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Dear-Lover Sexy Women Off-the-shoulder Flower Silk Sleepwear


Are you looking for a stylish and comfortable women sleepwear? If so, let us show you this Sexy Women Off-the-shoulder Flower Silk Sleepwear!Off-the-shoulder neckline design silk sleepwear set is beautiful and lovely. This silk off shoulder slee...
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  • Flowers pattern design can make you more beautiful
  • Off-the-shoulder neckline design can make you look sexier
  • Made of high quality material, comfortable for wearing
  • Perfect for everyday wearing, easy to wash and clean
  • You will definitely feel comfortable in this beautiful silk sleepwear set
  • You will relax and enjoy the soft and luxurious feeling with this flower sleepwear
  • One size fits most ladies
  • Material: Silk


Dear-Lover Sexy Women Off-the-shoulder Flower Silk Sleepwear

Dear-Lover Sexy Women Off-the-shoulder Flower Silk Sleepwear

  • Kimono style off shoulder sleepwear set can show off your sexy curve and figure

Dear-Lover Sexy Women Off-the-shoulder Flower Silk Sleepwear

  • Flower pattern design silk off shoulder sleepwear set will make you more charming and beautiful 

Dear-Lover Sexy Women Off-the-shoulder Flower Silk Sleepwear

Dear-Lover Sexy Women Off-the-shoulder Flower Silk Sleepwear

  • This silk off shoulder sleepwear set will keep you sleeping sound in all-night softness

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How to Care for Silk Clothes:

Silk garments are beautiful, expensive and delicate. This type of material requires special care. Not all silks are created equal, some can be wash in the gentle cycle, some require hand washing, and others need to be dry cleaned. Proper care can increase the life and preserve the beauty of silk clothing

  • First read the care label inside the garment to see if the silk is washable
  • Clean silk as soon as possible when it gets dirty. Silk is so fragile that it can not withstand harsh scrubbing
  • If the garment is dry clean only, do not use a home dry cleaning kit on silk. Some dry cleaning fluids are very damaging to the silks. Take the item to a trusted cleaners. Be very detailed in what type of stains there might be and how long the stains have been there
  • If the garment is hand or gentle cycle washable, wash the item alone. Many silks colors will fad or run. Use only a delicate detergent, such as Woolite
  • If the item is stained very bad, it might be best to take the washable item to the dry cleaners. Scrubbing silk can damage the fibers
  • Be gentle when hand washing and never wring the item out. Simply place the item in a towel. Fold the towel around the item to soak up water. Hang the item up to dry away from direct sunlight. The sunlight can fade the color
  • To press turn the item inside out. Place a white sheet or a press cloth between the silk and iron. Press on a low setting
  • Store silk clothes flat when possible. When storing for extended periods of times hanging, it's best to use a padded hanger. Cover it with muslin cloth and never inside plastic. Never store silk in the sunlight

How to Buy Women's Pajamas:

With all the variety out there it's hard to know what are the most comfortable styles and fabrics in women's pajamas. You usually want something that is both flattering and functional

  • Know something about the person you're buying pajamas for. If you're buying for yourself, think about what fabrics, colors and styles you like
  • Think about you're sleep habits. If you sleep in a cold room with a fan, you may want long pajama bottoms. If you like it warmer in your room, go with shorts and a tank top
  • Look for fabrics that move with you. Stretchable, light weight jersey is a great choice if you toss and turn a lot at night. Flannel silk and cotton that don't have any stretch can bind you
  • Don't mistake fashion for function. Although many of the more lingerie style pajamas are beautiful, they really aren't meant for sleeping. Keep pretty lingerie for special occasions or just to wear for a while. Purchase comfy, cozy pajamas for everyday
  • Mix and match top and bottom styles. If you like to sleep in a tank-top or an oversized sleep shirt, pair them with shorts, long johns or bottoms that match. Don't give up on comfort just because you want something coordinated
  • Buy several pairs of pajamas to match your changing internal thermometer. One night you may be freezing, and the next you'll be burning up. Have several different styles that can meet your needs
  • Choose fabrics that don't make you sweat excessively. Breathable fabrics will keep you cool. Look for new fabrics designed to wick away sweat while you're wearing them

Package Included:

  • 1 x Sexy Women Off-the-shoulder Flower Silk Sleepwear