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DearLover Invisible Backless Push Up Thin Silicone Bra


If you would like to temporarily change the appearance of your breasts without undergoing surgery, using this Invisible Backless Push Up Thin Silicone Bra!This invisible silicone backless push up bra can be used as either a strapless or backless...
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  • There is a slight dish out in the back to allow a smooth transition from enhancer to skin
  • Natural shape is really important when larger sizes are desired because as you may well imagine, this size gets a lot of attention
  • When wearing backless strapless dress, the silicone bra can play an important role
  • The women backless bra will give you more safety, if you wear so sexy cloth or bikini swimsuit
  • You can comfortably wear the push up bra all day in sheer comfort
  • Material: Silicone


DearLover Invisible Backless Push Up Thin Silicone Bra

  • When wearing backless strapless dress or bikini swimsuit, the silicone bra can play an important role

DearLover Invisible Backless Push Up Thin Silicone Bra

DearLover Invisible Backless Push Up Thin Silicone Bra

  • Featuring two silicone bra cups, special reusable adhesive backing plus a front closure give you freedom

DearLover Invisible Backless Push Up Thin Silicone Bra

DearLover Invisible Backless Push Up Thin Silicone Bra

  • You can comfortably wear them all day and achieve a curvaceous look you've always wanted

How to Use:

DearLover Invisible Backless Push Up Thin Silicone Bra

How to Buy a Silicone Bra:

Perhaps you're overwhelmed by the extensive selection many lingerie stores carry today, or maybe you're looking for the perfect special-occasion bra. In either case, it's easy to buy a silicone bra that flatters your figure, gives you appropriate coverage and works with the most daring necklines

  • Buy silicone bras based on your cup size only, not by your ribcage measurements. Typical silicone bras are both backless and strapless, so you're buying based exclusively on your cup size
  • Choose a silicone bra that is self-adhesive. Because silicone bras usually don't have any straps, you need the cups to mold seamlessly to your breasts. Buying a self-adhesive style keeps you comfortable and covered without the hassle of lingerie tape
  • Pick a color that works with your special-occasion garment. There are several color options for silicone bras, so make sure you buy a color that won't show through your clothing. For best results and the most versatility, buy a silicone bra that closely matches your skin tone
  • Stage a trial run with your silicone bra. This bra style should fit comfortably, provide adequate support for your breasts and look great under your clothing, but test it out before you wear it for a major event

How to Use Silicone Breast Enhancers:

Many women today are unhappy with the size or shape of their breasts. Plastic surgeries that alter breasts are both expensive and invasive. If you would like to temporarily change the appearance of your breasts without undergoing surgery, using silicone breast enhancers can be a wonderful and inexpensive option. Using silicone breast enhancers is very easy and can be accomplished by following some simple steps

  • Purchase desired silicone breast enhancers. Silicone breast enhancers come in different sizes and can be purchased in lingerie stores or online
  • Remove silicone breast enhancers from the packaging
  • Be sure that you are wearing a comfortable bra that is just slightly too large for your breasts. The silicone breast enhancers will fill up a lot of space in your bra, so having extra room in the cup is important
  • While wearing your bra, take your hand and lift one breast up. With the other hand, insert the silicone breast enhancer under your breast and adjust both breast enhancer and breast until you find the most comfortable position for the breast enhancer. Repeat this step with the other breast and silicone enhancer

Breast Enhancement Methods:

Many women would like larger breasts. You can try several methods, from temporary solutions to use on occasion to more permanent ways to enlarge the bust. Instead of spending money on unproven pills, try exercising the muscles under the bust line to make your breasts appear bigger. Surgery is another option that more and more women are opting for

  • Exercise: No exercise will make your breasts bigger because the breasts contain no muscle tissue. However, you can do several workouts that will make your breasts appear bigger by building the muscles underneath them. Working those muscles will also increase the firmness of the muscles that support the bust line, which will also help your breasts appear perkier. For this method to be effective, you will need to make sure the exercises you do are challenging. If they are easy for you, you won't see results. Some exercises to try include the incline bench press and the incline barbell bench press. If you have a bench, set to a 50 percent incline. Use a weight that lets you do four sets of eight and works your muscles. These will help lift the bust. Include incline chest flys and a flat bench press to work on definition and target the mid-portion of the pectoral muscles. If you don't have weights, you can still exercise your way to a better bust. Do push-ups. Regular push-ups are a good start. Other variations to include in your workout are push-ups with one hand on a step and the other on the ground and sets that require a small towel under each hand. Take the push-up position, keeping your hands close together. Slide your hands sideways until your chest is nearly touching the ground and slide them back in again
  • Surgery: Breast augmentation, or augmentation mammoplasty, is a method in which silicone or saline breast implants are placed behind the breast tissue or under the chest muscle to enlarge or reshape breasts. This process can be costly and can take several weeks starting from the first consultation with a doctor to the surgery and recovery. Before the surgery is performed, you and your doctor will have to decide where to place the implants and what type and size of implant. This process will also require quite a bit of recovery time. Patients should be able to move around within a couple of days, but soreness may remain for weeks. Implants can also be risky, including ruptured implants
  • Quick Fixes: If you want to temporarily enhance your breast size, try putting gel pads in your regular bra or invest in a push-up or padded bra. These easy, quick methods will add up to a cup size with no sweat, invasive surgery or fuss. These methods are also inexpensive and effective

Package Included:

  • 1 x Invisible Backless Push Up Thin Silicone Bra