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Pemrunup Aged Wooden Tobacco Cigarette Smoking Pipe


What's a Classic Tobacco Smoking Pipe! Very nice, this smoking pipe is not very large and easy to use. This curved tobacco smoking pipe is sure to please. The best Smoking Pipe looks classic and cool for a man who smoke and will give you gr...
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  • This tobacco smoking pipe is designed in straigt style
  • Tobacco Smoking Pipe is made from high-quality special wooden, not contain any harmful objects
  • This tobacco smoking pipe features high quality and easy to use
  • You can really find its glamour when you use these smoking accessories
  • You will enjoy it by using it
  • This best smoking pipe is made of fine material, and the technic is absolutely superior
  • If you don't choose it, ratherly you will be regret
  • Size: 106 x 19mm/4.2 x 0.7in(L x Dia.)
  • Material: Wood
  • Color: Black & Red

Pemrunup Aged Wooden Tobacco Cigarette Smoking Pipe

Pemrunup Aged Wooden Tobacco Cigarette Smoking Pipe

  • This tobacco smoking pipe also would make a great paperweight or novelty decoration for nonsmoker

Pemrunup Aged Wooden Tobacco Cigarette Smoking Pipe

Pemrunup Aged Wooden Tobacco Cigarette Smoking Pipe

Pemrunup Aged Wooden Tobacco Cigarette Smoking Pipe

  • This Smoking Accessories fits in any occasions to use, it is a best choice for you

Tobacco Pipe Styles

Smoking tobacco from a pipe has been considered a calming experience by individuals throughout history. Even Albert Einstein once said, "I believe that pipe smoking contributes to a somewhat calm and objective judgment in all human affairs." Although men such as Einstein have been seen and even photographed smoking their beloved traditional-style pipes, there are several other options available to the avid pipe-tobacco smoker

  • Clay Pipes: Clay pipes give you the option to design and paint your own pipe. A clay pipe will have two open ends---one for holding the tobacco and one for a mouth piece, with a hollow tube connecting them for the smoke to travel through. Many people will add a mesh filter to keep the tobacco debris from traveling into the pipe and into the mouth. If you don't have a kiln available you might want to dry oven-fired craft clay to fashion your pipe. Check any glaze you're using to make sure it will be OK for your intended usage (i.e. non-combustible)
  • Hookah: Hookah pipes first found popularity in Indian and Middle Eastern cultures. This type of pipe is sometimes even used in films, most notably by the caterpillar in "Alice in Wonderland." The pipe looks like an octopus at first glance. It has a main area where the tobacco (usually a flavored tobacco) is fired, which produces a type of steam. It has a number of different hoses attached, each with a mouth piece on the end for smoking. Hookahs come in all sorts of styles, from single or double-hose varieties to up eight different hoses. The hookah is a great social pipe, and hookah bars exist where those who partake are able to enjoy the hookah in a social setting
  • Water Bongs: While there are many different styles of water bongs, they all have the same basic function. The tobacco is placed in a slide and inserted into a glass tube, which travels directly into the glass, water-filled chamber of the bong. As the smoker lights the tobacco in the slide, he places his mouth around the top of the bong and draws in the air and smoke. The smoke travels through the glass tube, into the water chamber where the smoke is slightly cooled and then the smoke is inhaled through the mouth. Water bongs are usually made of pyrex, which is a type of glass that does not easily conduct heat (used in science lab equipment to prevent burns and breaks)

Package Included:

  • 1 x Cigarette Pipe