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Rapoo Rapoo H3000 2.4G NANO Emitter Wireless Headset Headphone


When you want to take your personal listening experience to the next level, the Rapoo H3000 2.4G NANO emitter wireless headset headphone let you do it in style. The Wireless Headset is designed with comfortable ear pads and headband that are perfect ...
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  • Frequency Response: 40Hz-20kHz
  • Carrier Frequency: 2404MHz-2476MHz
  • Sensitivity: 85dB
  • Modulation Way: GFSK
  • Voltage: 3.7V
  • Receive: 8m, 360°
  • Current: 50mA
  • PC System: Windows 2000/xp/Vista/Window 7 Mac OS X/Linux 


  • It is comfortable enough for everyday use
  • It provides excellent sound quality and super clear sound
  • Even at high volume levels, making it perfect for listening to today's music and movies
  • Their comfortable ear pads and headband are perfect for everyday use
  • Unique design, simple to use
  • It is a good gift for familys and friends 
  • Double receiving antenna


Rapoo Rapoo H3000 2.4G NANO Emitter Wireless Headset Headphone

  • Everyone has different aural tastes - some like a deep bass, some like clearer speech, so the Wireless Headphone is necessary to choose a good headphone

Rapoo Rapoo H3000 2.4G NANO Emitter Wireless Headset Headphone

  • The Wireless Headset is designed with comfortable ear pads and headband that are perfect for everyday use

Rapoo Rapoo H3000 2.4G NANO Emitter Wireless Headset Headphone

  • The Wireless Headset Headphone provides excellent sound quality, super clear sound & is double receiving antenna

Rapoo Rapoo H3000 2.4G NANO Emitter Wireless Headset Headphone

  • Pump out your tunes with crisp clear acoustics that will easily fill up a room and elevate the mood of everyone around you

Rapoo Rapoo H3000 2.4G NANO Emitter Wireless Headset Headphone

  • Packaged with a USB cable, this Wireless Headset Headphone is unique design & simple to use

How to Use Wireless Headphones for the TV:

If you like to watch TV late at night and are worried about waking up a spouse or child, headphones are an obvious solution. Many TVs come with a headphone jack, so hooking up a pair of headphones is easy and convenient. If you do any moving around while you're watching TV, or if you simply don't want uncomfortable wires intruding on your space, wireless headphones are a great alternative. Here's how to get them connected to the TV.

  • Instructions
  • Set up the transmitter. Wireless headphones rely on a transmitter that sends audio via infrared or radio waves to your headset. Use the digital audio output (coaxial or optical), RCA outputs (red and white) or headphone jack on your TV to connect the transmitter. Connection will depend upon which outputs are available on your TV and/or the transmitter.
  • Use an RCA to headphone adapter. If you don't have a headphone jack on your TV and the transmitter includes only a headphone connection, connect an RCA to female headphone connector. This will allow you to plug the wireless transmitter into the female headphone end and then hook the RCA ends into your television's audio outputs. You may also need a 3.5 mm (mini jack) to 1/4 inch adapter if the headphone plug on the transmitter doesn't match the television jack.
  • Set the transmitter on top of, or next to, the television. For infrared transmitters, you'll need a direct path between the headphones and the transmitter. Placing the transmitter on or near the TV will allow you to take advantage of the clear path you already have.
  • Plug the transmitter in and turn it on. Charge the headphones if necessary. They probably charge by being docked to the transmitter itself.
  • Turn the headphones on. Adjust the volume and settings and you're ready to watch TV.

How to Connect Wireless Headphones to a TV:

Wireless headphones add convenience to your TV-watching. Living with a child, significant other or roommate who is on a different schedule than you can be a pain. Especially when you want to watch a DVD at two in the morning. Before, your options were to watch on mute with closed captioning turned on, or do without. Now, with wireless headphones, it's possible to make use of your flat-screen whenever you want without bothering anybody. Wireless headphone setup is an easy process that will allow your roommates to sleep easier at night.

  • Instructions
  • Most wireless headphones include rechargeable batteries. You will need to charge them, using the headphone base, before installation can continue.
  • Connect the transmitter base of your headphones to your audio receiver or television. Using the proper cable for your device (see your owner's manuals), plug one end into the audio input on your wireless headphone transmitter, and the other into the audio out jack on your receiver or television.
  • Test your headphones. Turn on your television and select the function you wish to listen to. Turn it on and make sure your wireless headphones are also powered on. Adjust the volume to a comfortable level.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Headphone