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Bathair Realistic Desert Stone Pattern Waterproof Polyester Bathroom Shower Curtain


Are you looking for a novelty shower curtain for your washing room? We are excited to recommend this Waterproof Shower Curtain to you. The right designer shower curtain will not only maintain your privacy and keep your floor dry, but it will also imp...
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  • Material: Polyester
  • Size: 180 x 200cm/70.87 x 78.74in(W x H)
  • Feature:

  • Elegant desert stone pattern bathroom shower curtain brings all the freshness into your bathroom
  • Made of high quality polyester, bathroom shower curtain can be last for a long time using  
  • This designer home shower curtain is easy to maintain and will keep your bathroom looking great
  • Create a unique look in your bathroom with this cool bathroom shower curtain
  • Easy for you to install the cheap shower curtain in your bathroom
  • The waterproof curtain is waterproof
  • The designer shower curtain included 12 plastic pothooks
  • Details:
    Bathair Realistic Desert Stone Pattern Waterproof Polyester Bathroom Shower Curtain

    How to Install Shower Curtain Hooks:

    Bathair Realistic Desert Stone Pattern Waterproof Polyester Bathroom Shower Curtain

    • Unfold the shower curtain. Identify the top edge of the curtain. It typically has reinforced holes or grommets for suspending the curtain. If the curtain has an obvious front and back side, lay the curtain on a flat surface, face up
    • Inspect the curtain hooks. Some are configured more simply than others, but they share common elements. The hook typically has a large curved portion that is meant to fit over the curtain rod and a smaller curved portion that holds the curtain. If the hook has a locking device to secure the curtain, open it. Pass the portion of the curtain hook that holds the curtain through the first hole or grommet on the top of the curtain. With all of the curtain hooks facing the same direction, repeat until each hole or grommet has a hook
    • Hang the large curved portions of the hooks on the shower rod, working from one side to the other. If the hooks have locking mechanisms, close them

    How to Use a Shower Curtain for Storage:

    Tiny bathrooms with minimal or no storage pose a problem for people who need a place to put their toiletries, hair accessories and general care and grooming supplies. Whether you need a place to put your shampoo, conditioner and loofah sponge inside your shower, or you need extra space outside of the area, you can create it with one or more shower storage solutions.

    • Attach clear plastic or fabric pockets to your existing plastic or fabric shower curtain for storage. Cut out pocket shapes from a clear plastic shower curtain, remove your existing shower curtain, lay it flat on the floor and attach the plastic pockets to the shower curtain with hot glue. Alternatively, cut out pocket shapes from a piece of fabric and sew them onto the curtain with a sewing machine
    • Hang a mesh shower organizer from the hooks of your shower curtain. This type of product contains various pockets for your shampoo, conditioner, body wash and razors. Since this product is mesh, it can be hung on the inside of the curtain
    • Hang a over-the-door organizer on the outside of your shower curtain from the shower rod. These type of organizers often contain 12 or more pockets and offer a plethora of storage options

    Package Included:

    • 1 x Shower Curtain