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POVOS Rotary Mens Shaver with USB Rechargeable PQ1100W


We highly recommend this Mens Electric Shaver for you? Look at this Mens Electric Shaver,you will love it! Featured with fine workmanship, this Mens Electric Shaver in our store is durable and can be used for a long time. If you really want to get a ...
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  • Overview
  • USB rechargeable, no driver is required
  • Charging power may be provided by a computer, or an AC adaptor with USB outlet
  • High speed motor from Japan
  • Independent floating dual head system
  • Facial contour following shaving system
  • The dual shaving tracks offer more shaving surface for a fast and close shave
  • Compact size is perfect for travel
  • Universal voltage :AC220-AC240v(built-in AC charging adapter)
  • Charging time: 8 hours
  • Operation time: 45 mins per full charge.
  • CE/GS/CB/RoHS approval
  • Details:
    POVOS Rotary Mens Shaver with USB  Rechargeable PQ1100W

  • Long hair timmer shortens longer hairs before shaving with the foil for a more comfortable shave 
  • POVOS Rotary Mens Shaver with USB  Rechargeable PQ1100W

  • Dual head rechargeable rotary shaver is made of high quality material ensure long time using

    POVOS Rotary Mens Shaver with USB  Rechargeable PQ1100W

    How to Clean an Electric Shaver:

    • Unplug your electric shaver before you ever clean it or take it apart.
    • Inspect the rubber gasket beneath the cutter block. Look for any cracks. The gasket is meant to keep debris from getting into your motor area. If there is a crack in it, hair and dirt will get in there. If that is the case, you should replace the gasket.
    • Unclip the cutter block by lifting it off its support. Remove any debris you find on the cutter block by using a small brush. Usually electric shavers come with a brush specially made for cleaning that particular unit.
    • Dip your cutter block in soapy water or special cleaning fluid that you can buy anywhere electric shavers is sold.
    • Check all the contacts on your electric shaver for any kind of corrosion. Spray any contacts with electrical contact cleaner, then use white bond paper to burnish them.
    • Put your shaver back together and turn it on. Spray the foil lightly with shaving-head lubricant to reduce friction between blades and foil. Spray the foil again before each shave.

    How to Shave Your Face using Electric Shavers:

    • Wash your face with warm water. Although you're using electric, still moist your face first. It helps ingrown stick out from the skin. It will also help avoid irritation to the skin when shaving. So apply warm water to your face, then dry your face with a towel.
    • Use some kind of lotion before shaving. Most stores usually carry a pre shave for your face. It's important to avoid dry skin to the face. There's a electric pre-shave you can use, that's a pretty good product. It will help give you a smoother shave. It also helps ingrown hair stand up. Just apply to your face, it might burn a bit. Leave it there for about 20 seconds. Using this will help avoid irritation and inflammation to the skin.
    • Shave against the grain. Instead of going with, go against to help get a better shave. Go slowly, not too fast. When you go fast, that's how you irritate the skin. Make sure you're not lifting the razor off the skin, when you make a shaving stroke. Keep the razor applied to your skin, press down, but not too firmly. Then just glide with the skin when shaving. It might take a couple of weeks for your skin to adjust to this kind of shave.

    Package Included:

  •  1 x POVOS Electric Shaver
  •  1 x USB wire
  •  1 x Cleaning Brush
  •  1 x AC Adaptor