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Besta Thermal Breathable Coat Style Nylon Mens Raincoat


Get ready for a rainy day with this practical Thermal Breathable Coat Style Nylon Mens Raincoat. Made of high quality material, the breathable mens raincoat jacket is durable and reliable for long time wearing, also the high quality material mak...
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  • The nylon mens raincoat jacket keeps the nasty stuff out while bringing out your best on the jobsite
  • Waterproof and breathable shell with sealed seams for maximum breathability
  • Designed with style and detail, the nylon mens raincoat jacket is fashionable and practical with its charm and grace
  • Large waterproof bellows pockets maximize carrying capacity
  • Full wind flap and velcro main closure keeps moisture sealed out
  • Suits mountaineering, skiing, expedition, pedestrianism, escalading and other outdoor activities
  • This adorable nylon mens raincoat jacket is for rainy day and an addition to your wardrobe
  • Easy to wear, keep clean from urine and odor
  • Waterproof Value: 10000mm
  • Breathability Value: 5000g/㎡/24hrs
  • Material: Nylon


Besta Thermal Breathable Coat Style Nylon Mens Raincoat

  • Made of breathable material, the breathable mens raincoat jacket allows body heat to leave the garment and keeps rain and moisture out

Besta Thermal Breathable Coat Style Nylon Mens Raincoat

  • The fine details and fashion design will complete the look that is professional and polished 

Besta Thermal Breathable Coat Style Nylon Mens Raincoat

  • Designed with style and detail, the breathable mens raincoat jacket is fashionable and practical with its charm and grace 

Besta Thermal Breathable Coat Style Nylon Mens Raincoat

  • The hem is finished with an elastic draw cord to keep out wind and cold 

Besta Thermal Breathable Coat Style Nylon Mens Raincoat

  • Self-contained storage pouch allows the rain coat to stuff into itself for convenient storage
  • Waterproof zippered underarm exhaust vents allow warm air to exit from the rain coat interior

Besta Thermal Breathable Coat Style Nylon Mens Raincoat

  • A zipper pocket for conveniently carrying little thing 

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  • Hand wash
  • These dimensions are for reference only. Specific dimension varies from person to person

How to Choose a Raincoat?

Besta Thermal Breathable Coat Style Nylon Mens Raincoat

Raincoat choices range from plastic rain ponchos to designer raincoats, and prices vary appropriately

  • Consider how you're going to use the raincoat. If it's to go over business attire or is to be worn on the town, look for something upscale. If you're a camper or hiker, check with an outdoor or camping store
  • Consider the warmth of the raincoat and the climate of the place where you'll wear it most often. Although some parkas are both warm and waterproof, you may only need a light raincoat to go over clothing
  • Think about the length of the raincoat. While men usually wear full-length coats, women often like shorter rain slickers
  • Decide whether the raincoat should have a hood. Women sometimes prefer this feature more than do men, although they can also cover their heads with a rain bonnet or umbrella
  • Determine how much you want to spend. Rain slickers are generally available for less than $50, while you'll spend much more than that for a full-length raincoat, especially if it is a designer brand
  • Choose the material of the raincoat. While raincoats are made of a variety of materials, stick with something lightweight and breathable for the most comfort
  • Think about the color. Slickers are available in a variety of bright colors; women's cloth raincoats come in mostly muted colors and men's raincoats are generally limited to black, brown or gray
  • Make sure the raincoat can be exchanged, if needed, and check on any warranties or guarantees
  • Consider rain boots or an umbrella to match, if you and your wallet are so inclined

About Raincoats:

Besta Thermal Breathable Coat Style Nylon Mens Raincoat

Raincoats can be a practical piece of clothing in wet climates, as well as a fashion accessory. Raincoats come in a wide variety of colors and styles, from basic waterproof cover-ups to designer jackets. Children and adults may wear raincoats during wet weather, and some workers wear them as part of their daily routine

  • Type: Some major types of raincoats include Mackintoshes, trench coats, anoraks, ponchos, and cagoules or pacamacs. Mackintoshes use a rubber coating to waterproof cotton or other lightweight fabrics, and come in a variety of colors, patterns, lengths and styles. Trench coats are generally knee-length or longer and use waterproof cotton, wool or leather. They often feature a collar, buttons and a belt. Anoraks, or hooded winter jackets and parkas, may also be considered raincoats if they are waterproof. Rain ponchos are sleeveless raincoats that drape over the body and often have a hood. They may be made of heavyweight nylon for durable garments, or lightweight plastic for cheap, temporary coverings, and may be clear or colored. Cagoules or pacamacs are lightweight rain ponchos that fold into pouches
  • Features: Raincoats may include a waterproof hood, or a more stylish but less practical collar. They may button, snap or zip in the front, or simply slip over the head. Many raincoats have a fabric lining to make them warmer so they can double as waterproof winter coats. Some raincoats have a removable lining that can be taken out during warm, wet weather. Other raincoats are also reversible, with a different color or pattern on each side so the wearer can achieve two different looks from the same coat. Raincoats often include pockets with flaps to protect the contents
  • Benefits: Raincoats protect people and clothing from getting wet, particularly on windy days when the rain is blowing, and they can reduce or eliminate the need for an umbrella. They're especially useful for people who spend long periods outside in the rain, such as children walking to school, landscapers, fishermen, construction workers and flaggers. When worn with matching rain pants and a rain hat, raincoats provide a complete rain suit to protect all clothing and hair from water
  • Size: Raincoats come in a variety of sizes to fit everyone from toddlers and children to large adults. Some raincoats, such as ponchos, are one-size-fits-all, making them especially useful as emergency rainwear. Raincoats also come in various lengths, from just below the hips to just above the knees, to knee-length or longer. Long raincoats protect the clothing better but can also be difficult to walk in. Many long raincoats include a slit in the back to make movement easier
  • History of: Charles Macintosh of Scotland invented a type of rubber-coated, waterproof cloth in 1823. The coats made from this new material took his name but were often spelled Mackintosh. In time, the name Mackintosh came to refer to many raincoats, not just those made by the original company. By 1843, the company that bought the patent had improved many of the difficulties the original fabric had with stiffness and smell. Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, Mackintoshes continued to be a popular style of raincoat, marketed by a number of major designers. The choice of waterproof materials for raincoats expanded with the invention of nylon in 1935 and the more breathable Gore-Tex in 1976

Package Included:

  • 1 x Men's Rain Coat