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Qousift Romantic Egg Decorating Carousel Music Box


Are you searching for a music box for you or your friends? You come to the right place, this is a great looking decorative figure. Shake it up a bit with this collectible music box! The beautiful and unique style has been set in this music box. The ...
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  • With the music box to make a kind of romantic atmosphere
  • Up for you consideration is a beautiful music box
  • This beautiful detailed collectible music box is a visual delight for your enjoyment
  • You can put this carousel music box everywhere all according your personal preference, cars, bedroom, and so on
  • A keepsake decoration for your every day enjoyment
  • The coloring and expression make this egg decorating music box irresistible 
  • Material: Goose Eggshell
  • Size: 12.5 x 7 x 16cm/ 4.9 x 2.8 x 6.3in(L x W x H ) 
  • Music: 《I Will Always Love You》


Qousift Romantic Egg Decorating Carousel Music Box

  • This unique style music box will not only give you beautiful music but also an elegant ornament


Qousift Romantic Egg Decorating Carousel Music Box

  • As a elegant gift, your friends will be happy if he or she can get so good a carousel music box

Qousift Romantic Egg Decorating Carousel Music Box

  • With the charming egg decorating carousel music box, you can make a kind of romantic atmosphere

Qousift Romantic Egg Decorating Carousel Music Box

  • When you feel unhappy or upset, listen to the music from the music box and you feel relaxed
  • The charming egg decorating carousel music box can display in your home, office or game room
  • Individually sculpted horses revolve in time to the nostalgic melody of "The Carousel Waltz"
  • Inside the egg you'll find handpainted horse is elegant and pretty

How Does a Music Box Make Music:

Qousift Romantic Egg Decorating Carousel Music Box

The Base Plate

  • Inside the music box, there is a mechanism called the "musical movement" that creates the music. The musical movement is made up of several parts. At the bottom of the music box is a base plate (normally made of brass) which supports the musical movement

The Comb

  • There is a steel comb with teeth of varying lengths that are tuned to achieve musical notes. This comb is set into motion by a revolving metal cylinder. It lies above the base plate adjacent to the cylinder. Generally, the more teeth on the comb, the more expensive the music box

The Cylinder

  • The metal (usually brass) cylinder has raised bumps strategically placed on it so that when it revolves, it plucks the teeth of the comb at different intervals, creating notes. Some music boxes have interchangeable cylinders to offer the listener a variety of songs

The Spring Mechanism and Key

  • Inside a brass housing is the spring mechanism which is wound up by a key on the outside of the box. The spring mechanism is attached to the cylinder and sets it in motion. The length of play is determined by how many times the key is turned

The Speed Governor

  • There is a speed governor that regulates the speed of the spring mechanism. It ensures the music will play at a regular rhythm

The Music Box

  • All of the parts of the musical movement are contained within a decorative box, ceramic figurine or any other number of artistic housing units. Music boxes can fit in the palm of your hand, or they can be as big as a piano

How to Clean a Music Box:

Qousift Romantic Egg Decorating Carousel Music Box

  • Music boxes are typically delicate, and cleaning them requires patience, diligence, a steady hand and the proper tools; however, perhaps the best way to keep a music box clean is by taking a number of precautionary steps to keep it from getting dirty in the first place
  • Open the music box, allowing it to complete one full cycle of music before cleaning it. Do not clean it while the music box is playing, because you might inadvertently damage the inside coils or the figure in the box
  • Dampen the cotton cloth with white distilled vinegar and clean the exterior and interior of the box, taking extra special care to not bump into the figurine in the box. The cloth most frequently used for cleaning eye glasses works especially well, removing any smudges and leaving no residue behind. Repeat the process with the distilled water, but be sure that any surface touched by the water is dry by the time you are finished cleaning the box
  • Dampen the cotton swab with the vinegar and swab the figurine and the coils you are able to see. Repeat the process with distilled water, again being wary of letting any area of the figurine to remain wet for too long. If you can, open the music box and repeat the process with the vinegar and water to remove any remnants of bacteria and dust
  • Inspect the music box closely for any smudges and watch it through one music cycle, looking for any smudges, dust or fragments on the figurine, coils or handle (if it has one) that you might have missed
  • Place the music box in an area away from the sun, and regularly clean it using the above method to prevent dust or rust accumulation. Keeping it clean will increase the chances of your music box staying functional and beautiful over the long term

Package Included:

  • 1 x Music Box