllers for Nintendo WII

  • Every detail of the Nintendo accessories is so exquisite and excellent, which make the cap unique and outstanding

JaLeHui Classical Game Dustproof Controllers for Nintendo WII

  • Modern appearance makes the Wii wireless controller an ideal choice for you

How to Sync Wii Controller:

JaLeHui Classical Game Dustproof Controllers for Nintendo WII

From time to time you may need to sync a controller to your Nintendo Wii Console. This may need to be done if you get a new controller, or are setting up your system for the first time

  • Press the power button on the Will Console to turn it on
  • Open the cover that goes over the SD Memory Slot
  • Remove the battery cover from the Wii controller you are syncing up
  • Press and release the "SYNC" button on the inside of the SD Card compartment on the Wii console. Also press and release the sync button, which is right below the batteries on the Wii controller. Both buttons must be pressed simultaneously
  • Watch as the blue lights on the Wii Controller stop blinking, one light remains on indicating what player number that controller is

How to Use & Charge Wii Controllers:

JaLeHui Classical Game Dustproof Controllers for Nintendo WII

If the Nintendo Wii controller is responsible for everything you do in a game, from moving to clicking on a button. The initial setup of the controller is fairly simple and involves pressing only a few buttons to get ready. Once you've used the controller for several hours, you will need to either replace the batteries in the charger or use a separately sold charging station. The charging station comes with a rechargeable battery pack

  • Plug the charging cradle into either a wall outlet or USB slot, depending on the type of connection the charging cradle uses. Several cradles are available; some use a USB plug, which can plug into any USB slot or an outlet plug
  • Remove the protective jacket from the Wii controller, if you have one. Remove the back battery cover and the batteries inside
  • Connect the rechargeable battery pack to the inside of the battery compartment. Look for arrows to indicate which way the battery pack fits in
  • Place the Wii controller into the cradle. You should see lights illuminate on the cradle to indicate the batteries are charging. The lights will change to a different color when the controller is fully charged. For example, one charging cradle brand may light up blue when the controller is charging and then change to green when it is done
  • Remove the Wii controller from the charging cradle when it is done charging. Turn on the Nintendo Wii. If you do not see a blue light illuminate underneath one of the four numbers on the controller, press the red "Sync" button on the Wii and then press the red "Sync" button on the back of the Wii remote in the battery compartment
  • Place your wrist through the wrist strap on the bottom of the controller
  • Point the remote at the TV screen. A pointer icon will appear on the screen. Move the controller to move the pointer. Press "A" on the controller to click on something and press the "Home" button to bring up the Wii menu. Press the "B" button to go back one screen
  • Press and hold the red button on the left top of the controller to turn off the Wii

Package Included:

  • 1 x Nunchuck Controller for Wii
  • 1 x Remote controller for wii