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Lealcpa Luxury Floral Rhinestone Glass Perfume Bottle


A beautiful boudoir piece you'll cherish forever. The perfume bottle is miniature pieces of artwork that house many of your favorite fragrances. For the lady who loves perfumes this perfume bottles is the perfect way for her to display them. To truly...
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  • Will bring a touch of elegance to any powder room
  • A truly striking example which would grace any fine perfume bottle collection
  • This stately perfume bottle has a regal presence that's undeniable
  • Adds the definitive touch to any gift-giving occasion for girls
  • Each piece will become a valuable keepsake to its owner
  • Color: Ivory & Bronze & Pink
  • Capacity: 15ml/0.5oz


Lealcpa Luxury Floral Rhinestone Glass Perfume Bottle

  • Floral stopper design

Lealcpa Luxury Floral Rhinestone Glass Perfume Bottle

  • A beautiful boudoir piece you'll cherish forever

Lealcpa Luxury Floral Rhinestone Glass Perfume Bottle

  • Inlaid high quality rhinestones

How to Display Perfume Bottles:

  • Wipe the framed mirror down with the window cleaner and paper towels. This will remove any dirt or dust that is on the mirror so that it can reflect light. Place the mirror flat on the surface that you would like to display your perfume bottles on, with the mirror facing up
  • Clean the perfume bottles with the window cleaner until they sparkle. When you are displaying your bottles, make sure they are clean of any perfume that may have built up on them from use
  • Place the perfume bottles on the mirror. Leave at least a half inch between in each bottle so that light can reflect up onto the bottles. Place the larger perfume bottles towards the back of the display so all of the bottles can be easily seen
  • Place the desk lamp approximately 6 inches away from the mirror display. Point the light down towards the face of the mirror. This will cause the light to reflect on the perfume bottles and make them sparkle in the display

Tips & Warnings:

  • If you own many perfume bottles rotate the bottles that are displayed on a monthly basis. This will keep you display new and exciting
  • Use a vintage mirror with an ornate frame to add even more interest and style to your perfume bottle display. Search for an antique framed mirror at garage sales and local flea markets
  • Your perfume bottle will get dusty from all of the glass surfaces. This glass surfaces will begin to look dull if they are not cleaned regularly. Clean the mirror and bottles with window cleaner every other day to keep dust away

Package Included:

  • 1 x Perfume Bottle