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Bobour Cartoon Print Keeping Warm Thicken Pet Dog Coat


Do you want to get a warm and comfortable designer dog coat for your pet dog? Do you want your dog to be warm as well as cute in cold days? If you do, this lovely pet dog's coat will be what you need! This dog coat features lovely design; it will sur...
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  • Special butterfly ornament makes this winter dog coat lovely and attractive
  • Bright appearance of the winter dog coat make your dog looks more lovely and beautiful
  • The buttons design make this coat easy to put on and take off
  • Designed with unique style and detail, this pet dog's coat is popular
  • This winter dog coat can keep your dog warm and stylish
  • This winter dog coat will be a good Halloween or Christmas gift for your lovely dog
  • Made of incredibly soft and breathable material, the designer dog coat allows for a comfortable and snug fit
  • This warm dog coat will become a staple in your dog wardrobe


Bobour Cartoon Print Keeping Warm Thicken Pet Dog Coat

Bobour Cartoon Print Keeping Warm Thicken Pet Dog Coat

  • This lovely pet dog's coat can attract much attention in crowd, also protect your beloved dog from dirt

Bobour Cartoon Print Keeping Warm Thicken Pet Dog Coat

  • With this pet dog's coat, your dog will be protected from the cold, as well as looking super cute
  • The buttons design make this coat easy to put on and take off

Bobour Cartoon Print Keeping Warm Thicken Pet Dog Coat

  • Special butterfly ornament makes this pet dog's coat lovely and attractive

Bobour Cartoon Print Keeping Warm Thicken Pet Dog Coat

Bobour Cartoon Print Keeping Warm Thicken Pet Dog Coat

  • Made of incredibly soft and breathable material, keeping your dog warm and comfortable 

How to Measure Your Pet:

Bobour Cartoon Print Keeping Warm Thicken Pet Dog Coat

Size in Detail: 


Back Length













































  • Please keep in mind the size chart is coming from the manufactures and for reference only

How to Make a Dog's Coat Shiny:

Bobour Cartoon Print Keeping Warm Thicken Pet Dog Coat

Every pet owner wants their dog's coat to be shiny, soft and full. With proper diet, nutrition and grooming, the dullest of fur can be brought back to life. Making a dog's coat shiny can be achieved within a few weeks of maintenance. To preserve the shiny coat, a new lifestyle of high protein foods and regular grooming must be maintained.


  • Determine why the dog's coat is dull. If a simple bath with moisturizing dog shampoo or trip to the groomer doesn't do the trick, there are health issues that will need to be addressed
  • Moisturize the dog from the inside out. Feed the dog high-protein, nutrient-rich dog food. Cheap dog foods are often heavy with fillers such as corn, wheat and flour. Although they make the dog feel full, they don't give his body many nutrients. Dog foods high in fatty acids, proteins and fish oils will nourish the dog from the inside, which will make his coat look healthier and shiny
  • Add a supplement to the dog's food. Visit your local pet store for nutritional supplements. Some are labeled for skin and coat heath. These added oils and nutrients will nourish the dog from the inside out, making his coat shiny. Supplements are available in pills, liquids to add to the dog's food and powders to add to wet dog food
  • Brush the dog's coat regularly. Stimulating the skin and hair follicles will increase natural oil production, giving the dog a shinier coat. Brush the dog on a regular basis, even if it has short fur, to stimulate the skin
  • Bathe the dog sparingly. One bath every few months is plenty. Bathe the dog if it gets extra messy, but otherwise a bath once every 8 weeks is plenty. You want oils to build up on its fur. Bathing it too often will lead to dry skin and dull fur
  • Apply a finishing spray. Visit the grooming supply aisle at your local pet store. Along with shampoos, conditioners and detanglers, shine sprays can be applied directly to the fur to give the coat a shiny appearance. These should not be used to mask a nutritional deficiency

How to Wash Dog Hair From Clothes

Bobour Cartoon Print Keeping Warm Thicken Pet Dog Coat

When a dog sheds, her hair clings to clothing and furniture. Dog hair can be a less-frequent laundry woe when preventive measures are taken. Diligent grooming removes loose hairs that would normally adhere to clothing. Remove as much dog hair as possible before a garment is washed, for best results

Things You'll Need:

  • Dryer sheets, Lint roller or masking tape, Tooth brush, Tweezers or crochet hook and Laundry detergent

Step One

  • Pat clothing often have a fabric-softener "dryer sheet." The anti-static nature of the sheet attracts stray hairs. Some hairs will appear on the sheet. Others will be neutralized, making them easier to brush off

Step Two

  • Brush clothing with a lint brush to catch hair neutralized by the dryer sheet

Step Three

  • Roll a lint roller over affected clothing if hair remains. Tear off the adhesive paper once it is full and continue until lint roller remains clean. Alternately, roll several pieces of masking tape around your hand and pat the garment. Replace tape when it is full of dog hair

Step Four

  • Inspect fasteners. If Velcro closures are present on a garment, vigorously rub both sides with a tooth brush. Scrub in one direction only, to avoid re-contamination. Pick remaining hairs in the bristled hook side with tweezers or a crochet hook

Step Five

  • Launder the garment using the recommended settings and detergents for the fabric. Remaining dog hair easily embeds in soft garments, such as flannel or fleece, so eliminate them from the wash load. Instead, wash garment with abrasive low-pile fabrics, such as denim jeans

Step Six

  • Dry affected garments in the dryer after you complete the laundering. Include several dryer sheets. Their anti-static nature will attract remaining dog hair

Package Included:

  • 1 x Pet Dog Coat