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Replacement 10.8V 8800mAh Laptop Battery for TOSHIBA Dynabook CX 45A Satellite A100-720

Want more video viewing, music, photos, and games without having to plug in your AC adapter? The key is maximizing your battery life. This Smart Lithium-Ion battery works with your notebook to reduce power consumption, letting you work longer than wi...
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  • Vottage: 10.8V
  • Capacity: 8800mAh
  • This is a non-OEM product
  • Size: 206.10 x 91.10 x 21.00mm/8.1 x 3.6 x 0.8in(L x W x H)

Compatible Part Numbers:

 PA3399U-1BAS PA3399U-1BRS PA3399U-2BAS
 PA3400U-1BRS PA3478U-1BRS PABAS057  
PA3399U-2BRS PABAS076      

Compatible with:

Dynabook CX/45A Dynabook CX/47A Satellite A100-ST1042
Dynabook CX/955LS Dynabook CX/975LS Satellite A105-S4004
Dynabook TX/66A Dynabook TX/67A Satellite A105-S4054
Dynabook TX/980LS Dynabook VX/4   Satellite A105-S4092
Equium A100-027 Equium A100-147 Satellite A105-S4132
Equium A100-338 Equium M50-164   Satellite A105-S4254
Satellite A100-153 Satellite A100-163 Satellite A105-S4364
Satellite A100-181 Satellite A100-188 Satellite A105-S4334
Satellite A100-241 Satellite A100-274 Satellite A80-117
Satellite A100-522 Satellite A100-523 Satellite A80-140
Satellite A100-590 Satellite A100-661 Satellite A80-169
Satellite A100-691 Satellite A100-692 Satellite M105-S3000
Satellite A100-717 Satellite A100-720 Satellite M50-105
Satellite A100-773 Satellite A100-S8111TD Satellite M50-138
Satellite A105-S4000 Satellite A105-S4001 Satellite M50-156
Satellite A105-S4024 Satellite A105-S4034 Satellite M50-181
Satellite A105-S4074 Satellite A105-S4084 Satellite M50-226
Satellite A105-S4102 Satellite A105-S4114 Satellite M50-S5181TD
Satellite A105-S4184 Satellite A105-S4244 Satellite M55-S329
Satellite A105-S4284 Satellite A105-S4334 Satellite Pro A100
Satellite A105-S4384 Satellite A100-773 Tecra A3-106
Satellite A105-S4547 Satellite A80-116 Tecra A3-180
Satellite A80-122 Satellite A80-129 Tecra A3-188
Satellite A80-154 Satellite A80-168 Tecra A4-158
Satellite M100-ST5111 Satellite M100-ST5211 Tecra A4-196
Satellite M105-S3002 Satellite M105-S3004 Tecra A4-S312TD
Satellite M105-S3021 Satellite M105-S3031 Tecra A5-138
Satellite M105-S3084 Satellite M110-ST1161 Tecra A5-S516
Satellite M115-S3104 Satellite M115-S3144 Tecra A6-EZ6312
Satellite M40-103 Satellite M40-129 Tecra A6-ST6315
Satellite M40-140 Satellite M40-149 Tecra S2-107
Satellite M40-183 Satellite M40-192 Tecra S2-159
Satellite M40-225 Satellite M40-236 Tecra A3-103
Satellite M40-244 Satellite M40-245 Tecra A3-143
Satellite M40-276 Satellite M40-300 Tecra A3-181
Satellite M40-S331 Satellite M40-S351 Tecra A4-109
Satellite M40-S4172TD Satellite M40-S417TD Tecra A4-171
Satellite M45-S359 Satellite M45-S3591 Tecra A4-257
Satellite M50-0TJ01E Satellite M50-0YU01N Tecra A5-122
Satellite M50-122 Satellite M50-130 Tecra A5-S416
Satellite M50-142 Satellite M50-143 Tecra A6-EZ6311
Satellite M50-159 Satellite M50-161 Tecra A6-ST3512
Satellite M50-198 Satellite M50-215 Tecra A7-ST5112
Satellite M50-S4182TD Satellite M50-S418TD Tecra S2-155
SatellITE M55-S325 Satellite M55-S3251 Satellite M105-S3011
Satellite M55-S331 Satellite M55-S3311 Satellite M105-S3041
Tecra A3-100   Tecra S2-175 VX/670LS Satellite M115-S3000
Tecra A3-141   Satellite A100-151 Satellite M115-S3154
Tecra A3-180   Satellite A100-169 Satellite M40-135
Tecra A4-108   Satellite A100-225 Satellite M40-152
Tecra A4-164   Satellite A100-290 Satellite M40-197
Tecra A4-244   Satellite A100-583 Satellite M40-241
Tecra A4-SP211 Satellite A100-688 Satellite M40-264
Tecra A5-S116   Satellite A100-696 Satellite M40-307
Tecra A6-104   Satellite A100-165 Satellite M40-S3511
Tecra A6-ST3112 Satellite A100-212 Satellite M45-S269
Tecra A7-S712   Satellite A100-287 Satellite M50-04N01N
Tecra S2-131   Satellite A100-551 Dynabook VX/780LS
Dynabook CX/855LS Satellite A100-662 Equium A100-337
Dynabook   Satellite A100-694 Tecra A4-161
Dynabook TX/870LSFIFA Satellite A100-756 Tecra A4-212
Dynabook VX/5   Dynabook CX/875LS Tecra A4-S313
Equium A100-306 Satellite AW3   Tecra A5-155
Equium M50-216 Dynabook TX/880LS Tecra A5-S6215TD
Satellite M40-S4111TD Tecra A3-114   Tecra A6-S513
Satellite M45-S2691 Tecra A3-143   Tecra A7-S612
Satellite M50-0TG01D Satellite A100-761 Tecra S2-128
Satellite M50-109 Satellite M105-S3064 Satellite M40-102
Satellite M50-141 Satellite A105-S4274 Satellite M40-136
Satellite M50-157 Satellite A100-ST8211 Satellite M40-154
Satellite M50-182 Satellite A105-S4012 Satellite M40-221
Satellite M50-231 Satellite A105-S4064 Satellite M40-243
Satellite M50-S5181TQ Satellite A105-S4134 Satellite M40-265
Satellite M55-S3291 Satellite A105-S4094 Satellite M40-313
Satellite Pro M50 Satellite A105-S4384 Satellite A105-S4397
Satellite A80-121 Satellite A80-142 Satlite M100-ST5000


Replacement 10.8V 8800mAh Laptop Battery for TOSHIBA Dynabook CX 45A Satellite A100-720

  • This Laptop Replacement Batteryworks with your notebook to reduce power consumption, letting you work longer than with other types of batteries

Replacement 10.8V 8800mAh Laptop Battery for TOSHIBA Dynabook CX 45A Satellite A100-720

  • Long enough battery life is essential to optimizing your productivity while in meetings or traveling


  • Don't modify or disassemble the battery
  • Don't incinerate or expose battery to excessive heat, which may result in an exposure
  • Don't expose battery to water or other moist matters
  • Don't pierce, hit, step on, crush or abuse the battery
  • Don't left the battery unused for a long time
  • Don't place battery in device for a long period of time if device is not being used
  • Don't setting your battery in the high humidity, high temperature, strong vibrative and dusty place
  • Don't forget to take away your battery from the device if you will not use it for a long time
  • Don't short circuit of the terminals by keeping your battery pack away from metal objects such as necklaces or hairpins

Laptop Battery Repair

  • First of all it is recommended to consult the internet to know what kind of battery could be repaired. But one needs to know a battery which is apt to leak should not be repaired, as it could be unsafe. But most batteries have the complex construction and therefore cannot be repaired at all. Some batteries can, but for that one should have specific tools. It is much cheaper and more wisely to buy a new one

Notebook Battery Removal

  • Sometimes a damaged battery just needs a little calibration. Such work can be done in local laptop repair shops. But if a battery is really damaged, one should better throw it out to save money and nerves. Therefore one should be aware of the type of the battery when he is going to have repaired, or firstly to check the possibility of such repair in a store before buying
  • But one must remember a laptop battery is one of the most important parts in a unit, and taking care of it is the quite rational thing

Extending Battery Power

  • Whenever you are using your laptop near a power source, use the A/C adaptor. However, sometimes you will be forced to use your laptop with no access to a wall outlet, and the battery will run low. Here are three things you can do to extend the remaining power in the battery
  • First, if your laptop processor features a power-save mode, switch over to power-save mode. This will slow the laptop by up to 50%, doubling battery life for that time period
  • Second, turn off extraneous energy-sucking elements. The major power vampires in your laptop are the hard drive, the CD and DVD drives, any networking devices, and any excessively bright screen settings
  • Third, you can double overall battery capacity by installing a second battery. Your laptop must have a universal bay in order to do this. All you have to do is remove the CD-ROM or floppy drive and put a battery in its place

Package Included:

  • 1 x Replacement 10.8V 8800mAh Laptop Battery for TOSHIBA Dynabook CX/45A/Satellite A100-720