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Hlcprove Bear Lint Cartoon Throw Pillow


Cartoon is always people favorite especially the young people. Would you like to add some cute one for yourself or your beloved kid? Obviously the answer is yes. This decorative throw pillow has the cartoon pattern that you will want own it. Now, let...
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  • This throw pillow can be put under your neck, back and waist
  • The bear is very cute that can make you get relax when you see it
  • The material lint has no harm to your skin that you can hold it at ease
  • Stuffed with PP cotton material, the decorative throw pillow is so soft and comfortable for you to hold it
  • Designed in bear shape, this designer throw pillow is so attractive to the people
  • There are many colors; you can choose the throw pillow that you like
  • If you are a fan of cartoon, you should buy this one for your interest
  • You can use this decorative throw pillow as a good gift for your friends
  • This decorative throw pillow has good design that many people will like it
  • Size: 55.0 x 33.0cm/31.7 x 13.0in(L x W)
  • Stuffing Material: PP Cotton
  • Outer Material: Lint


Hlcprove Bear Lint Cartoon Throw Pillow

  • There are three colors that you can choose one that you like

Hlcprove Bear Lint Cartoon Throw Pillow

  • This throw pillow is made in bear pattern, which is cute in appearance  

Hlcprove Bear Lint Cartoon Throw Pillow

  • The pillow is in special design, which is comfortable for your neck or waist

Hlcprove Bear Lint Cartoon Throw Pillow

  • The throw pillow is made of lint and PP cotton material, which is soft for touching

Hlcprove Bear Lint Cartoon Throw Pillow

  • This throw pillow can make you relax after you have worked for a whole day

Hlcprove Bear Lint Cartoon Throw Pillow

  • The size of this throw pillow is proper for you to hold

Hlcprove Bear Lint Cartoon Throw Pillow

  • You can put this throw pillow on your sofa, desk or in your bed

About Throw Pillows:

Hlcprove Bear Lint Cartoon Throw Pillow

Throw pillows are an easy and inexpensive way to change a room's decor. You can use throw pillows to set a mood in a room, add a punch of warmth or color or lift a room's comfort factor. The types of pillows you choose can make a statement about who you are

Bed PillowRound Pillow Potential

Throw pillows have the potential to change the way you feel about a room. A handful of square or round throw pillows in a rainbow of colors can turn a plain, white couch from drab to dazzling. Pile pillows in a variety of shapes and sizes on an otherwise plainly made bed, and suddenly you've got a designer look. There's no limit to what you can do with throw pillows. All you need is a little imagination


When selecting throw pillows, size is one factor to take into account. The size of the pillow should be in proportion to the size of the furniture on which it'll be placed. You wouldn't want to put a large floor pillow on a small couch, nor would you want to place one small pillow at either end of a large couch. Several small pillows can serve as the equivalent of one large pillow. Mixing a variety of shapes and sizes is especially pleasing on a bed. Common bed pillows include European (large, square pillows); standard (the kind you sleep with); smaller square, rectangular, or round pillows; and neckrolls (cylindrically shaped pillows, similar in shape to a piece of taffy), which lend support when placed behind the neck


Color determines how much the pillow stands out in a room. A pillow in a matching color will blend seamlessly into a room's decor. Choosing pillows in complementary colors can provide pleasing accents to a room's primary color scheme. Contrasting colors stand out and make a bigger impact. Pillows can also feature different types of trim, fringe, tassels or ruffles to give them unique flair


Pillows come in a variety of fabrics. Sturdy fabrics like twill and denim are casual and long-wearing. More formal fabrics like velvet, brocade or velveteen add a touch of formal elegance but are difficult to clean. Pillows made from soft fabrics like velour, fleece or fur are fun and pleasing to the touch. The design of any given fabric also makes a difference in the look the pillow gives to a room. For example, large, bold, geometric prints lend a modern feel; small checks and calico prints have a homespun, country appeal; large, floral prints can create a romantic or cottage garden atmosphere; exotic prints can create a worldly look; and playful prints appeal to children


Not only are pillows decorative accessories, they can be functional. Strategically placed pillows lend softness to hard furniture, provide support where needed and greatly increase a home's comfort factor. Floor pillows, which are generally about 24 by 24 inches square, can turn an otherwise hard, bare floor into a gathering place and allow more seating for guests than your furniture might otherwise allow. Bed pillows are great for propping yourself up to read in bed, while pillows on a couch or chair can make these pieces of furniture all the more relaxing to snuggle into

How to Wash Throw Pillows:

Hlcprove Bear Lint Cartoon Throw Pillow

Throw pillows add a touch of contrast to a couch, bed or chair. They are perfect for using as a headrest when you lay down on the couch or as an arm rest for extra warmth while watching television. Whatever their use, after a period of time, they need to be washed to get back that fresh smell

  • Unzip the cover on the throw pillow and remove the outside from the inner stuffing. If you do not have a zipper, take out a few inches of stitches so that you can remove the outer cover. If you choose to leave the cover on, it makes it much harder to dry and the pillow may end up loosing its shape
  • Zip the outer cover closed and wash in a washing machine under a delicate cycle with like-colored clothes, preferably in cold water. Regular detergent should be fine, as well as any rinses that you normally use
  • Remove the washed cover from the washing machine and stretch out to its original shape and line dry. There is a possibility that the heat of the dryer might shrink the pillow cover and you would not be able to use it again. You can hang it outside if you have a clothes line or inside on a clothes hanger--both will work just fine
  • Open the zippered or non-zippered cover and carefully reinsert the stuffing into the pillow case. Square up the corners by positioning the stuffing so that it sits evenly in the cover. Zipper it shut or use a few slip stitches to close the opening you made

Package Included:

  • 1 x Pillow