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ENGSuper Paintball Safety Protective Goggles with Anti-Fog Lens X800


This is Paintball Safety Protective Goggles with Anti-Fog Lens X800.This protective goggle special design ensures superior fit and provides a wide, unobstructed field of vision and superior protection against scratching.Protective Goggle with strengt...
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  • Frame: PVC strengthening
  • Lining: 10mm thick veneer-type facial soft comfort fit liner (anti-allergic material, easy to clean)
  • Strap: Adjustable double ring belt
  • Lens: High-carbon polyester yellow mirror lens coupled with a transparent gray plus a transparent lens, surface anti-fog treatment
  • Use: For war games or cycling wear


  • High end, ski style safety goggles
  • Adjustable straps for secure fit and comfort
  • Impact goggle is designed to perform and look great
  • Sporty, ski-style goggle provides great protection, is extra comfortable and conforms to virtually any facial profile
  • Designed to perform and look good, these sporty ski-style goggles provide great protection and extra comfort


ENGSuper Paintball Safety Protective Goggles with Anti-Fog Lens X800

  • Safety Eyewear is equipped with comfortable soft foam padding on the inside of the frames. Best Safety Eyewear will make you look so fashionable. Dual lenses with total UV protection, and an anti-fog and anti-scratch coating further enhance and protect your vision on the hill! The Protective Goggle's adjustment strap makes sure you find the right fit.This Protective Goggle is the best choice for you

ENGSuper Paintball Safety Protective Goggles with Anti-Fog Lens X800

  • Such protective goggle will make you look so fashionable. There is no doubt that such protective goggle will make you outstanding in your sports

ENGSuper Paintball Safety Protective Goggles with Anti-Fog Lens X800

  • Protective Goggle with strengthening PVC frame permits a comfortable fit over prescription eyewear while protecting against impact and splash. Impact Protective Goggle is designed to perform and look great

ENGSuper Paintball Safety Protective Goggles with Anti-Fog Lens X800

  • This protective goggle special design ensures superior fit and provides a wide, unobstructed field of vision and superior protection against scratching

Sport & Safety Eyewear:

ENGSuper Paintball Safety Protective Goggles with Anti-Fog Lens X800

Many sports, hobbies and activities have associated safety risks. Protective gear such as sport eyewear and safety goggles can reduce the risk of injury from falls, projectiles, light or irritants. Normal corrective contacts and glass lenses are not typically suitable for eye protection; instead, wear gear designed specifically for your sport or activity. For high-risk activities, look for eyewear certified by the sport's governing body or the American Society for Testing and Materials

  • Types: Protective eyewear for sports or athletic activities is designed for several purposes
  • UV-blocking eyewear or specialty lenses coated with UV filters protect your eyes from extended exposure to the sun or the sun's glare. Gear with UV protection typically includes sunglasses and ski goggles. Other light-protecting eyewear includes infrared welding shields and polycarbonate laser shields
  • Other eyewear protects from projectiles, balls or debris, which can enter the eye and cause irritation, tissue damage or blindness. Some examples include racquetball goggles, laboratory safety glasses and football face shields
  • Eyewear that protects from irritants including chemicals, water, temperature and vapors include swimming goggles, field hockey masks, and fire and rescue goggles
  • Certification: Organizations such as the American National Standards Institute set safety standards for activity-appropriate protective eyewear. Glasses, goggles and shields that meet certification standards are marked with "ANSI" and the activity-specific code. For instance, eyewear appropriate for home use is designated ANSI Z87.1; eyewear appropriate for sports and recreational activity is designated ANSI F803, F513, F1776, F1587, F910 and F659. Ballistic eye gear is regulated by the U.S. military for impact resistance. Protective eye gear for use in work settings is regulated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Eyewear that meets or exceeds OSHA standards is typically designated with a "Z-87" stamp. Check with your human resources manager for specific certification requirements
  • Considerations: Choosing the appropriate sport or safety eyewear requires a few considerations besides activity-specific certification
  • Cost, for instance, can vary greatly between brands, types and distributors. Some basic safety glasses cost less than $1. By contrast, name-brand sunglasses such as those produced by the popular manufacturer Oakley can cost more than $200 per pair
  • Appearance is also occasionally a factor, depending on the purpose of the eyewear. Leisure activities such as golf are often associated with style. The design of sunglasses used on the golf course, then, will vary from the design of sunglasses used to reduce glare while skiing. Usually, more attractive sport and safety eyewear costs more than utilitarian gear
  • Another major consideration of sport and safety eyewear is related vision problems. Warped vision can create a hazard or inconvenience, so the cheapest protection is not always the best option.
  • Material is another consideration. Safety glasses with metal components are not appropriate for electrical work, while light plastic safety glasses should not be worn in very hot locations or near caustic or acidic chemicals
  • Solutions: Warped perspective is one disadvantage to sport and safety eyewear. Solutions to this problem, if applicable, vary depending on the type and purpose of the eyewear
  • Inexpensive safety glasses made from low-grade plastic can have wave lines or reduced transparency. Higher-quality lenses can often reduce or eliminate these problems
  • Some sport eyewear doesn't actually require a lens. Racquetball goggles, for instance, are sold both with and without plastic safety lenses. Goggles without a lens sit a little higher off the face and are narrower, acting as a barrier to the racquetball. Large goggles can similarly be replaced by face masks or guards (such as football or hockey face guards), which will protect the eyes from large projectiles without distorting your vision
  • Lens design is another solution to warped vision. Swimming goggles with small, flat lenses can impair peripheral vision. Larger lenses that extend farther into the frame allow you to see warning flags or swimmers in the next lane
  • Corrective Lenses: Athletes or workers who normally wear corrective lenses have several options when it comes to protective sport and safety eyewear. Contact lenses can be worn with any external eye protection. Those who prefer eyeglasses can purchase safety eyewear that fits over normal corrective lenses. Prescription eyewear is also available for many activities. In fact, prescription sport and safety eyewear may be the better choice for high-impact sports that can damage corrective lenses worn under masks or larger glasses and goggles. Talk to your optician, coach and/or supervisor to find the best solution for you

How to Clean Goggles:

Protective goggles are part of the necessary equipment for some activities and jobs, but like regular eyeglasses, they get dirty. The first instinct may be to wipe them on the tail of a shirt and call it good, but if you don't properly clean the lenses, they will scratch to obscure the wearer's sight rather than protecting it

  • Use only warm water to clean the goggle lenses and nothing else
  • Clean the goggles immediately after use, especially if something like paint has got on them. Not only does the dirt and debris become more difficult to remove after it hardens, but paint is a form of solvent that if left on too long will react with the plastic lens to cause damage
  • Wet a soft cloth with warm water and gently rub any debris off the goggles
  • Allow the goggles to soak in a bowl of warm water if there is stuck-on debris that you cannot wipe off easily. If debris or paint remains, change out the water when it becomes cold and replace it with another bowl of warm water to continue to clean the goggles
  • Dry the goggles with a soft, lint-free cloth or allow them to air dry

Tips & Warnings:

ENGSuper Paintball Safety Protective Goggles with Anti-Fog Lens X800

  • Even if manufacturers label a product safe for all types of lenses, do not apply it directly to the goggles. There's no guarantee that it will not harm the goggles
  • Avoid any temptation to put anything other than water on the goggle lens to clean it, even when it seems like chemicals or solvents are necessary. These products, even glass cleaner, react with the plastic lens creating cracks weakening the protective goggles

Package Included: 

  • 1 x Paintball Safety Protective Goggles with Anti-Fog