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Aielfs IMU Resonance Small Speakers for Notebook


Due to technical sophistication, I - mu volume and exterior can allow people to a powerful and unconstrained style originality, to good explanation this special, unreal ring company will I - by international famous designer mu is designed. And whethe...
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  • I - mu does not belong to speakers , it has no trumpet also need not case it is unique new types of audio equipment
  • It is small in size, can be convenient for CD, music phones, MP3, MP4, PSP, etc portable devices provide quality audio
  • In order to be able to enjoy high quality music in different materials, suggest you fully experience the plane, will tell commonly big density on the rigidity good material, density is small compared with the reaction sensitive to the material of low rigidity bass area better
  • I - mu is protrusions through the bottom of the voice made graphic vibration, so should try to keep the I - mu bottom and hard flat close contact
  • Please users don't try to will I - mu T2 stove, kitchen burning gas, the tableware of high temperature, such as after heated object
  • I - mu satifaction, sophisticated technology, in to meet the requirements of environment, can long-term stability work, generally don't need special care
  • I - mu surface should avoid corrosive liquid and gas, unfavorable long-term placed in the turbulence vibration, high temperature, humidity and temperature humidity changes dramatic places. If there is dirt can use clean soft cloth cleared, such as with besmirch, can use excluding strengthen learning solvent cleaner is wiped
  • In a music input, will products direct to the USB interface is inserted into the computer can gain power play music, don't need external power supply, where the great degree, and at the same time show the use of user I to mu T2 also for you a external power supply, around without a computer may also be directly interpolated electricity use
  • When using will I - mu T2 below the bottom, placed in smooth hard plane, is base can peace surface contact is good
  • Will harness the dt-mini - usb end and I - mu connection, audio line with the computer, MP3, and other equipment earphone interface (audio output interface) connections, usb interface and the computer, the notebook usb connection with this product distribution or the usb power connector


Aielfs IMU Resonance Small Speakers for Notebook

  • Powerful and wonderful sound effect bring you more excitement and happiness

Aielfs IMU Resonance Small Speakers for Notebook

  • High fidelity speaker for clear pure sounds

Aielfs IMU Resonance Small Speakers for Notebook

  • Unique design, looks very lovely

Package Included:

  • 1 x Resonance Small Speakers