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Quewoo Romantic Lover Snowflake Christmas Music Snow Globe


Do you want to buy something good with a little money? Are you looking for an attractive magical music box as a gift? I would like to tell you that the excellent music box is your best choice which could be used for years. The gift music box will giv...
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  • This Lover music snow globe is eye-catching and romantic
  • Crystal music snow globe with unique design is also a great choice as a gift for your lover
  • The crystal ball music box is easy to clean and use  
  • Our personalized music box can make your room be more tasteful
  • Best touch of the magical music box will catch your eyes immediately


  • Tone Number: 18
  • Shape: Crystal Ball
  • Material: Resin
  • Size: 15.0 x 10.0cm/5.9 x 3.9in(H x Dia.)


Quewoo Romantic Lover Snowflake Christmas Music Snow Globe

  • The magical crystal ball music box will not disappoint you when you take it home

Quewoo Romantic Lover Snowflake Christmas Music Snow Globe

  • The lover snow globe will play music and make your more relax and happy

Quewoo Romantic Lover Snowflake Christmas Music Snow Globe

  • Good design of the magical music box gives your home a fresh looking  

How to Repair a Snow Globe Music Box?

Quewoo Romantic Lover Snowflake Christmas Music Snow Globe

How to Repair the Broken Glass Globe:

  • Wear work gloves to protect your hands from broken glass. Hold the broken snow globe over a garbage can or bucket and carefully drain the remaining water. Discard the shards of broken glass. Retrieve loose figurines or objects from the snow globe scene and set them aside. Remove pieces of the glass globe that remain attached to the music box
  • Clean the inside base of the snow globe with mild soap and water and a soft rag. Rinse thoroughly. Avoid getting the music box wet. Dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. Let the base dry completely before gluing anything to it
  • Glue loose figurines or objects to the inside base of the snow globe with a waterproof glue or epoxy. Allow to dry completely, at least 24 hours
  • Clean the inside of the replacement globe. Fill the globe with distilled water and two or three drops of glycerin. Leave an air space, which will appear above the figurines when the globe is turned upright
  • Add fake snow, mica or glitter to the water
  • Wrap plumber's tape or place an even coat of waterproof silicone sealant on the threads of the new snow globe and the music box base. Screw the snow globe into the base
  • Roll a bath towel into a doughnut shape. Place the snow globe, upside down, into the middle of the towel. Allow to dry completely, undisturbed, for at least 24 hours

How to Repair the Music Box:

  • Place the snow globe upside down in a bath towel that has been rolled like a doughnut to provide a steady, safe workplace
  • Remove the key from the music box by turning it counterclockwise until it is free from the unit
  • Unscrew the wooden bottom from the snow globe base with a screwdriver. Set aside. Pry the music box from the inside of the base with the tip of the screwdriver
  • Apply small dabs of craft glue to the bottom of the new music box and place it inside the base where the old music box had been. Make sure that the opening for the music box key is lined up with the opening in the wooden base
  • Screw the wooden base in place. Place the key through the hole so that it is sitting on top of the music box. Screw the music box key in place by turning it clockwise until it is tight. Remove the snow globe music box from the bath towel holder and place it upright

How to Fix a Broken Music Box?

Quewoo Romantic Lover Snowflake Christmas Music Snow Globe

  • Open the music box. How you open it depends on the type of music box you have. Either open the glass lid, unscrew the fixed glass lid or slide the wood panels. Do not apply too much pressure to the panel as you open it, as this can break the music box
  • Move the external start button to the left. Loosen the nut on the inside of the music box and adjust the metal panel. There should be a small space between the starter button and the large metal piece near the teeth of the music box
  • If the music box will not stop playing, press the inside metal latch downward. Move it away from the springs inside the music box. Gently press the latch down, or bend it down with a plier
  • Perform these steps regularly to ensure that your music box is well maintained. Once your music box malfunctions, it is likely to happen again

Package Included:

  • 1 x Music Box