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POVOS Professional Waterproof Rechargeable Lady Shaver PS1088


This is a Professional Rechargeable Waterproof Women's Epilator, very utility. This Women's Epilator can safely remove the hair with less pain and irritation, the effect lasting thoroughly, the skin can keep smooth. This Epilator is very suitable for...
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  • Independent floating head
  • 8 hours quick charge
  • Accessories: cleaning brush 


POVOS Professional Waterproof Rechargeable Lady Shaver PS1088 

  • Waterproof Women's Epilator can clearly observed each hair
  •  POVOS Professional Waterproof Rechargeable Lady Shaver PS1088

  • Two Blades Women's Epilator can clearly observed each hair
  • POVOS Professional Waterproof Rechargeable Lady Shaver PS1088

  • The sharp blade and comfortable handle make this women's epilator a perfect product
  • Size in details: 
    POVOS Professional Waterproof Rechargeable Lady Shaver PS1088

    How to Use a Women's Electric Shaver?

    The electric shaver is one of the most convenient gadgets for women. Smooth, hairless legs and underarms are a daily chore. While electric shavers don't shave as close as razors or waxing, they makes the task quicker and easier. Use an electric shaver if you are planning to simplify your morning or evening routine

    • Scrub your legs with gentle, moisturizing soap and a washcloth to exfoliate the skin without drying it out. Electric shavers don't use water, and often create an ashy look without exfoliation
    • Rub your legs, arms or wherever you plan on shaving to determine the direction of your hair follicles. Shave against the grain (the direction that feels the prickliest) for the best results
    • Place your electric razor flat on your skin. Turn it on and slowly move it in the appropriate direction. Since your hair grows in different patters all over your body, you may need to change directions--on the back of your legs, for instance, versus the front
    • Run your hands over any areas to see if there are any prickly spots. Women's electric razors are extremely quick, but it's common to miss a few spots. Go back and shave any extra hairs off
    • Rub moisturizing body lotion all over your legs. Even after you exfoliate, electric razors will leave your skin dry. If you neglect this step, you may end up with scaly, flaky skin

    Tips & Warnings

    • Consider purchasing a women's electric razor with a self-cleaning head. Otherwise, you'll have to remove the protective cover after each shave to clean it out and prevent infection
    • Don't forget batteries or your charging cord when you travel with your electric razor. It is actually quite painful to shave when the blades move too slowly, which only happens when the shaver runs out of power

    About Electric Razors

    • Electric razors have revolutionized the way men and women shave. Providing a safe and effective way to shave, these electronic adaptations of an essential grooming tool have come a long way since first introduced in the early twentieth century. Modern electric razors carry internal batteries that can be recharged, virtually ensuring a quality shave anywhere--even on the way to work


    • The electric razor was first patented in 1928 by an American named Jacob Schick. Initially the razors consisted of a simple system of metal bands that pulled hair out slightly before cutting, then allowing the hair to retract into the follicle. Early electric razors were all plugged into household electrical outlets. As competition always breeds advancement, the introduction of Remington in 1937 and Philips electric razor products produced new and inventive varieties to the marketplace. It is through this competition that the development of rotary heads and battery storage came to the electric razor


    • There are three basic types of modern electric razors. The two main types are still the direct descendants of the original foil and rotary head razors developed in the early twentieth century. Foil razors tend to be smaller and cheaper because they are typically less effective than the more advanced rotary head electric razors. The rotary head razors consist of several rotating heads with multiple blades. Another advanced element is the water resistant electric razor, designed for use in the shower or on a wet beard instead of a dry one


    • The primary function of all electric razors is the same, namely hair removal. Men and women alike have found the use of an electric razor beneficial when shaving hair, whether it is on the face, legs, etc. Men's razors differ slightly in functionality from women's razors in that many men's razors contain a beard trimmer--a simple flip-out device to trim beards, side-burns and mustaches. Razors with rechargeable batteries can typically be recharged overnight, and do not require an electric plug to be operational once charged


    • Electric razors all have an on/off switch to prevent accidental use when first plugging it in. In addition, those with a rechargeable battery have an indicator to alert the user to when it is being charged and when the charge is full. Many full sized rotary razors feature an area underneath the razor heads that collect beard trimmings. While this can be a nuisance, manufacturers typically include a cleaning brush, lubricating oil, and maintenance instructions with each purchase


    • When transitioning to an electric razor, many men will think that the electric razor will give as complete and close a shave as a standard safety razor. This is a common misconception and is not true. Over time the first-time user of an electric razor will become more accustomed to using it, and thus more proficient, thereby giving the impression of a closer shave. In addition, many razors that are advertised for use in the shower are not 100 percent waterproof, but only water-resistant

    Package Included:

    • 1 x Lady shaver
    • 1 x Cleanning Brush
    • 1 x Manual