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Newmen Newmen MS-153OR PC Lapktop USB 2.4G Optical Wireless Mouse


Do you want a wireless mouse? Do you want a compact and portable USB wireless mouse? If so, I would like to highly recommend this PC Lapktop USB 2.4G Optical Wireless Mouse to you.This optical computer mouse is 100% band new and high quality. The rev...
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  • Wireless Distance: 10m
  • Battery: AAA Battery
  • Wireless Technology: 2.4GHz
  • Operate Mode: Laser
  • DPI: 800/1600DPI
  • Interface: USB
  • Size: 75 x 57 x 28mm / 3.0 x 2.2 x 1.1in(L x W x H)


  • Ergonomically designed, comfortable shaking hands, left and right hands are applicable
  • This Optical Computer Mouse works on most surfaces and needs just inches for accurate movement
  • This Optical Computer Mouse gives you precise movement
  • This Optical Computer Mouse is small, lightweight and easy to carry
  • The Computer Wireless Mouse is designed with USB interface, plug & play and hot pluggable
  • 800/1600DPI switching, can adapt to different working interface


Newmen Newmen MS-153OR PC Lapktop USB 2.4G Optical Wireless Mouse

Newmen Newmen MS-153OR PC Lapktop USB 2.4G Optical Wireless Mouse

  • The revolutionary and creative designs of this USB Wireless Mouse combine the comfort of a desktop mouse and the portability of a notebook mouse

Newmen Newmen MS-153OR PC Lapktop USB 2.4G Optical Wireless Mouse

Newmen Newmen MS-153OR PC Lapktop USB 2.4G Optical Wireless Mouse

  • The ambidextrous design conforms to your hand for completely comfortable use

How to Choose a Mouse for Your Computer:

  • Do you want a trackball, ball, optical, or laser mouse? The ball mouse has been replaced by optical and laser, while the trackball remains an option. Optical is less accurate than laser, but less expensive. Laser is more accurate, and usually more expensive
  • Does your computer support the mouse connector? If the mouse uses a PS/2 connector, check the back of your computer for a circular, green port
  • How does it look? Look through as many mice as you can before buying
  • How many buttons do you want? Some mice have extra buttons that allow you to navigate forward and back while browsing the web, or even program certain actions to the buttons. If you're a gamer, programmable buttons are essential
  • Do you want a wired or wireless mouse? The wireless mouse is becoming more common, and is about the same cost as the wired mouse. If going with a wireless mouse, you'll need batteries. Rechargeable mice are also available, but more expensive
  • How does it feel? Make sure it's comfortable, or at least looks comfortable if testing it isn't possible. Make sure you can return the mouse if it's not

How to Buy a Wired Notebook Mouse:

Selecting Your Mouse:

  • Determine your operating system. For example, if you are running Windows 7, you must get a mouse which is compatible with Windows 7
  • Determine what size mouse you want. There are mice made specifically with the laptop user in mind. Typically called a "notebook mouse," it is smaller than the standard mouse for easy packing and traveling. A mouse compatible with your operating system, however, will run with your notebook regardless of its size or the lack of "notebook" in its name
  • Determine the features you want. In addition to simple left and right click buttons, extras may include scrolling features, gaming buttons and features, forward and back capability for Internet browsing and cords which wrap up neatly in a contained coil
  • Read customer reviews. Places like Amazon.com, Best Buy, and other online retailers enable you to pull up product searches which include customer reviews and ratings. Customer reviews not only let you read other users' opinions, but can also help you think about features you wouldn't have otherwise considered
  • Select the mice which contain everything you want and need. Compare them side-by-side, feature-by-feature to select the mouse which best fits your computing and budgetary needs
  • Make your purchase. Compare prices online and in stores, then select the retailer that offers the best price for the mouse you want

How to Solve PC Mouse Freeze:

Newmen Newmen MS-153OR PC Lapktop USB 2.4G Optical Wireless Mouse

Clean the PC Mouse:

  • For a standard PS/2 mouse, unplug the mouse, turn it over, then twist the retaining ring counter clockwise to remove it. Remove the trackball inside the mouse
  • Clean the trackball with warm water and dry carefully. Clean the rollers inside the mouse with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. Replace the trackball then secure it with the retaining ring
  • Clean the outside of the mouse with rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball. For an optical or wireless mouse, clean the bottom of the mouse and the surface it sits on with a damp cloth

Solve Hardware Problems:

  • Make sure the mouse is connected properly. The connector will either be USB or PS/2. A PS/2 connector is color-coded green and can only be inserted in one direction. Check for any bent or broken pins or damage, then carefully plug it in making sure the connection is secure. Reboot the computer
  • Connect the mouse to another computer then reboot the PC. If the mouse works after testing it on another computer, the problem is most likely with your PC or operating system. Also, try a different mouse on your computer. If there is no PC freeze, your mouse is probably malfunctioning
  • Switch to a different USB port. Sometimes mouse freeze will occur if the mouse is connected to a USB hub. Connect the mouse directly to one of the USB ports on your PC. Try different ports until you find one that works
  • Replace the batteries. If you have a wireless mouse, replace the batteries with fresh ones. Also, try using a different kind of mouse pad. Sometimes surface imperfections can interfere with the operation of a wireless or optical mouse
  • Install more RAM or memory. If your PC doesn't have enough memory, PC mouse freeze may occur when you are running resource intensive programs. Installing more RAM will help your PC run more efficiently

Solve Software Problems:

  • Check for device conflicts. When you install another device on your computer it can sometimes conflict with a PC mouse. Remove any new hardware and drivers you may have installed then reboot the computer
  • Reinstall PC mouse drivers. In Windows, open "Control Panel" then "System." Select the "Device Driver" tab then scroll to and select your mouse. Uninstall any drivers that are listed. Unplug the mouse then reboot the PC. Plug the mouse back in, reboot the system, then allow Windows to reinstall the drivers if prompted
  • Remove viruses. PC mouse freeze and other serious problems can be caused by viruses lurking on your system. Install a free anti-virus program like AVG Free. Set the program to run a complete scan every 24 hours. Also make sure the virus definitions are updated regularly
  • Turn off video acceleration. Sometimes video acceleration can cause PC mouse freeze. Go to "Control Panel," then click "Display," and then "Settings." Click the "Advanced" button, then the "Performance" tab. Set the acceleration slider to "None" then reboot. Repeat the process moving the slider up one notch until you have the maximum amount of acceleration with no mouse freeze

Package Included:

  • 1 x Optical Wireless Mouse
  • 1 x USB Receiver