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ACA North American Electric (ACA) AS-PM065A-1 2 layer Steamer (White)


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Product Weight: 2.33kg
Category: Steamer
Brands: ACA
Origin of goods: Zhuhai
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ACA North American Electric (ACA) AS-PM065A-1 2 layer Steamer (White)
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Benefits / FunctionProduct Functionality
1,2 layer steaming while cooking different foods 2, the boot after 15 seconds out of steam, quickly heating 3, dry protection, 60 minutes timer 4, the rapid production of foods, nutrients and original taste lock 5, transparent steaming grid intuitive cooking status 6, they co-type water inlet, easy operation 7, external water level display window
Product DetailsProduct Details

Body shell

High strength, high temperature food grade transparent material design, food steamer hazy visible.Steamer top two layers, can be used independently or in combination, adaptable, and keep the nutritional content of food is not compromised.


A "knob" operation, select the heating time; LED status indicator, visually striking.Transparent water level display, anti-dry, automatically prompts.Proprietary technology, connectivity water, central heat accumulation of the new heater, patented technology.Energized within 10 seconds out of steam, heated cooking express.Special energy saving

TipsKindly Remind
Steamed food culture
Chinese food culture has a long history, dating back ten thousand years ago, inflammation, yellow period, starting with the principle of boiled food can be found in the steam to get the food cooked.Since then, the emergence of steamed food is based on the further improvement of cooking techniques, have been continued ever since, spread to domestic and foreign, and has been highly praised.Steam can keep the food authentic and maximize the retention of nutrients in foods.As with the food and water vapor separated Zongling boiling water, it will not touch the food, the nutritional value of the food to keep all of the food inside, not easy to be destroyed.Moreover, compared to fried, fried and other cooking methods, steaming out of the meals contain much less fat, and less pollution of the environment, so that people eat more healthy life more convenient.
Why steamed food is good for health?
A study from Australia showed that people who eat steamed healthy.The report also pointed out why steamed conducive to health.Typically, the heating process in the production of food, the need to heat the medium to conduct heat.If the heat conduction medium ineffective, it will cause uneven heating, ranging from lead to loss of nutrients, heavy changes in food structure, produce large amounts of toxic and hazardous substances; addition, in order to achieve uniform heating purposes, cooking process will put a lot of fat to optimize the heat transfer process, a lot of heat to the body burden of a serious health hazard.The cooked foods tend to cause a huge loss of water-soluble nutrients, long after eating can cause serious cumulative damage.
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ACA North American Electric (ACA) AS-PM065A-1 2 layer Steamer (White)