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Gim Max Rimless Resin Reading Glasses


Do you love reading? Do you want fashion reading glasses to help you to read? Here, we are strongly recommended this Rimless Resin Reading Glasses to you!Rimless reading glasses helps you to see clearer while reading. Rimless reading glasses fea...
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  • This fashion reading glasses features rimless style, can give you simple look
  • This rimless reading glasses protects your eyes while helping you to see clear
  • The frame is made of high quality material, solid and never deforms
  • Simple design is perfect in your pocket, handbag, or travel kit
  • This rimless reading glasses is made of durable, lightweight and attractive material for convenient use
  • The lens are with good light transmission, bright and healthy to the eyes
  • The legs is soft enough for you comfortable wearing
  • Material: Resin


Gim Max Rimless Resin Reading Glasses

  • Frameless style, lightweight design for your daily wearing and protect your eyes while reading

Gim Max Rimless Resin Reading Glasses

Gim Max Rimless Resin Reading Glasses

  • Soft legs and smooth nose pads of the resin reading glasses give you more comfort.

Gim Max Rimless Resin Reading Glasses

Gim Max Rimless Resin Reading Glasses

  • Rimless reading glasses helps you to see clearer while reading anytime and anywhere

How to Measure:

Gim Max Rimless Resin Reading Glasses

Maintain Method:

  • Use ultrasonic cleaning to shake out the dust
  • Twist off the screw, take off the lens and use professional cloth or paper to clean
  • Do not use cosmetics, it is easy to make the eyeglass frame faded
  • Gently folding the eyeglass frame from the left
  • Do not take off eyeglass with a single hand, it is easy to make the eyeglass frame deformation
  • Do not put the eyeglass frame under the sunshine for a long time
  • Do not put the convex lens downward
  • Cover the eyeglass with cloth when you not use and put into the glasses case

How to Select Reading Glasses:

The days of going to the eye doctor and paying big money to get a pair of "readers" is over, thanks to the availability of reading glasses in most department, office supply and drugstores

  • Shop for reading glasses when you are well-rested. Tired eyes have to work harder and could skew the magnifying power of reading glasses. You don't really need another person to help you decide which frames look best, because you won't be wearing your readers all the time. The mirror provided on the rack should help you determine the right shape and frame
  • Stand with your face approximately 2 feet from written words. There may be an eye chart to guide you, or you can pick up a magazine or anything that has written words. Weak reading glasses are indicated by a 1.0 or 1.25, medium glasses are 1.5 to 2.5, and strong glasses are 2.75 and above. Choose the lens that makes the writing the clearest at the distance you would normally read from
  • Choose glasses that fit your face properly. They should feel comfortable on your nose, you should be able to look down to the floor without them sliding off your face, and the frame should feel firm in your hands. Reading glasses will actually get harder use than glasses that are worn all the time, because they are taken off and put on frequently

How to Use Reading Glasses: 

If your arms suddenly aren't long enough to read the paper, consider yourself lucky--you have survived your youth and are still around to develop presbyopia, an age-related vision problem. Presbyopia occurs when your eyes' internal lenses lose the ability to change their shape. Following are steps for using reading glasses to help you see better should you be having issues with deteriorating eyesight

  • Determine your reading needs. If you spend extended periods of time reading, you may want full-sized lenses, which are more comfortable to wear, but will make distant objects blurry. If you look up from your reading frequently, you should get half lenses you wear low on your nose so you can look over them at distant objects
  • Try over-the-counter glasses first. Buy one pair and see if you can read clearly without eyestrain or headaches
  • Get more than one pair if over-the-counter glasses work for you. Put a pair in every room where you read, in your purse or car, and on your desk at work. They aren't very expensive, so buying multiple pair won't empty your bank account
  • See your optometrist if you can't find an over-the-counter pair of glasses you can use comfortably. He or she can prescribe a pair to meet your exact prescription and reading needs. These glasses will be considerably more expensive however
  • Consider no-line progressive lenses if you already wear glasses and the idea of using bifocals is an unpleasant one

How to Know What Strength Reading Glasses You Need:

Consider going to an optometrist or ophthalmologist to get prescription reading glasses. Most people require slightly different lenses for each eye. Over-the-counter reading glasses do not correct for eye differences or common vision problems such as astigmatism. These one-size-fits-all lenses can cause eyestrain and even headaches

  • Pick out a pair of glasses at a strength you think might be right. Reading glasses in pharmacies are usually sorted by strength. Don't worry about finding a pair you like yet--as long as it fits you reasonably well, it will do for the moment
  • Get a magazine from the magazine rack or a book from the checkout aisle and hold it the way you usually do when you read. If you like to read lying in bed with your book right in your face, for example, hold it right in your face. Try reading it and notice if the words are blurry
  • Try on a stronger pair of reading glasses. Are they better or worse than the first pair? If they are better, try on an even stronger pair. If they are worse, try on a weaker pair. For example, if your first reading glasses had a strength of 1.00, try 1.25 glasses. If they work even better, try 1.50. Keep trying on new glasses until you find the best strength for you
  • Once you find the right strength of reading glasses, pick out a style you like. Reading glasses come in full-frame styles, which cover your whole field of vision, and half-frame ones, which only cover the bottom. Full-frame are great for looking at things very close up, but they don't let you look into the distance clearly. If you are going to be switching your focus between near and far objects, get the half-frame glasses. If you are only going to be concentrating on what is right in front of your nose, use full-frame ones

Package Included:

  • 1 x Reading Glasses