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SRYD Button Battery Thin Card Pedometer


Do you worry about your sport attachment? Looking for a pedometer that fits better with your lifestyle.Super-thin card pedometer, at a mere 4mm thin,makes it easier than ever to take advantage of the benefits of pedometer use in your everyday life. T...
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  • Can accurately count your steps and measure distance
  • Calculate calories burned
  • Design to store in your pocket
  • Button cell battery included, power consumption is lower
  • Prevent and auto-filter invalid steps
  • More convenient for men, you can place it in your poacket, neck and wallet
  • This super-thin card pedometer must be your good sport partner
  • Buy for your family and friends like a heathy life to them
  • Pedometer Thickness: 4mm / 0.1in(T)
  • Material: Plastic & PVC


SRYD Button Battery Thin Card Pedometer

  • Thin design makes it easy to carry

SRYD Button Battery Thin Card Pedometer

  • Screen and button details view

How to Use a Pedometer:

A pedometer is a neat little gadget that is used to count steps. It fits on your pants pocket and is smaller than a pager, and you can buy one almost anywhere!. Counting your steps is a great way to stay fit, and can be kind of fun also. If you want to start counting your steps, read on and follow these steps

  • Step One: Set a goal. For this exercise to work, you have to set a goal for yourself and try to get that goal. Once you reach the goal, you should make it higher and continue to do that (but don't make it too outlandish, the average amount is 10 thousand steps)
  • Step Two: Set the length of your steps. Press the button that says "Mode" to where it shows you how may miles you've gone. Then press "Set." You will see a default setting of 30 inches. Press "Reset" until you get the length of your step
  • Step Three: Clip the pedometer on firmly on your pants pocket. Occasionally it may fall off. When this happens, put it back on. The pedometer shouldn't fall off unless something pulls it off, so it won't happen a lot
  • Step Four: Take some steps. Go for a walk, sprint, or just walk around throughout the day. The pedometer counts each step when it shakes
  • Step Five: Check the pedometer at the end of the day. If you got around 10 thousand steps, good. If you didn't, 5-7 thousand is okay also, but try to do more next time.
  • Step Six: Repeat steps 3-5 the next day. Remember to set the goal higher than the amount you took the day before


  • Try not to jump, that will give you an inaccurate reading. To prevent that you should take off your pedometer before doing jumping exercises
  • Just walking throughout the day can get your step count up. You'll exercise without knowing it
  • Consider creating a route for walking or jogging. Make one that is challenging but not too difficult, and most of all interesting. If you make a new course you can directly compare it in length and time taken, which could be handy when you are away from home too

Package Included:

  • 1 x Button Battery Thin Card Pedometer