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Poruoland Sexy Women Strappy T-back Thong Panty


Do you want to attract your lover's eyes? Are you still looking for a sexy and comfortable panty? Alright, this lace thong will be your perfect choice. So sexy! It will show off your sexy figure and touch your men's heart when you...
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  • Made of cotton and lace material makes you feel comfortable and relaxing
  • This T Back Thong Underwear Panty is solid mesh and T back design
  • A low waist and a lace hollow design will show your sexy figure
  • World's most comfortable lace thong in a sexy silhouette
  • This lace thong provides various colors for your choices to meet your request
  • This women sexy panty has good air permeability and moisture absorption
  • Two panties are sold together for cutting down your postage
  • The lace thong is a very sexy gift to show your charm and get more attraction from opposite sex
  • Free size fits for most people
  • Material: Cotton & Lace


Poruoland Sexy Women Strappy T-back Thong Panty

Poruoland Sexy Women Strappy T-back Thong Panty

  • The full-scale look with the solid mesh V front insert. You will look so sexy with this T back thong

Poruoland Sexy Women Strappy T-back Thong Panty

Poruoland Sexy Women Strappy T-back Thong Panty

  • The compact design with the good air permeability with the lace panty. The lace front adds mystery and gets more attraction from opposite sex

Poruoland Sexy Women Strappy T-back Thong Panty

  • This women sexy panty features high quality material that ensures durability. Best choice for you

How to Buy Sexy Panties:

Wearing sexy panties are a great choice for many women, especially women who have to wear a uniform to work or who have to dress professionally. For many women, the sexier they feel, the more confident they act. Wearing sexy lingerie may be a great way to boost self-confidence. Read on to learn more.

  • Decide what's sexy to you. For some women, lace and satin is sexy. For other women it's the cut of the panties that make them sexy. For still others it's the embellishments of ribbons, beads and rhinestones that make lingerie sexy
  • Talk to your partner. Now that you've decided what you think is sexy, find out what your partner thinks is sexy. They may have different opinions. If you have to, compromise. Many panties offer specific cuts, combined with a type of fabric and various embellishments
  • Go to a lingerie store. A lingerie store such as Victoria's Secret or Frederick's of Hollywood are great places to get sexy panties. Chain stores such as Macy's and Nordstrom's also sell sexy panties
  • Try on your panties before purchasing. The sexiest panty will be made unattractive if it's the wrong size, wrong color or unsuited to your tastes
  • Experiment with various kinds of panties. You may find that the sexy panty you bought in store becomes uncomfortable the more you wear it, decreasing its sex appeal
  • Keep your panties in good repair. There's nothing unsexier than panties that are stained or have holes in them. Consider hand-washing your panties to keep them clean and in good repair. Throw out any pair of panties that gets holes in them

How to Wash:

  • The underwear should be changed, washed immediately in every day
  • Be sure to avoid letting it stay overnight without washing, otherwise, the bacteria increased easily and increases the difficulty of the cleaning
  • The detergent is must the soap water and container is appropriative
  • The underwear in must need washing gently by hands and clean it with clear water
  • Neutral detergent for soaking and do not use washing machine dehydration
  • Underwear washed must avoid direct exposure, keep hat unfolded and be sure to avoid hang dry in shade
  • Water temperature is under 40 degree, hand wash
  • Do not bleach and iron
  • Line dry

How to Avoid Panty Lines:

Visible panty lines, the dreaded VPL, count as a minor to major fashion faux pas, depending on your perspective. Follow these steps to avoid them.

  • Wear a thong. Get rid of the bottom line by eliminating it instead of trying to hide it. Thongs sometimes take awhile to get used to, but millions of women swear by their comfort
  • Buy panties that have a subtle hem line, smaller stitching or are seamless. Cotton panties with large bands are guaranteed to give you a giant, noticeable panty line
  • Invest in underwear or undergarments that hold in fat. Body-shaping undies usually run from your thighs to your mid-waist, so there's no need to worry about visible panty lines. Modern versions of body-shaping attire are usually made from spandex and are quite comfortable for everyday wear
  • Steal from men's fashion. Wearing boy shorts, boxers, or women's boxer-briefs is a great way to rid the appearance of panty lines. Make sure your boy undies are tight-fitting or you'll have another problem--boxer lines instead of panty lines
  • Dress in dark colors or jeans. White pants are another visible panty line guarantee. However, it's much more difficult to point out a panty line in black or brown dress pants or denim
  • Go commando. Can't get used to thongs? The only 100% no-panty-line guarantee is to wear absolutely nothing at all under your attire 

Tips & Warnings:

Poruoland Sexy Women Strappy T-back Thong Panty

  • If you are consistently comfortable in a thong, brave a G-string or V-string. These undies have even less fabric. In addition to eliminating a panty line, they also help to reduce a "fat line" at the waist that many thong-wearing women fall victim to
  • Buying undies in the wrong size is an invitation for a glaring panty line

Package Included:

  • 2 x Panties