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MOMO Crystal Hard Plastic Case Cover for SAMSUNG U600 / 608

Look at the pretty pattern! You may be impressed by this beautiful Samsung phone cover now! If you want, you can own it. This Samsung Hard Case Cover is specially designed for SAMSUNG U600 U608 users.Protect and personalize your cell p...
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  • High quality, clear view, show the original colors and aesthetics
  • This Samsung phone cover provides protection by preventing scratches and its perfect fit make the phone looks as slim as if it acted as a invisible shield
  • This Samsung Hard Case Cover features plastic material to protect your SAMSUNG U600 U608 mobile phone from bumps and scratches
  • Samsung phone cover prevents scratches, impact and bumps
  • Use your phone freely, no need to take it out from the Samsung back cover while using
  • This Samsung phone cover is a non-OEM product
  • Material: Plastic
  • Compatible with: SAMSUNG U600 U608
  • Size: 105 x 52 x 14mm / 4.1 x 2.0 x 0.5in(L x W x H)


MOMO Crystal Hard Plastic Case Cover for SAMSUNG U600 / 608

MOMO Crystal Hard Plastic Case Cover for SAMSUNG U600 / 608

MOMO Crystal Hard Plastic Case Cover for SAMSUNG U600 / 608

  • Protect and personalize your cell phone with this hard plastic case
  • Simple to install, and customize your SAMSUNG U600 U608 with this case

MOMO Crystal Hard Plastic Case Cover for SAMSUNG U600 / 608

MOMO Crystal Hard Plastic Case Cover for SAMSUNG U600 / 608

  • Your cell phone will be attractive and usable while protected from external dust and scratches in this stylish case

Size in Detail:

MOMO Crystal Hard Plastic Case Cover for SAMSUNG U600 / 608

How to Change Cell Phone Covers?

  • If you are like most people, you would like to have a cell phone that properly represents your style. With a bold personality, perhaps you want a bold and bright cell phone cover to match, instead of the typical black and gray covers. Because you use your cell phone so much, you may as well take the leap and make it a true reflection of who you really are
  • Ensure that you have a cell phone with a removable cover. There should be a release button on the phone that, when pushed, will allow the cover to be removed
  • If you do not have a removable cover, you will not be able to change the cover of your phone unless you opt for a cover, such as leather or vinyl, that slips over your old cover
  • Purchase a replacement cover for your cell phone. To see a variety of covers available for your phone, visit an authorized dealer for your phone
  • You can also purchase covers from websites press the release button to remove your old cell phone cover
  • Place the new cover on your phone. Allow the release button to click back into place to secure the cover on the phone

How to Choose the Best iPhone Case:

Protecting your new Apple iPhone should be a top priority, this how-to article will help you determine which iPhone case best suites you and your needs.

  • Plan on how much you want to spend on a new iPhone case. Having a set budget will make sure you don't overspend on an iPhone case, some cases can be very pricey
  • Determine whether you want a plastic, leather, or rubber iPhone case. A plastic case will come in many colors and look stylish, but they crack easily. Leather cases look elegant, but can be bulky and expensive. A silicone case protects from drops and scratches well, but they make it hard to take in and out of your pocket
  • Shop online first. iPhone cases are very expensive in the Apple Stores so be sure to do your homework and shop around. You can find them at reasonable prices from many online retailers

How to Choose a Good iPod Case:

  • Vinyl and leather cases are popular these days. They range from monochromatic to multicolor patterns. They provide some drop protection. Scratch protection is not very good unless they have a clear window and lining to protect the screen. These cases go with fashion statement
  • Silicon cases come in a variety of sizes, textures, shapes and colors. The best ones are tough. The low quality ones tear easily and often do not fit well the iPod like their better siblings. It is worth paying more for quality. However, they do not offer much shock protection from that head-bump into the brick wall
  • Hard cases are usually made of aluminum, titanium or plastic. They range from low to good than to superior quality. The aluminum and titanium cases offer better protection than the plastic. Nevertheless, some plastic cases are exceptionally strong and shock resistant. The key to good protection is how the case fastens. The aluminum case is useless if the latch won't lock properly
  • One last thing: no matter what kind of case you choose, make sure access to the headphone jack, docking port, lock button, etc. is unblocked without removing the iPod from the case

Package Included:

  • 1 x Crystal Hard Plastic Case Cover for SAMSUNG U600 U608