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VIVIDCHINA Peep Toe Diamond Women High Heel Sandals


These women high heel sandals are made of high quality material, very comfortable and durable.High heel sandals are contoured for an ergonomic fit and offer all-day cushioning. These women sandals ensure great grip on a variety of surfaces. Spec...
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  • With stylish diamond design make the women high heel sandals look elegant
  • You will feel cool when wear them since women high heel sandals have peep toe design
  • Well-designed, these women high heel sandals are very convenient and comfortable to wear
  • This pair of women sandals are made of high quality leather material, durable for long time wear
  • The peep toe sandals will soon stand out from others
  • With various popular colors available
  • Lightweight, stylish, and most important, they are comfortable to wear
  • Material: Leather & Velvet
  • Heel Height: 13cm/5.1in
  • Front Lift Height: 3.5cm/1.4in
  • Product measurements were taken using China size 36. Please note that measurements may vary by size


VIVIDCHINA Peep Toe Diamond Women High Heel Sandals

  • This type of women high heel sandals has elegant outside. The peep toe design of the nice shoes

VIVIDCHINA Peep Toe Diamond Women High Heel Sandals

  • The peep toe sandals have diamond design. The peep toe sandals will soon stand out from others

VIVIDCHINA Peep Toe Diamond Women High Heel Sandals

  • This pair of women sandals are made of high quality leather material, durable for long time wear

VIVIDCHINA Peep Toe Diamond Women High Heel Sandals

  • With stylish diamond design make the women high heel sandals look elegant. With various popular colors available

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  • There may be certain error of these dimensions; specific dimension varies from person to person

How to Measure Foot:

VIVIDCHINA Peep Toe Diamond Women High Heel Sandals

VIVIDCHINA Peep Toe Diamond Women High Heel Sandals

How to Measure:

VIVIDCHINA Peep Toe Diamond Women High Heel Sandals

How to Walk in High Heel Shoes:

When you wear high heel shoes you not only look and feel taller, you look thinner. Have you noticed when you have on high heel shoes you stand up straighter? It's true, your posture gets better and your feet look smaller. What more can you ask for? If you haven't had practice with walking in larges size women heels than you have stumbled on the right article. I will share some fast and easy tips on how to walk in high heel shoes

  • Start Small and Wide: Choose a nice thicker size heel that isn't too high or too spiky at first. You want to give yourself a chance to get used to having on heels. Get use to the feel of your heels just by standing in them at first
  • Practice Walking on a Flat Surface: Walking in your high heels will come with ease the more practice you have. Start slow and walk stepping on your heel first and then the sole of your shoe. Concentrate on your walk pointing your toes forward and making it a fast and seamless motion. Don't stay too long on your heel before coming down on the sole of your shoe; it should be almost as if it is one motion
  • Your Stride is Straight and Short: Your walk is shorter than your normal pace. Continue your practice but this time focus on your stride. Keep your legs straight and your feet on point and not leaning towards the sides of your heels. Remember in flats your walk in wider and in heels, it is closer together
  • Practice on Different Levels: You have practiced on a flat service now it is time to use the stairs. Don't be afraid to hold on to the railing if you need to especially when coming down the stairs in heels. When you are walking up the stairs in your high heels shoes make sure the entire bottom of your shoe is on the step and not your heel. On the other hand, walking down the stairs in your heels you want to make sure that your entire shoe (heel and sole) are touching the step at the same time. Practicing walking up and down in your shoes until you feel comfortable will give you more confidence

How to Wear High Heel Shoes Pain Free:

High heels add height and drama to a woman's overall look, but many avoid them for fear of pinching and pain. Get the look you want in high heels without the pain by following these steps

  • Start out wearing wedge-heel shoes. A wedge heel is close to the actual shape of a person's foot, thus allowing for more comfort
  • Once you are comfortable wearing a wedge heel, begin wearing a 1-inch high heel. This will boost your height but not to the point where you begin to feel uncomfortable in the shoe. The idea is to slowly become more comfortable about wearing high heels
  • Before you attempt to wear shoes with higher heels out in public, be sure that you are comfortable in them. Wear the heels around your house for several days, making sure that the shoes are comfortable on your feet. If you can't walk around your house in a particular pair of high heel shoes for more than a half hour, you probably shouldn't wear them in public
  • Until you are more comfortable wearing high heeled shoes, wear them with socks. This is especially important if you're not used to wearing high heeled shoes. You may find that wearing heels without any socks can become extremely uncomfortable in a hurry
  • Work on your posture while wearing high heeled shoes. Try to walk as upright, yet as natural as possible. High heeled shoes can be known to hurt your back as well as your feet
  • If you find that your feet hurt while wearing high heel shoes, consider purchasing padded insoles. These will give you some added comfort while wearing heels
  • Avoid buying inexpensive high heel shoes. Everybody loves a bargain, but if you buy cheap high heel shoes, you can expect to experience some discomfort while wearing them. The better the shoe, the better the chance that you'll be comfortable while wearing them

How to Protect Your Shoes:

  • I suggest purchasing a waterproofing spray and applying it to your shoes IMMEDIATELY after you buy them. Yes, that means before you ever stick your feet inside of them. I know, I know. The sales people at Finish Line have tried to sell you this stuff before. But guess what? It actually works
  • Water repellents work by essentially clogging the pores of materials that your shoes are made out of. Of course, when water can not find its way into the pores of your shoes, there is no way for the pores of your shoes to expand and contract. That means your new Sperry topsiders will be more resilient and will last far longer than they would having not been waterproofed

How to Waterproof Shoes:

  • Simple. Start to buy pulling your shoes of their box. I usually make sure mine aren't laced, although it is not a huge deal. Next, find a well ventilated area. Lay down some newspaper/tarp/notebooks/whatever to make sure you don't stain the area around where you are spraying. Hold the can of waterproofing spray 8-12 inches away from the shoes and spray away! Be generous, but make sure you aren't soaking the shoe. In fact, plan on at least 2 coats. Make sure you let your shoes completely dry between coats; it should take around 10 or 15 minutes

Package Included:

  • 1 x Pair of Peep Toe Diamond Women High Heel Sandals