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ABBY Large Size Chain Control Training Pinch Dog Collar


Do you want to play with your dog freely? You need not worry about your dog run away with this Chain Dog Collar. Regardless of your goal, you've got to have the right gear for your dog. Functionality meets fashion with this high quality stainless ste...
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  • Prong training Chain Dog Collar helps you control even the most stubborn dog
  • They're electronically welded for maximum strength
  • The Chain Dog Collar features stainless steel for durability, and resistant against rust, tarnish, or breakage
  • Chain Dog Collar is so useful and easy to use
  • A perfect gift to your lovely pet dog
  • Swivel ring to prevent the leash from becoming tangled
  • The Pinch Dog Collar is good choice for your dog
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Collar Length: 600-650mm/23.6-25.6in
  • Color: Silver & Black


ABBY Large Size Chain Control Training Pinch Dog Collar

  • Chain style dog collar

ABBY Large Size Chain Control Training Pinch Dog Collar

  • Pinch collar

ABBY Large Size Chain Control Training Pinch Dog Collar

  • Stainless steel chain is durable for long time using

Training Tools for Dogs:

ABBY Large Size Chain Control Training Pinch Dog Collar


  • Collars used for training include choke chains, metal prong, head collars, and shock collars.
  • Metal prong and shock collars inflict pain and are becoming less popular due to the effectiveness of positive reinforcement tools.
  • Choke chain collars should only be used for training. Head collars are also used as muzzles. These may not inflict pain, but are still a method of force and fall into the traditional or negative reinforcement category.

The Leash

  • Leashes are an important training toolLeashes add control to your interaction with your dog. The type of leash is important in the training process. The length and width of the leash should be tailored to the size of your dog and the amount of lead should be appropriate for the leashed activity
  • Electronic training leashes are leashes attached to shock collars. The collar emits a sound while simultaneously shocking the dog when the leash is pulled or jerked tightly against the collar


  • Clickers are tools used in positive-reinforcement training and do not cause physical pain or use force
  • Clickers are used by the professionals who train animals for television, movies and at parks such as SeaWorld where animals perform live
  • The clicker signals the dog when it has performed a good act of behavior and treats are to be immediately given to the dog after use of the clicker. The full clicker training process also involves unique gestures for each act as well as verbal commands or praises

The Kong

  • Kongs are a crate-training tool. Keeping the dog occupied during the first 15 minutes of alone time helps them to settle in for the duration of their time at home without you.The Kong is shaped like a beehive. Place a dab of peanut butter inside and your dog will associate this toy with a delicious treat
  • If your dog is still restless after getting out the last bit of peanut butter, he may then use the Kong as a chew to

Positive Reinforcement Tools vs. Traditional Method Tool Usage

  • Pet stores sell many dog training tools.Clickers, Kong toys and treats are all tools for positive reinforcement training
  • Collar training, electric leashes and any tool utilizing force or pain is called negative reinforcement and falls into the traditional category
  • Both traditional and positive reinforcement tools can be purchased at any pet store or from websites that sell pet training products

Package Included:

  • 1 x Large Size Dog Chain Control Training Pinch Collar