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Fashion Corduroy Dog Cat Pet Carrier


Carry your favorite pet on your shoulder at all time. Tote your pet in style with the pet tote carrier.This cat tote carrier is designed with good details, it is perfect for your pet and an addition to your dog wardrobe. The dog tote carrie...
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  • This pet carrier can be folded when you not use it, so it can save you so much space
  • With breathable design on the surface and side, it provides excellent ventilation and visibility for your pet's comfort
  • Made of high quality material which ensures it easy to spot clean and more durable
  • Feature with lightweight, it is great for you to take with your lovely cat
  • Unique handle design will give you comfortable hand touch
  • With sturdy construction, cat can feel safe and secure
  • Stylish and secure, this carrier will keep your cat comfy on the go
  • It can carry dogs and other pets as well
  • Material: Corduroy
  • Size: 33 x 22 x 26cm / 13.0 x 8.7 x 10.2in (L x W x H)


Fashion Corduroy Dog Cat Pet Carrier 

  • This cat tote carrier is designed with good details, it is perfect for your pet and an addition to your dog wardrobe

Fashion Corduroy Dog Cat Pet Carrier

  • Zipper closure and outside pockets design of this dog tote carrier is great for both nice looking and easy using

Fashion Corduroy Dog Cat Pet Carrier

  • The pet tote carrier is designed with beautiful details and comfortable handle for your pet dog
  • And this cat tote carrier has a convenient strap for when you and your pet are on the go
  • Best choice for your lovely pet or gift to your friends with this pet cat tote carrier

Size in Detail:

Fashion Corduroy Dog Cat Pet Carrier

How to Choose a Pet Carrier - Transporting Fluffy? Here's What You Need to Know

  • Wondering how to choose a pet carrier? Confused by all the options for transporting your furry companions? Look no further! There are some easy steps you can take to make sure you choose a pet carrier that suits your lifestyle and most importantly, your pet.
  • For most of us, our pets are like furry members of the family. We love them, allow them to love us and we wouldn't give them up for anything in the world. But Fluffy or Fido will always love to be free so when you choose a pet carrier do bear in mind that it might never be a favorite place for your pet.
  • You might need to choose a pet carrier for a number of reasons, particularly for cats (who tend to be uncomfortable in cars or out and about) but also for your dog if he or she is ill or not a good traveler. Some people choose a pet carrier for taking their animals to the grooming parlor, veterinarian or simply to make sure that other passengers don't get harassed by a boisterous dog or cat (or ferret?!).
  • In general, dogs are more used to traveling than cats so dog owners may have less need for a pet carrier. However if you have a sick dog he or she will be more comfortable if you choose a pet carrier that fits him well and allows plenty of room to move and stretch. It may be essential if your dog is poorly behaved or you need to transport him in a car that's full of passengers.

Still it can be tricky to know just what kind of carrier is right for your cat, dog or ferret. Most people don't know the first thing about how to choose a pet carrier and get it horribly wrong - resulting in discomfort for their pet. Make it easier to choose a pet carrier by examining your needs in the following four areas:

  • 1. Ask yourself what you intend to use your pet carrier for? (vet or grooming visits, leisure etc.)
  • 2. Your lifestyle and types of activities - how do you spend your time?
  • 3. The size of your pet
  • 4. Your pet's personality also influences how you will choose a pet carrier

1. How you plan to use your carrier will help you to make the right choice. Will you be taking your pet shopping with you, out into nature or traveling on a bus or train? If you are going on a long journey your pet will most likely be inside his carrier for hours and this means you need to choose a pet carrier that has plenty of room for Frisky or Fido to stretch out in. Smaller carriers are adequate for shorter journeys where your pet will be able to get out from time to time. But you should never ever allow your pet to travel in a pet carrier that is too small for either the journey OR his/her size.

Modern pet carriers are climate controlled and have water-proofed floors, water- bottle feeders and more so there is no reason your beloved pet should be uncomfortable in any way. Choose the best carrier you can afford that contains all the features you know you'll need. When you choose a pet carrier you will need to make sure that your pet has everything it needs to keep it happy.

2. Your lifestyle is also an important consideration when you choose a pet carrier. Once you know it has all the functional components you want you can choose an interesting design or materials that match your personal style and elegance. But what does Rover have to say? Let's move on to choosing the right carrier size for your pet.

3. How big your pet is, is very important when you choose a pet carrier. Size is more important than weight when making your choice. Your dog or cat's 'size' is his height when standing plus his length. To make sure the carrier is big enough allow your dog to stand up and turn around once inside. Your dog or cat is pretty flexible so you may not need the exact length for him or her to be able to turn around with ease.

4. Now what about your pet's personality? I am sure all animals would agree that they prefer not to be bundled inside a pet carrier. Dogs, cats and even ferrets love to be with their owners at all times and some animals avoid their carriers like the plague - who can blame them? The best way to introduce your pet to a pet carrier is to start when he or she is young.

When you choose a pet carrier ensure that your pet is not frightened by it. This way your pet will learn to tolerate his carrier and even associate it with fun times. If your pet hates grooming and you only use the carrier for this purpose it may take some coaxing! It is important to make sure your pet is not uncomfortable when you choose a pet carrier for your adventures or excursions.

Many pet lovers find that once they choose a pet carrier that their pet is comfortable in and happy with they can go most places with their pets instead of leaving them at home. The trick is to choose a roomy carrier and get your pet used to it while it's still young. If your pet has been traumatized such as animals that come from a rescue shelter you may need to exercise extra care when introducing him to his carrier.

When you choose a pet carrier always make sure that your pet is not going to be unduly stressed by being placed in it. Only take your pet out and about once he is familiar with being inside his carrier. A happy pet means a happy owner and vice-versa so make your pet's journeys as pleasant as possible.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Pet Carrier