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CC Fashion Pearl Diamond Pendant Necklace


Do you want to be more attractive in parties? Do you want to be the focus of people? Here, the special designed pendant necklace will help you in details, it could make your dream come true! It is very unique in that they ope...
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  • This pearl pendant necklace with good luster will show your elegant taste
  • Unique hollow out design makes this pearl diamond  pendant necklace more vogue, lovely and interesting
  • With a stylish look this pearl diamond  pendant necklace will show off your sense of style and fashion
  • It's craftsmanship and attention to detail are flawless
  • Enhance your wardrobe with this pearl diamond pendant necklace
  • A symbol of fashion  
  • Pearl diamond pendant necklace looks charming and sparking when wearing it for all occasions
  • This pendant necklace is perfect for your boy friends, Your son and yourself
  • Material: Pearl Diamond
  • Size: 40+ 5cm/15.75+1.97in(L);1cm/0.39in(W)


CC Fashion Pearl Diamond Pendant Necklace

  • With good luster, this pendant necklace will fully show off your sense of style and fashion

CC Fashion Pearl Diamond Pendant Necklace

  • Charming shape design makes this pendant necklace more lovely, vogue and interesting

CC Fashion Pearl Diamond Pendant Necklace 

  •  The charming and attractive Pearl diamond pendant is lightweight comfortable for prolonged wearing

CC Fashion Pearl Diamond Pendant Necklace

  • The classic style of pearl pendant necklace can well march with pearl earring, which can be wear in any occasion 

CC Fashion Pearl Diamond Pendant Necklace

  • The designer pendant necklace work well with all hairstyles, and will accent any look, casual to dressy

How to Make a Wish Pearl Necklace?

CC Fashion Pearl Diamond Pendant Necklace

A wish pearl necklace is made from a kit that contains a mollusk, chain and pendant. You harvest the pearl, put it in the pendant and make a wish on the pearl. The pendant is then placed on the chain so it can be worn. The pearls have never been seen or touched by anyone before they are harvested


  • Take the can that contains the mollusk out of the kit. Peel back the lid of the can using the tab on the top of the lid. Immediately discard the lid because it is sharp. Pour the liquid from the can into a dish. Check the liquid to ensure the mollusk did not prematurely open and release the pearl into the liquid. If the pearl is not in the liquid, discard it.
  • Place the bowl used to empty the liquid from the can in the sink. Put a drain stopper in the sink. Rinse the mollusk over the bowl. Be careful not to touch the edges of the shell because they may be sharp.
  • Put the rinsed mollusk in the bag that comes with the kit. Press the opening seam of the mollusk shell against the edge of a countertop to separate it. Use the plastic spatula in the kit to gently pry the shell open the rest of the way.
  • Take the mollusk out of the bag and put in the bowl. Use your fingers to gently probe around the inside of the mollusk for the pearl. Then use the spatula to carefully extract the pearl from the mollusk shell.
  • Rinse the pearl carefully under clean, running water. Dry with a soft cloth.
  • Take the pendant off the chain. Use the tab at the top of the pendant to open the cage. Put the pearl carefully in the pendant cage and snap it shut. Slide the pendant back onto the chain and make a wish

How to Choose the Right Necklace for Different Necklines

CC Fashion Pearl Diamond Pendant Necklace

Simple or elegant, bold or beautiful, the right necklace will flatter any neckline you choose.


  • Consider the occasion. Opt for a simple, understated piece for daytime and a more precious or extravagant piece for evening.
  • Accent a V-neck with a drop pearl necklace or solitaire pendant. This same piece also complements boat-neck and crewneck tops. Match gemstone colors to those found in your outfit and earrings.
  • Accessorize strapless and off-the-shoulder necklines with a necklace that remains close to the neck. Pair a faux gem choker on an invisible string with a top made of satin or silk. Add elegant sophistication with a short strand of pearls.
  • Pair an open-collar blouse with a thicker, chunkier piece of costume jewelry. Faux silver or gold interlock chains that lie flat on the collarbone accent a dressy casual outfit or business suit. Coordinate your earrings and belt with the tones in your necklace.
  • Enhance a jewel-neck or turtleneck sweater with a long string of colorful beads. Precious stones work well with a thicker day look, while crystals bring a little glamour to an evening ensemble.
  • Pair a square-neck top with a pendant that dangles from a long chain. Consider lengths that fall between the collarbones

Package Included:

  • 1 x Pendant Necklace