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NewTaiYang Baby Kids Bath Seven Pieces Bucket Sand Toy Set


Are you ready for the water warfare? Fun with water! This super bucket toy must be your ideal equipment! You kid can make fun with this amazing bucket toy set.The kids toy is made of non-toxic and high quality material ensures saf...
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  • Lovely carton animal model of bucket toy makes your kid more love to play
  • Non-toxic material and painting of the water activity bucket toy ensures safe fun for you little one
  • Foster Leaning and development through ability through creative play with this water bucket toy
  • Kids toy is easy hold and super light-weight especially designed to your little one's small hand
  • Bath toy is best gift for holiday and birthday
  • Fit for Age: 9 Months & Up
  • Material: Plastic
  • Shovel length: 12cm/4.8in
  • Bucket Size: 7 x 8cm/2.8 x 3.2in (H x W)


NewTaiYang Baby Kids Bath Seven Pieces Bucket Sand Toy Set

  • Interesting kids toy


  • You kid can take away all the toys with the bucket

NewTaiYang Baby Kids Bath Seven Pieces Bucket Sand Toy Set

  • The lovely animal model

NewTaiYang Baby Kids Bath Seven Pieces Bucket Sand Toy Set

  • The other equipments

Happy Time with Toys:

NewTaiYang Baby Kids Bath Seven Pieces Bucket Sand Toy Set

How to Select Beach Toys:

  • Keep safety first when choosing a beach toy. Make sure all ocean floats have roping all the way around their perimeters and that all boards are equipped with wrist leashes
  • Select toys that will give you and the kids a good physical workout while you play. The classics are volleyball sets and the ever-popular Frisbees. Shop for light-up Frisbees for night play on the sand
  • Choose toys that are lightweight and easily carried to and from the beach. Inflatable toys are a nice choice, as they deflate and fold for easy portability. Another good beach toy is a sand toy set contained in a mesh bag
  • Educate your family with beach toys designed for learning as well as play. One excellent product is the Beach Aquarium Play Set available from Beachstore.com (see Resources below)
  • Create a masterpiece with your beach toys. Sandcastles have come a long way, with intricate designs and sophisticated equipment for creating extraordinary exhibits. Get started with sand-sculpting products from Sandtools.com (see Resources below)
  • Select general toys particularly suited to the beach atmosphere. Kites are good, as the beach landscape is free from trees and other obstacles. Many types of games are also well suited for the shore, including rope games, beanbag tosses and water-balloon games
  • Go technical with beach toys for gadget geeks. Look for waterproof cases for your digital-music players, such as the Otterbox for iPods at Otterbox.com (see Resources below). Take underwater pictures with the Pentax OptioWP available from H20camera.com (see Resources below)

How to Make Sand Toys:

NewTaiYang Baby Kids Bath Seven Pieces Bucket Sand Toy Set

Sandbag Toss:

  • Add 1 cup of sand to eight drawstring pouches. You want the pouches to be three-fourths full. Pull the drawstring on each pouch tight and tie them off
  • Place two sand buckets a minimum of 6 feet apart. Press the bottom of the buckets into the sand approximately 1 to 2 inches to add stability to the buckets. Another option is to pour an inch or two of sand in the bucket to hold it steady. Two players, one behind each bucket, can take turns tossing the sandbags at the other player's bucket. The one who gets the most in wins
  • Empty the sand from the pouches after the game for easy storage

Sand Castle Kit:

  • Use acrylic paints to decorate the side of a large cleaning bucket. You can use a metal or a plastic bucket. You are painting the bucket to decorate it anyway you desire. You can free hand a design on the bucket, or you can use stencils from a craft store. You can paint a pattern or picture, or write your child's name on the bucket. The choice is up to you
  • Allow the paint to dry completely
  • Fill a plastic pencil pouch with sand castle tools. Include things such as putty knives, ice cream sticks, paintbrushes, straws and cookie cutters. All of these supplies can be used to add detail to a sand castle. Place the plastic pencil pouch inside the large painted bucket
  • Place a large plastic funnel, shovels of varying sizes, a dust pan and plastic storage containers in different sizes and shapes inside the bucket. The funnel can be used to create the sand castle's roof peaks, and the storage containers can be used as molds. The dust pan can work as a large shovel for moving sand. A colander can also be included for sifting sand. If you want your child to be able to color the finished sandcastle, include pouches of flavored drink mix, water and a plastic spray bottle. You can fill the spray bottle with some drink mix and water, and spray the sand castle to color it

Tips & Warnings:

  • Buy toys that can be used in a variety of games, so you will have less to carry
  • Always consider the swimming ability of the user when choosing a beach toy to play with in the ocean. Avoid anything that might put you or a loved one at risk

Package Included:

  • 1 x Seven Pieces Bucket Sand Toy Set