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Gim Max Classic Resin Frameless Reading Glasses


Do you go for a reading glasses? The fact is when a person reaches it s 40 s their eyesight starts to change. This pair of Portable Reading Glasses helps you to see clearer and protects your eyes while reading. It is made of high quality ma...
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  • This pair of Portable Reading Glasses features frameless design
  • It helps you to see clearer while reading
  • These Portable Reading Glasses protects your eyes while helping you to see clear
  • The frame is made of high quality material, solid and never deforms
  • The lens are with good light transmission, bright and healthy to the eyes
  • The reading glasses is perfect for you reading
  • Material: Resin
  • Color: Transparent


Gim Max Classic Resin Frameless Reading Glasses

  • This pair of Portable Reading Glasses helps readers to see clear and reduces reflective glare

Gim Max Classic Resin Frameless Reading Glasses

  • Protect your eye from dust as well as relieve the eye fatigue with the Portable Reading Glasses

Gim Max Classic Resin Frameless Reading Glasses

  • This pair of Resin Reading Glasses can give you better vision over the course of a day

Gim Max Classic Resin Frameless Reading Glasses

  • Smudge resistant and easy to keep clean, it is hard to get these glasses dirty

How to Measure:

Gim Max Classic Resin Frameless Reading Glasses

Maintain Method:

  • Use ultrasonic cleaning to shake out the dust
  • Twist off the screw, take off the lens and use professional cloth or paper to clean
  • Do not use cosmetics, it is easy to make the eyeglass frame faded
  • Gently folding the eyeglass frame from the left
  • Do not take off eyeglass with a single hand, it is easy to make the eyeglass frame deformation
  • Do not put the eyeglass frame under the sunshine for a long time
  • Do not put the convex lens downward
  • Cover the eyeglass with cloth when you not use and put into the glasses case

Reading Glasses Types:

Gim Max Classic Resin Frameless Reading Glasses

Reading glasses are simply magnifying lenses that make objects larger. But there are several different ways to accomplish this goal, so you can choose from a number of different types of reading glasses depending on your lifestyle and needs.

Full-eye and half-eye reading glasses

  • There are many different types of reading glasses, but the first most important choice is whether you want a full frame or a half-eye. Full frame reading glasses look like regular eyeglasses, with a frame that goes all the way around the lens, and the lenses sit directly in front of your eyes. Full-eye reading glasses are good when you spend a long time concentrating on material close-up. When you look up from reading, objects in the distance appear blurry.
  • Half-eye reading glasses are flat on the top of the frame, and are designed to sit down on your nose so that you look down through the lens when reading. When you look up, you look through air over the lenses, not through a lens so objects in the distance are not blurry. You can see our selection of full-eye and half-eye reading glasses by going to our Frame Search page.

Full frame, half-frame, and rimless reading glasses

  • Just like regular eyeglasses, reading glasses are available with a full frame, with a half-frame, and as no-frame rimless reading glasses. Follow this link to learn more about eyeglass frames. Half-frame reading glasses and rimless reading glasses are practical because it is easier to look over the top of the frame when switching from close-up to distance viewing. You can see our selection of full-frame reading glasses , half-frame reading glasses, and rimless reading glasses by going to our Frame Search page.
  • Rimless reading glasses are very practical because your eye does not have negotiate around the frame around the lens. The edge of the lens obstructs your vision much less than an eyeglass frame does. Follow this link to read more about rimless eyeglasses.

Bifocal and no-line reading glasses

  • Stock reading glasses are available in a bifocal style, in which there is a line that separates the lower reading lens from the upper clear lens. No-line reading glasses perform the same function, but there is no visible line between the two lens viewing areas. As you move your eyes down from the upper half, the magnification increases slowly allowing you to see better at different close up distances.
  • Reading glasses with tinted lenses are designed so that you can read in bright light conditions. For reading in the sun, many people wear regular sunglasses with contact lenses underneath. Or you can wear regular sunglasses with stick on magnifiers.

Folding reading glasses

  • Folding reading glasses are designed to take up less space in your pocket or purse. There are many different designs of folding reading glasses. Some called pen readers or tube readers are reading glasses that fold into a little tube, that you can drop in your pocket. The tube helps to protect the reading glasses from getting crushed. The oldest and best quality folding reading glasses are called Slim Fold reading glasses.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Reading Glasses