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Sexy Baby Women Transparent Lace Sexy Lingerie


Show yourself with this stylish and sexy seduction women transparent lace sexy lingerie! The excellent women transparent lace sexy lingerie is strongly recommended for you!Features adjustable and elastic, stretchy sexy lingerie with lacy de...
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  • Features adjustable and elastic, stretchy lace lingerie with lacy design is convenient to wear
  • Look from behind, the stretchy lace lingerie with halterneck design can show your sexy figure
  • The stretchy lace lingerie with flower pattern lace could show your bust curve
  • Elegant look with multifunctional features, the women lingerie makes more fun for your daily life
  • This cheap lingerie is certainly a great gift for your special one or yourself
  • This sexy adult costume can enhance affection between lovers
  • One size fits most
  • Material: Lace


Sexy Baby Women Transparent Lace Sexy Lingerie

  • Features adjustable and elastic, stretchy sexy lingerie with lacy design is convenient to wear

Sexy Baby Women Transparent Lace Sexy Lingerie

Sexy Baby Women Transparent Lace Sexy Lingerie

  • Look from behind, the stretchy sexy lingerie with halterneck design can show your sexy figure

Sexy Baby Women Transparent Lace Sexy Lingerie

  • This sexy lingerie with exquisite details has special visual effect when you wear it

Sexy Baby Women Transparent Lace Sexy Lingerie

  • The stretchy sexy lingerie with flower pattern lace could show your bust curve

Sexy Baby Women Transparent Lace Sexy Lingerie

Sexy Baby Women Transparent Lace Sexy Lingerie

  • This sexy women lingerie with smooth back design is campus wear style, which is very tantalizing

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Sexy Baby Women Transparent Lace Sexy Lingerie 

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About Lingerie:

Sexy Baby Women Transparent Lace Sexy Lingerie

According to the French proverb, when it comes to clothing and life, it "is impossible to overdo luxury." This type of motto is apropos when it comes to the evolution of lingerie. While undergarments were once "unmentionables" and the subject of garters and brassieres taboo, the fashion sect of lingerie has since blossomed into a lucrative and luxurious market that turns a kiss of satin and a feathery touch of silk into sublime art


  • Eleanor of Aquitaine with chemise under the glorious gown
  • In the days of antiquity, nudity was not only revered in sculpture but, for women, it was made prominent in a way that calls to mind the mythical Amazon women. For instance, the Minoan women from the isle of Crete were wearing garments that resemble today's bras. From 450 B.C. to 285 A.D., Grecian women wore small swaths of fabric that wrapped around the breasts for support
  • During the middle ages it became less acceptable for a woman's breasts to be exposed in any way that could be deemed vulgar. As curves went into hiding, the chemise became a "must have" for any damsel of the Maid Marion era
  • Worn between the skin and the outer garment, the purpose of the chemise was to keep odors of the body -- sweat and grime -- from soiling the actual dress

Time Frame

  • By the 1550s the whalebone and steel rod corset was introduced, though it was not until the 1860s that it arguably became the most significant part of a woman's wardrobe. With waists severely nipped, decolletage was prominently displayed


  • The 1920s saw the demise of the corset. Figures were boyish and nubile and undergarments such as stockings and garters were introduced. Drawers, though common starting in the 17th century, became frilly and fancy during the Roaring Twenties


  • A turning point in the lingerie evolution was courtesy of Frederick Mellinger when he opened the first Frederick's of Hollywood in 1946. Here, women could find hosiery, bridal lingerie and bedroom slippers, among other things. Bettie Page is one of the most well-known celebrities who flaunted her curves using Frederick's lingerie
  • The era of glamorized lingerie had dawned


  • Founded in 1977, Victoria's Secret carried on the tradition of glamorous lingerie. Though it started in San Francisco, the chain soon went worldwide, drawing customers in with an atelier-like environment where both men and women could feel comfortable
  • By the early 1990s Victoria's Secret earned approximately $1 billion. In 1999 the catwalks were the launching pad for "Victoria's Secret Angels." Models in this posse include Adriana Lima, Heidi Klum and Laetitia Casta. The company only further cemented the popularity of silk and satin lingerie that any woman can afford

How to Throw a Lingerie Party:

Sexy Baby Women Transparent Lace Sexy Lingerie

Host a lingerie party in your home to obtain free merchandise. In addition, most companies also offer their party hostesses discounted and bonus items. Review your options before selecting a lingerie sales company; you want one that will provide you with the most benefits. In most cases you earn hostess gifts according to the event's sales amount, so work with your consultant to plan a successful lingerie sales party

  • Contact a lingerie party consultant to schedule your party. If you already know a lingerie sales consultant, book your party with her directly. Otherwise, you can find a sales representative in your area via the website of the lingerie company
  • Choose a date and time when you expect a lot of people to be available. Evening or weekend dates may suit women who work full time, but an afternoon might be best for guests who can attend while their kids are in school
  • Send invitations. Include friends, family, co-workers and women you know from social circles such as clubs. Invite many women--you'll need several guests for your party to be a success. Ask your consultant to provide door prizes for attendees who bring a friend. Advertise this on your invitation
  • Plan to serve food and drinks. Coffee and cake, wine and cheese or a buffet of finger foods are suitable for this type of party, during which guests will be playing games, trying on lingerie and submitting orders
  • Plan party games with your sales representative. She will likely have several game ideas. Pick the games you feel best suit the personality of your party guests. Ask your consultant to provide free samples and game prizes
  • Ask your lingerie consultant to visit your home before the party. This will help you set up the party space for her demonstration. Provide ample space for everyone to participate as well as a private place for women to try on lingerie. Provide a table where your consultant can sit and process guest orders after she has completed her demonstration
  • Obtain catalogs in advance. Pass these around to prospective guests to generate interest in the event. Collect catalog orders from friends who won't be able to attend the actual party
  • Review the benefits you'll get for hosting the party. List the items you want and discuss the amount of sales your party must generate for you to obtain this merchandise. Find out if another guest will need to book a party for you to reap these bonuses. If so, ask a friend who likes the products to book a party of her own
  • Wait until after the party to review your final benefits. Check over your order to insure you are satisfied with your choices. Ask your consultant to contact you the next day to collect your final order

Package Included:

  • 1 x Sexy Lingerie