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Draweasure Women Hand Painted Lace-up Canvas Shoes


Here this casual shoes can show another kind of your lovely, casual and trendy style as well while offering a great comfort for you. This pair of canvas mid cut casual lace up women athletic shoes can completely satisfy your needs.Its upper...
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  • These fashion hand painted lace up canvas shoes are customized for ladies
  • Made of canvas and rubber material, these paint shoes durable for your daily wearing
  • With unique hand painted design, you will stand out from the crow with the paint shoes
  • A fashion accessory for women, express yourself has never been so easy
  • The design of these lace up shoes is very reasonable and feels comfortable when wearing
  • They are certainly a great gift for your special one or yourself
  • Color: White & Black
  • Upper Material: Canvas
  • Sole Material: Rubber


Draweasure Women Hand Painted Lace-up Canvas Shoes

  • Paint design of this pair of walking athletic shoes brings you different walking experience

Draweasure Women Hand Painted Lace-up Canvas Shoes

  • Cartoon pattern is cute and fashionable, which can add more loveliness to you

Draweasure Women Hand Painted Lace-up Canvas Shoes

  • Lightweight and delicate, this pair of casual flat shoes is a perfect gift for you

Draweasure Women Hand Painted Lace-up Canvas Shoes

  • These shoes are hand paint design look cute and out of ordinary

Draweasure Women Hand Painted Lace-up Canvas Shoes

  • Exquisite details of the pair of shoes ensures the durability and high quality

How to Measure Foot:

Draweasure Women Hand Painted Lace-up Canvas Shoes

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How to Paint on Canvas Shoes:

Draweasure Women Hand Painted Lace-up Canvas Shoes

Painting canvas shoes can give new life to your sneakers, and can give you personalized shoes that will add flair to any outfit. It's a craft kids will enjoy, as they can make their shoes look exactly the way they like. Painted shoes can also be given as gifts made just for the wearer. Before you begin this project, make sure the shoes are clean. Even if the shoes are brand new, there may be some soiled areas from handling. Most canvas shoes are machine washable -- check the tag. Allow the shoes to air-dry to keep them from shrinking. Remove the laces from the shoes, and protect your work surface with newspaper before you start painting


  • Pencil in your design lightly with the pencil. If you make any mistakes, you can easily erase them with the eraser. You can make a pattern on the shoes, or pick your favorite cartoon character and draw her on the shoes. Use your favorite illustrated books and comic books for inspiration. You can draw simple shapes on the shoes, such as stars or hearts. Use stencils to help you pencil in your design if you like. Make your design as simple or as detailed as you like
  • Apply the fabric paint over your pencil marks. Use a paint brush to apply paint over larger areas, remembering not to overload the brush. Rinse the brush in a jar of water before you use a different color, and squeeze the brush dry with paper towels. Allow the paint to dry according to the label's instructions. Once the larger areas have been painted, use the fabric paint markers to paint in more detailed areas or outlines. Allow the paint to dry according to the label's instructions. You can use paint on the edges of the soles if you like, but it will wear off quickly and may have to be re-applied. Clean up any spills or globs with paper towels
  • Apply two or three coats of a spray-on silicone shoe protector. Allow each coat to dry according to the instructions on the label
  • Re-lace your shoes. If your white laces look a little dull now that your shoes are dressed up, use ribbon or colored laces to add some pizzazz

Themes for Hand-Painted Shoes:

Draweasure Women Hand Painted Lace-up Canvas Shoes

Hand-painted shoes range from inexpensive child's sneakers you decorate at home to designer dress or wedding shoes for women that cost hundreds of dollars per pair. Children's shoes, which can be do-it-yourself craft projects or purchased commercially, often have animals, sports, flowers or character themes. Women's hand-painted shoes are less easily characterized by theme, but include wedding, Gothic, glitz and art deco styles

Painted Shoes for Little Boys:

  • Most hand-painted shoes for baby and toddler boys incorporate traditional themes: cars, animals and dinosaurs. Upscale versions may have a yachting or polo horse theme. Little boys' painted shoes often display symbols or items associated with their favorite cartoon or comic book superheroes. Personalized versions include shoes painted with the child's name or birth date, his favorite sports team or symbols from his favorite hobby or pastime

Little Girls' Painted Styles:

  • Hand-painted shoes for little girls come in far more varieties than those for their brothers. There are hand-painted sneakers, Mary Janes, go-go boots and summer sandals. Sneakers and Mary Janes are often painted with traditional motifs, such as flowers, baby animals and dolls. Fashion-conscious young ladies can find styles and patterns to match their personalities and interests. They can select from geometric designs, bright polka dots, princess characters and even favorite pop stars. Anothere option for little girls is to paint shoes to match a special outfit

Hand-Painted Wedding Shoes:

  • For women seeking a way to personalize their wedding attire, custom-designed, hand-painted shoes may fill the bill. These shoes typically range from $200 to $600, at the time of publication, depending on the designer, brand and shoe style selected. Far from the old standard of a basic pump dyed to match a dress, these hand-painted styles incorporate the lace patterns from the wedding gown, the colors and flowers in the bride's bouquet or other themes significant to the bride

Specialty Women's Styles:

  • Women's hand-painted shoes aren't limited to dressy designs. Younger women may choose from clever art deco designs covering the top and bottom of a pair of heels. Brightly patterned, high-top sneakers are another painted shoe option for the younger crowd, as are military- or outdoors-style boots sporting Gothic symbols or tattoo designs. Hand-painted shoes can be embellished with beading, faux jewels or chains 

Package Included:

  • 1 x Pair of Women Hand Painted Lace Up Canvas Shoes