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GuJin Stylish Ultrathin Mute Car Power Inverter with USB Port


What you are viewing is a multifunctional Car Power Inverter with USB Port, to charge your devices on the go with safety and reliability, this USB power inverter is a great choice for you! Car Power Inverter Adapter can convert DC 12V electricity pro...
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  • Continuous Power:  185W
  • Instantaneous Power:  300W
  • Input Voltage: DC 12V
  • Output Voltage: AC 220V+/-5%
  • USB Output Voltage: 5V
  • Output Frequency: 50HZ
  • Conversion Efficiency: >90%
  • No Load Current: <200mA
  • Under Voltage Protection: 10V
  • High-Limit: >60℃
  • Size: 14 x 7.5 x 2cm / 5.5 x 3.0 x 0.8in(L x W x H)
  • Material: Aluminium Magnesium Alloy


  • This Car Power Inverter is made high quality, durable enough
  • This Power Inverter is heavy duty but small for carrying
  • Car Power Inverter is quiet and very convenient
  • The output of the Car Power Inverter is a universal socket, which can be used in many countries
  • Car USB power inverter with USB port that can connect to portable computer, mobile telephone, camera, mini-hifi, daylight lamp etc
  • Use along with insert, suitable for all kinds of cars


GuJin Stylish Ultrathin Mute Car Power Inverter with USB Port

  • Ultra compact and an highly portable USB car power inverter

GuJin Stylish Ultrathin Mute Car Power Inverter with USB Port

 GuJin Stylish Ultrathin Mute Car Power Inverter with USB Port

  • The Multifunctional Car Power Inverter is designed with a Car Lighter Adapter and it is so ultrathin

 GuJin Stylish Ultrathin Mute Car Power Inverter with USB Port

GuJin Stylish Ultrathin Mute Car Power Inverter with USB Port

  • The multifunctional car power inverter is heavy duty but small, quiet and convenient

How to Install a Car Power Inverter:

GuJin Stylish Ultrathin Mute Car Power Inverter with USB Port

The automobile has become an extension of today's office. Workers are spending more and more time in their vehicles than ever before. They are also using more electronics than ever before. Laptop computers, mobile fax machines and scanners are just a few of the devices utilized in the rolling office place. An automobile's charging system is not equipped to handle such a draw on its components. There is an easy fix to this dilemma

  • Park the vehicle and open the hood. Disconnect the battery by loosening the positive cable with a wrench and pulling it free with your hand
  • Mount the power inverter. Pick a location which will allow plenty of air flow around the inverter as they heat up when used. A typical mounting location is on the lower kick panel in the passenger side of the vehicle under the dash. Apply the adhesive side of the hook and loop material to the under side of the inverter and peel the protective strip off of the reverse side. Stick the inverter in the desired mounting location and press firmly to set adhesive in place. Separate the inverter from the kick panel to wire the connections
  • Wire the inverter. Run a length of wire (0 to 4 gauge) from the positive side of the inverter to the car's battery by running the wire through a grommet in the firewall. Simply find a location where wires pass through the fire wall and push your new positive wire through the center of the existing wires. Locate the new wire on the engine side of the firewall and pull it through until it reaches the positive side of the battery. Cut the wire with wire cutters. Tie the wire out of the way by zip tying it to the existing wiring. Strip 1/4 inch of plastic shielding from each end of the wire. Place a terminal end on each end of the wire and crimp in place with a crimping tool. Do not connect this wire to the battery at this time. To connect the ground, run a short length of wire from the inverter's negative wire to the vehicle's chassis (any bolt under the dash will work fine)
  • Connect the wires. Connect the new positive and negative wires to the wires coming from the inverter to the wires you installed into the vehicle by placing terminal ends on the wires and crimping them in place in the same manner as the positive wire at the battery. Loosen the bolt you identified under the dash with a wrench and place your ground wire on the bolt. Tighten the bolt. Place the inverter on the kick panel by pushing the hook and loop material together. Connect the positive wire to the battery's positive terminal post and reconnect the cars positive cable back onto the battery. Tighten the terminal in place with a wrench
  • Use the inverter. You are now able to operate 120 volt electronics from your vehicle by simply plugging them into the outlets on the inverter while your engine is running

Package Included:

  • 1 x Car Inverter