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Deperns Fashion Terylene Yarn Tie Shoelace


Do you want to have some stylish shoelace? Here the tie shoelace can satisfy your needs. Be sure to stand out when you wear this tie shoelace. The tie shoelace is compatible with sneakers, leisure shoes, or any other lace up footwear. The colored sho...
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  • The tie shoelace is vital to fit, as it holds the foot securely in place within the footwear
  • Be sure to stand out when you wear this colored shoelace
  • This colorful terylene yarn  Fashion Shoelace is stylish and nice
  • Make your shoes even more stylish and cool with this tie shoelace
  • This tie shoelace is very easy to tie, and stay well
  • Material: Terylene Yarn
  • Size: 123.0 x 0.8cm/48.4 x 0.3in(L x W)


Deperns Fashion Terylene Yarn Tie Shoelace

  • You will be sure to stand out when you wear this tie shoelace

Deperns Fashion Terylene Yarn Tie Shoelace

  • These colorful shoe laces fit most footwear with ease, lacing up your shoes or sneakers has never been this fun

Deperns Fashion Terylene Yarn Tie Shoelace

  • The colored tie shoelaces are made of terylene yarn material

How to Lace Sneakers:


  • Begin working on your sneakers with the shoelaces completely removed. Take the shoelace and place one end through the first hole (closest to the toe). The left or right side is fine, it depends on what you are comfortable doing. Now pull the lace to the last whole on the opposite side from where you started. If you started at the right lace to the top left or vice versa. There should only be enough string to tie a bow at the top
  • Take the length that is left at the bottom of the shoe and lace it horizontally across the top to the hole directly across from it. The lace should be directly across from where you began
  • Pull the lace through the hole right above the one where the lace is currently located. Be sure to begin the lacing on each hole from the underneath then lap over the tongue of the shoe and push the lace through the hole across from it
  • Continue to lacing horizontally up the shoe until you get to the last hole. Ensure that both laces are pulled through the hole from the underneath. You will be left with two even sized shoelaces for tying a know

Criss-Cross Pattern:

  • Start at the holes closest to the toe. Run the lace through the two bottom holes ensuring that there is an equal amount of lace on each side
  • Take the left string and lace it to the next hole on the right pushing it through the underneath of the eyelet. Repeat the step for the right lace. Pull it through the left hole diagonal from it
  • Continue up the shoe in a diagonal pattern until reaching the top eyelet
  • Tighten or loosen as needed for maximum comfort and support

Package Included:

  • 1 x Pairs of Shoelaces