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BQK Plaid Single Breasted Short Sleeve Men Casual Shirts


The single breasted casual shirt is not short on luxury either. This comfortable single breasted casual shirt has cool appeal and instant style. The men shirt ensures an impressively soft feel when you wear. This is a new outdoors long sleeve men shi...
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  • Color: Various colors available
  • Brand: Other Brand
  • Made in Asia
  • Stylish Plaid pattern Designer Casual Shirt is made of high quality cotton material, very soft and durable
  • This Single Breasted Designer Casual Shirt fits your busy lifestyle without giving up a professional look  
  • The Designer Casual Shirt is certainly the great gift for your special one or yourself
  • The Men Casual Shirt designed with excellent breathability and sweat absorption
  • Our products are manufactured in Asia, due to the small size, we kindly remind you to be careful while choosing the size
  • Wholesale Men Shirt at Dailyshop.com, you will get the best price

Size in Detail:


Sleeve Length

Shoulder Width


Clothes Length





































  • These dimensions are for reference only. Specific dimension varies from person to person
  • Size may be smaller than usual standard, and you could choose a larger size  


BQK Plaid Single Breasted Short Sleeve Men Casual Shirts

  • Long sleeve men shirt will become a staple in your wardrobe

BQK Plaid Single Breasted Short Sleeve Men Casual Shirts

  • The men casual shirt ensures an impressively soft feel when you wear

BQK Plaid Single Breasted Short Sleeve Men Casual Shirts

  • Made of high quality material. It is very comfortable to wear and touch

How to Measure a Man's Shirt Size:

BQK Plaid Single Breasted Short Sleeve Men Casual Shirts

The biggest mistake that men make when buying a dress shirt is that they buy a size too small. The collar on the shirt always shrinks when the shirt is laundered. And don't get the idea that shirts that go to the dry cleaner don't shrink. They do. Therefore, if the measurement around your neck is 16 ½" buy a 17-17 ½" shirt

  • Measuring for the sleeve length is pretty simple once you know how to do it. With a tape measure in hand, find the knot at the top of the spine and at the bottom of the man's neck. From the center of the knot at the neck, measure across to the shoulder and straight down the extended arm. The knot at the wrist bone is the next stopping place. Add 1" to that measurement to get the shirt sleeve length. Shirt sleeve lengths run 32-33", 34-35", 36-37, etc. You can order smaller or larger sizes from various Web sites. And don't forget, shirt sleeves shrink when they are laundered. A half-inch longer is better than a half inch too short
  • The overall proportions of the man must be taken into consideration. A man who is slender through the torso or more beefy can choose specialty sizes. A slender man can have a shirt altered by a tailor if necessary. But a larger man won't be able to button the shirt if the incorrect size is purchased
  • As a tailor myself, most of my shirt customers have trouble in the torso area. Men who work out with weights or are naturally broad shouldered are the ones that I usually see. To accommodate the large shoulders the purchased shirt is too big through the torso. At one point in time the Philadelphia Eagles had their summer training camp in West Chester, Pa. It you want to talk about some out-of-proportion young men, take a good look at a football player. I felt sorry for these guys because they would love to be able to buy a shirt off-the-rack that fits
  • If you find a brand that fits you well, stick with it. One of my customers, a computer science professor from West Chester University, found a brand that works perfectly for him. Calvin Klein, Slim Fit fits him to a tee. Although he no longer needs my tailoring, I am happy that he has found something that works for him
  • Take the time to learn about what size works for you. Before you go to a store to buy a shirt, have someone take your measurements following these directions. If you know what size you are looking for, it is less likely that a salesperson will sell you the wrong size. This same philosophy goes for moms, wives and girlfriends. Make sure that they know what size you wear. It will save you all of the hassle of returning the shirt or spending time and money to have it tailored to fit you

Package Included:

  • 1 x Men Casual Shirt