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ART-TECH MD500 RC Helicopter


Do you want to enjoy the fun of "driving" a helicopter model? Are you looking for a durable and stylish helicopter model for your kid? We will strongly recommend this MD500 RC helicopter model.What you are viewing is the most fashionable an...
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  • Flying Condition: Outdoor & Indoor
  • Flying Time: 6-10mins
  • Rotor Diameter: 45cm/17.7in
  • Length: 45cm/17.7in
  • Height: 25cm/9.8in
  • Motor: Powerful 370Carbon Brush
  • Li-poly Battery: 7.4V 1000mAh
  • Servo: 2 x 9g
  • Propellers: 4Pcs
  • R/C System: EFLY-B# 2.4GHz


  • This remote control helicopter model is easy to charge
  • The balance beam and blades are made of flexible material
  • Ultra-micro size and weight perfect for both indoor and outdoor flying
  • The RC helicopter model can fly more efficiency and smooth
  • Colorful light for night flying visibility
  • The remote control helicopter model can develop your kid's creative ability


ART-TECH MD500 RC Helicopter

  • Super light-weight and strength RC helicopter model with fancy finishes detailing, provides best protection and attractive shape

ART-TECH MD500 RC Helicopter

  • Made of high strength composite material, this helicopter model is durable for long time use and helps you minimize the damage of clash

ART-TECH MD500 RC Helicopter

  • With this remote control, the helicopter model is easy to use which will develop your kid's interest in Science

ART-TECH MD500 RC Helicopter

  • Full transmitter allows it moves up, down, left, right, forward, backward and hovering

ART-TECH MD500 RC Helicopter

  • Special designed on tail and undercarriage make it easy to achieve progress, from top to bottom, left and other basic manipulation

How to Fly a RC Helicopter:

ART-TECH MD500 RC Helicopter

Flying remote control (RC) helicopters is a hobby people find rewarding and amusing. Two-channel and three-channel helicopters are easier to control than four- to six-channel helicopters. The number of channels a helicopter has corresponds to how many different controls are used to fly the helicopter. Learning to control the flight can be intimidating, but with practice you can master the steps

  • Inspect the RC helicopter parts. Make sure that the battery wires are not tangled and all the other remote-control parts are not rubbing each other. Check the screw that holds on the helicopter blade to make sure it is tight enough to prevent the helicopter from moving around and falling apart, but not too tight that the blades are unable to move
  • Prepare the helicopter parts. Install the batteries into the helicopter and the transmitter. Attach the antenna to the transmitter and then turn on the transmitter. You should see the power light turn on
  • Turn on the helicopter. Balance the helicopter on the ground and set the throttle down to start turning the rotor blades. The motors will start working and the blades will gradually turn faster
  • Gradually increase the throttle as the helicopter starts to fly. Start maneuvering the flight. There are two sticks on the transmitter that control the flight. The left stick controls the combination of balance, control and throttle when it moves up and down. Move it left to right to control the direction of the helicopter. The right stick controls the cyclic left and right. Move it forward and backward to lift and bring down the helicopter

How to Test Helicopter Rotor Blades:

ART-TECH MD500 RC Helicopter

Flying remote controlled helicopters is a hobby enjoyed by many. If you are trying out your RC helicopter for the first time, you should first test the rotor blade located on top of the helicopter. The spinning rotor blade is what allows the helicopter to fly. If the rotor is not fully operational you should not attempt to fly the helicopter

  • Spin the rotor with your hands and make sure the rotor rotates evenly and does not wobble
  • Turn on the helicopter and watch for vibrations. It is normal for the helicopter to vibrate while the blade is first spooling up. The helicopter should not vibrate a lot once the rotor blade is up to speed
  • Slowly increase the power to the rotors until the helicopter lightly hovers above the ground. Allow the helicopter to hover for 30 seconds then turn it off
  • Inspect the rotor blades and make sure they are still secure. If the unit is intact, your helicopter's rotor is ready for flight

Package Included:

  • 1 x RC Helicopter
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1 x Manual