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Qirtie Casual Lace Split Joint Leather Women Long Pants


Do you need some special clothes? Here we have stylish women pants. The long pants are very popular in the market because of the fine workmanship and fashionable style. The designer women pants are very comfortable to wear and touch. Innovative lace ...
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  • The lace split joint design of the casual long pants is very trendy and popular
  • Fashionable and delicate design of the women pants can show your high taste
  • With fine workmanship, the trendy long pants are very soft and comfortable
  • The long pants will make you more attractive and outstanding in any occasion
  • The designer women pants will be your best choice to show your fashionable style
  • Free size fits most people
  • Material: PU Leather & Lace

Size in Detail:

ClothType Size Waist Hip Length Crotch Depth
cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch
/ 28 27 10.53 44 17.16 88 34.32 26 10.14


  • These dimensions are for reference only. Specific dimension varies from person to person  
  • How to Measure:

    Qirtie Casual Lace Split Joint Leather Women Long Pants

    Qirtie Casual Lace Split Joint Leather Women Long Pants

    Unique slim design of the long fashion pants will show your high taste

    Qirtie Casual Lace Split Joint Leather Women Long Pants

    • The casual long pants will make you more attractive in any occasion

    Qirtie Casual Lace Split Joint Leather Women Long Pants

    • Delicate lace split joint design makes the casual women pants more fashionable

     How to Wash:

    Polyester and spandex are both types of synthetic materials. Many items of clothing made from synthetics are made of blends of these materials. Polyester clothing, made from a synthetic fabric, is extremely easy to clean. This has been one of the reasons for its popularity, which peaked in the 1970s. Other benefits are its being able to hold its form well and its resilience against mold and mildew damage. Many items are 100 percent polyester, but there are a lot of polyester mixes. Some cleaning rules may change when different types of material are mixed with polyester. The word "spandex" is a play on words based on the notion that the material is "expandable." Spandex consists of a substance that allows the material to stretch and maintain its shape. Additionally, manufactures blend spandex with other fabrics such as linen, polyester and cotton.

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    •l  Separate whites from colored clothes. Wash whites and colors separately to ensure color preservation

    •l Wash a load of either whites or colors in the washing machine on the delicate cycle using cold water. Use regular laundry detergent without bleach to wash the clothes

    •l  Sort your lace items by fabric, beginning with synthetic lace or "stretch" lace. This includes nylon, polyester, Spandex or other man-made fibers. Check the fabric tags if they're attached.

    •l  Sort out natural-fiber lace, such as cotton or rayon

    •l  Sort lace clothing and other items by color. Wash black and white lace separately, so that the dark color won't bleed into the light

    •l  Place each lace item separately in a mesh bag meant for fine washables

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    •l  Select the gentle, delicate or knit cycle

    •l  Choose cold water and begin filling the machine. Add soap as the water fills in order to distribute it evenly

    •l Place the garment bags, with lace items enclosed, inside the machine when it is about half full of water. Close the lid and let the machine continue the cycle

    Package Included:

    • 1 x Pair of Pants