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Amylinda Organza One Shoulder Beading Mermaid Sweep Plus Size Wedding Dresses


Find a perfect wedding dress is the key for the wedding, because a beautiful and elegant wedding dress can show the bridal temperament, charm and figure perfectly. The one shoulder designer plus size wedding dress is designed for the s...
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  • Silhouette: Mermaid
  • Embellishment: Beading & Ruffle
  • Neckline: One Shoulder 
  • Hemline: Sweep
  • Shown Color: White
  • Back: Lace-up   
  • Material: Organza


  • Ruffles design adds sophistication to the plus size wedding dress
  • Plus size design beaded wedding dress will be the best idea for the plump body lady
  • Beads to the plus size wedding dress is more shining than other wedding gowns
  • One shoulder neck to the elegant wedding dress adds beauty to your neckline and makes you more elegant
  • Elegant wedding dress with customized and fine workmanship is very popular
  • The plus size wedding dress fits for that upcoming beach, yacht, garden wedding and so on
  • You and your lover will have a romantic and memorable wedding with this plus size wedding dress
  • You will look like a queen on your wedding with the wedding dress
  • Wearing the plus size wedding dress, you and your bridegroom can enjoy a happy wedding time
  • You can customize the wedding dress according to your size and preference


Amylinda Organza One Shoulder Beading Mermaid Sweep Plus Size Wedding Dresses

  • You and your lover will have a romantic and memorable wedding with the beaded wedding dress

Amylinda Organza One Shoulder Beading Mermaid Sweep Plus Size Wedding Dresses

  • Unique medium backless design to the one shoulder plus size wedding dress will make you more elegant

Amylinda Organza One Shoulder Beading Mermaid Sweep Plus Size Wedding Dresses

  • The most charming bride will be you when you wearing the plus size wedding dress

 Amylinda Organza One Shoulder Beading Mermaid Sweep Plus Size Wedding Dresses

  • One shoulder design to the wedding dress can make you look more beautiful

Amylinda Organza One Shoulder Beading Mermaid Sweep Plus Size Wedding Dresses

  • Eye-catching ruffle layered design to the plus size wedding dress can add brilliance to you


  • Please provide detailed measurement information for customization base on "Buying Guide/How to Measure"
  • Reference size chart base on "Buying Guide/Size Chart"
  • Because the display and optical reasons, the fabric colors shown in the picture may be biased with the actual color of goods
  • You can customize the dress's size and back of zipper or lace-up closure according to your size and preference

How to Wash a Wedding Dress:

  • Examine your wedding dress meticulously. Check to see if there are stains, particularly on the train and hemline areas. It is common for the train to get dirty because it is usually dragged on the floor. Once you know the kind of stain or dirt that your wedding dress has, you can prepare the cleaning materials that you will need
  • Delete any embellishment or removable items from your wedding dress such as bows, ribbons or belts. You can wash these separately. Taking off these items from your wedding dress makes the dress easier and safer to clean
  • Fill a clean bathtub with warm water and soap. The soap should be foamy enough to wash away the dirt and stains. Soak the train and hem in the water for at least 30 minutes. Depending on the material, you can gently scrub or wipe the dirt off by using a sponge and a mild detergent. Do not scrub delicate materials such as lace
  • Pay extra attention when you wipe the trim or lace on the dress. Putting too much pressure may ruin delicate fabrics. You can also use your fingertips to gently rub the stains off. Continue wiping off the dirt on the inside of the hemline, layers and lining. When these areas are clean enough, rinse them thoroughly
  • Wash the bodice of your wedding dress by turning it inside out. The bodice is the upper part of your wedding dress where underarm stains and dirt marks are found. Again, gently wipe the stains off using a sponge and mild detergent. If the stains are not easily removed by the detergent, use mild bleach such as Oxi Clean. Mild bleach will not leave any discoloration on the dress. Soak the stained area in Oxi Clean following the product directions until the stains disappear
  • Remove the dirty water and replace it with clean water. Carefully immerse the wedding dress into the water. Rinse the soap suds off the dress by swishing it around. Repeat the whole process three times until no more soap suds can be seen
  • Take the dress carefully out of the bathtub when it is thoroughly clean. Do not wring, twist or squeeze the dress. Let it drip for a while and then hang it on a drying rack. Make sure that the dress is evenly spread out so it will retain its form. Allow it to completely dry before pressing and storing it

How to Steam Press a Wedding Dress:

If your wedding day is just around the corner but your dress is wrinkled from being stored in the box or bag it came in, you take your dress to the dry cleaner to be steam pressed or you can do it yourself at home. Doing it yourself at home can save you money, but you have to be careful when taking on the steam press process on your own.

  • Before you start, read your dress' tag for the recommended iron setting for the dress' material. The fabrics used to make wedding dresses are usually very delicate
  • Set your iron accordingly. It is OK to set your iron to a lower temperature than recommended, but don't set it higher because it can damage the dress. If you set the temperature lower than recommend, it may take you longer to steam press your dress, but it's less likely that it'll cause damage. If the tag doesn't specify an iron setting, adjust your iron to the delicate setting
  • Lay your dress flat on the ironing board
  • Using your water spray bottle, dampen your dress in the area that needs to be steamed
  • Place a clean, white cloth (washcloth or towel works) between your dress and the iron. This helps to prevent too much heat from reaching the dress directly
  • Press the iron onto the cloth and move accordingly to work the wrinkles out of the dampened and cloth-covered area
  • Once you've pressed out the wrinkles in the area, repeat Steps 4, 5 and 6 for each wrinkled area on the dress

Package Included:

  • 1 x Plus Size Wedding Dress