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Zrabra 8 Channel Telephone USB Recording Box JB-USB8


Recording telephone conversations is essential nowadays. With a hard-copy of a telephone call, you will be able to prove your case. Phone Call Recorder able to help you to record telephone conversations. This is a 8 Line USB Phone Call Recorder. This...
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  • Auto Voltage Control: Record according to voltage change, ie, start when telephone is picked up while finish when telephone is hung up
  • Voice Control: Record based on whether there is sound signal in the line check, such as interphone and so on
  • Manual Phone Keystroke Control: Start and finish the record according to the content of the call by the caller through keystroke
  • Input: 8 channels
  • Impedance: High impedance >100K ohm
  • S/N Ratio: 50dB
  • Frequency Response: 300Hz  to 3400Hz
  • Digital Mode: GSM
  • Collection Speed: 12.5Kbit/s, 5X audio compression
  • Average Tracking: 39MS
  • Power Consumption: 200W Max
  • Temperature: +5°C ~ +40°C
  • Humidity: 5% to 85%  
  • Operating System: Windows98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista   
  • CPU: Higher than Celeron 800 edition
  • Hard Disk: No less than 20GB
  • Memory: No less than 128M
  • Monitor: VGA 800x600


  • Fully digital mode for record and playback, hi-fi reappearance of the original sound, hard disk of 1GB able to record 175 hours
  • 800 x 600 figure resolution display of this Phone Call Recorder provided. Detailed display of working mode, operation indication and query result record
  • Audio, voltage and key control are supported when recording start modes, the host calling receive mode DTMF and FSK was supported automatically
  • Caller company alarm alert to achieve real-time monitor
  • Quick search and print of complicated call record; search and print functions of channel number, call date, phone number, company name
  • Print the query result by local or network printer
  • Cycling record according to designated record space and automatic deletion of the earliest record in batches
  • Record, call record, search and playback in the same time
  • This Phone Call Recorder able to pre-set record time
  • Immediate monitor of any call line at host and any servers  
  • Key operation, machine and fault with alert and warning
  • Management of the equipment and search and playback of record through network sa Internet or LAN
  • Classified password right management and high confidence of call record. Industrial-grade machine model and highly reliable components, machine and keyboard hard lock
  • One computer can connect 1 USB recording box (16 channels at most)
  • This USB Phone Call Recorder Recording system can print out, statistic and analysis for dialing in,dialing out and incoming call data .Also can transfer GSM recording data to MP3 and WAV format
  • Audio control(A) voltage control(V) and key control(K) are available. Dialing in and dialing out phone can be recorded automatically 
  • Recording system use digital mode for recording and hi-fi original sound for playing. 1G hard disk space can contain recording data for 175 hours
  • Telephone number "DTMF"and "FSK" mode can be showed and recorded correctly
  • Recording can be searched and printed quickly according to channel number, call date and company name. Data can be played through audio card or recording card
  • Recording system can input and modify customer information through server. Pop up client information through local computer and network automatically according to incoming call number
  • Any channel telephone can be monitored in real time through local computer and network
  • Password management and classified customer right make recording data safer and more reliable. Any recording won't be missed
  • Set starting and stopping record time as you wish during 24 hours

Zrabra 8 Channel Telephone USB Recording Box JB-USB8

Zrabra 8 Channel Telephone USB Recording Box JB-USB8

  • Detailed display of working mode, operation indication and query result record


  • Cycling record of this Mobile Call Recorder according to designated record space and automatic deletion of the earliest record in batches


  • Password management and classified customer right make recording data safer and more reliable. Any recording won't be missed

How to Record a Phone Call to a PC:

  • Use an application like Skype for your incoming and outgoing calls. Not only does it prevent you from having to pay large amounts of cash for long distance, but you can also add multiple plug-ins to extend its use further. Sign up for a free account with a valid email address to get started. After downloading and installing the application on your computer, you'll be fully ready to start chatting away
  • Download MP3 Recorder Studio from it's homepage. After a few seconds of installing this application, you'll be ready to use it. There is a trial period for testing the application, but it has limitations. In order to get the full features, you'll have to purchase a license for it from the website
  • Configure MP3 Recorder Studio by changing the output quality and destination of saved files. This can be easily done by clicking the "Change" link next to the format location and selecting the "Output Folder" icon to choose a location. Every time you save a new file it will be securely added to your computer
  • Click the "Splitting and Recording Options" tab and select the "Set Recording Device" button. As soon as you do this, the "Sound" window will appear. Choose the "Recording" tab and change the "What U Hear" device to your default device. If you do not see this device listed, then right click the list and choose to "Show Disabled Devices"
  • Select the "Playback" tab on the "Sound" window. Double-click the "Speakers" icon and the properties window will come up. Click the "Levels" tab to find the microphone device. Activate it so that you can use it for recording your phone call via Skype. After making the changes, click the "OK' button to confirm the activation
  • Make an outgoing call or receive a call on your computer via Skype. All of your settings have been completed, and you can start recording each call onto your computer's hard drive. In order to start the recording process, just click the "Record" button in MP3 Recorder Studio

How to Record Cell Phone Calls:

Zrabra 8 Channel Telephone USB Recording Box JB-USB8

  • If you plan to record a cell phone call without the knowledge of the other party, please make sure you understand the law in your state. Every State has different laws regarding the recording of phone conversations
  • You may be surprised to learn that in 40 of our 50 states, only one party is required to know the call is being recorded. Please refer to the link at the bottom of this page for a summary of the State Laws
  • Disclaimer: I am not an attorney and suggest you make sure you understand the law in your state

Zrabra 8 Channel Telephone USB Recording Box JB-USB8

  • You will need a device to record the cell phone calls. The Olympus TP7 Telephone Recording Device has been getting good reviews at various websites
  • The device works by inserting the earpiece into your ear prior to beginning the call. You then plug the male adapter into your tape recorder. Hit record. Then proceed to use your cell phone as you normally would. The microphone in the earpiece picks up the audio from the other parties voice as well as your own voice
  • You could also start to record in the middle of a cell phone call if needed
  • If you are going to record a cell phone call that could be used in any future business, legal, or financial transaction it is best to verbally label the recording prior to beginning or ending the conversation
  • When recording a cell phone call, I typically begin the conversation by stating the date, time, and person I am speaking with. If the other party is aware of the recording, it is best to get their verbal permission to record the call.
  • Example:
  • "This is John Doe on March 1, 2009 at 10:00 a.m. I am speaking by cell phone with Mark Smith of Acme Mortgage Company concerning the terms of my mortgage. Mr. Smith, do I have permission to record this call?"
  • Obviously, if the other party is not aware of the recording, this would not be advisable. I suggest you wait until the other party hangs up. Keep the recorder running. Then state the date, time, parties involved, and the nature of the call

How to Record Mobile Phone Conversations

  • Built-In Recording
    Place your outgoing call. If you wish to record an incoming call, answer the phone before you hit "Record." Most cell phones with a call recording feature will not start recording until a call is actually in progress
    Access your phone's "Preferences" menu and select "Record." You should see a call timer pop up, which indicates the call is being recorded
    Ask the other party for permission to record the call as soon as the conversation begins. (This only applies if you live in a two-party consent state. See Warnings and References sections for more information about the legality of recording phone calls.)
    End your phone call. Recording will stop automatically. If you want to stop recording before the call is over, press "Stop."
    Name the file and save it to your phone's memory. You may wish to transfer the call to another media for long-term storage, as lengthy phone calls consume a lot of available memory
  • Call Recording Services
    Shop around and learn about alternative methods for recording calls if your current cell phone doesn't have recording capabilities. As of September 2010, costs for such services range from $5 to $25 a month. The basic functions are about the same no matter which service you choose. As an example for the purpose of this tutorial, we will be using ViaTalk
    Press "*99," then dial the phone number of the person you wish to call. Recording will begin automatically
    Inform the other party the call is being recorded if you live in a two-party consent state
    Hang up when the call is complete. Wait about five minutes for the recorded ViaTalk call to arrive in your voice mail box
    If you prefer, you can listen to the call online through ViaTalk's website, or download the recorded file to your computer for future reference
    Use the old-fashioned method when necessary: turn your cell phone's speakerphone on and place a portable hand-held tape recorder about 6 to 9 inches away. However, be aware that electronic interference between the two devices may cause static or beeping tones on the tape

Package Included:

  • 1 x Phone Call Recorder
  • 1 x USB Cable