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DeLi Durable Portable Canvas Leather Pencil Bags


Are you looking for a very beautiful pencil bag? Do you want the pencil bag has large capacity which can hold all your pencils? Do you want the pencil bag to be different from your friends? If you want, you can buy this pencil pouch.This pencil bag c...
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  • Made of high quality canvas and leather, this pencil pouch can be used for a long time
  • You can put all your pencils in this pencil pouch for its large capacity
  • This pen bag can be roll up into a small size that it's convenient for you to carry
  • With this pencil bag, you will win many compliments from your friends
  • You can buy this pencil bag as a fashionable and beautiful gift for your best friends
  • You will like this pencil bag because of its high quality material and fashionable appearance
  • Material: Canvas & Leather


DeLi Durable Portable Canvas Leather Pencil Bags

  • The durable pencil bag is light and small enough for you to carry

DeLi Durable Portable Canvas Leather Pencil Bags

  • There is the button that it's easy for you to open or close

DeLi Durable Portable Canvas Leather Pencil Bags

  • Easy to use and convenient to find what you want in this pencil bag

DeLi Durable Portable Canvas Leather Pencil Bags

  • The pencil bag is very convenient to be opened and closed and can store 36 pieces

DeLi Durable Portable Canvas Leather Pencil Bags

  • With the canvas and leather material, the pencil bag is durable and soft


  • Color is random in delivery

History of the Pencil Case:

DeLi Durable Portable Canvas Leather Pencil Bags

Today, a pencil case is a common student item used to carry pens, pencils, erasers and possibly more, depending on the size. In looking at the history of the pencil case, it wasn't always so common. Pencil cases have been around for more than 200 years. While the cases have always had a functional purpose, pencil cases in history have also been more elaborate and made out of precious materials, such as silver or ivory

History of the Pencil Case

While today most pencil cases are rectangular in shape, early pencil cases were round or cylindrical. In the mid-1800s, sterling silver pencil cases were made in London to house telescoping pencils. During this same time period, wooden and metal pencil cases were also being produced in China and exported to other parts of the world. In the 1950s, banks sometimes produced pencil cases with their name to be given to customers as gifts

First Pencil Case Patent

In the United States, the first patent for a pencil case was granted in 1946. This patent was received by Verona Pearl Amoth, who also invented several other related inventions, such as replaceable erasers for pencils. Amoth designed her pencil case to keep pencils from wearing holes in clothing and also to protect the points of the pencils. She filed her patent application for the All-Purpose Utility Pencil Case on October 12, 1944, and the patent was granted on December 24, 1946

Design of the First Pencil Case

Amoth designed her pencil case to hold six pencils. Each pencil was inserted into an individual hole, or slot, in the end of the case, which allowed the eraser to remain protruding from the case. The case did not open, but rather the pencils were simply pulled out from the end. With this design, the case would have to be carried in the upright position in order for the pencils to stay in place. The case also had a stand to hold it upright on a desk or table. There was not room in the case for loose erasers or other writing implements and accessories

Modern Pencil Cases

Today, pencil cases generally fall into two categories. They are either used by students to carry their pencils, pens, erasers and other writing accessories to school, or they are used to protect luxury or high-end pens. More expensive pencils, such as Mont Blanc, Waterman or Cross brands, often include the case when the pen is purchased. Elaborate individual pencil cases are also designed for collectors to display or protect very valuable pencils

Pencil Holder Ideas:

DeLi Durable Portable Canvas Leather Pencil Bags

Typically, pencil holders are round or square in shape and just plain boring to look at. A handmade pencil holder will add pizazz to the area where the pencil holder is kept and be a conversation piece. No matter what your taste or individual style, there is a range of crafty pencil holders you can make yourself

Straw Pencil Holder

Cut 40 straws to the height of an empty, clean vegetable can. Paint the inside and outside can in any color tempera paint. Let the paint dry completely. Wrap double-sided sticky tape all around the outside of the can. Place the straws one by one vertically around the can. You may not use all the straws, or may have to cut more, depending on the size of the straws and the can

Craft Stick Pencil Holder

Paint 30 jumbo wooden craft sticks green with craft paint. Let the sticks dry. Glue the sticks to a small, clean coffee can with tacky glue. If you do not have enough craft sticks to cover the can, paint more sticks and add them to the can once they are dry. Tie two pieces of yarn or ribbon around the can for extra security for the sticks and to add a decorative touch. Use puff paint to write your name or a message onto the sticks. Place stickers in any theme you desire onto the sticks

Lady Bug Pencil Holder

Roll a piece of red modeling clay into a 5-inch ball. Roll a piece of black modeling clay into a 2-inch ball. Gently push the two balls together so the ladybug has a head and a body. Push down on the ladybug slightly to make the bottom of the ladybug flat. Make a line down the center of the ladybug's body with a pencil. Roll six black pieces of modeling clay to form 1/2-inch balls. Place the balls onto the ladybug's body and push down. The balls should look like ladybug spots. Make eyes and a mouth on the ladybug's head with a tip of the pencil. Put the pencil into each one of the ladybug's spots and push down until the tip and the tan part of the pencil are no longer visible. Let the ladybug pencil holder dry for at least 24 hours before using. Each hole will hold a pencil

Package Included:

  • 1 x Pencil Bag