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Winterfum Figure Skating Fixed Yards Ice Skates


You are a skating lover, you like skating. This elegant sport is more and more popular. While, have you own a pair of durable and stylish ice skates? If you don't, you should look at our cheap ice skates. The color is silver&black. Therefore, the...
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  • Upper Material: PVC
  • Lining Material: Sponge
  • Blades Material: Stainless Steel
  • Blade Thickness: 3.0mm/0.1in
  • Color: Silver & Black


  • Designed with a water-proof sole gives these ice skates a comfortable and custom fit
  • This kind of ice skating skates is the many country figure skating athletes' favorite
  • Each detail is paid attention and ensures that every process without any defect
  • This pair of ice skates is the best choice for professional and non-professional ice skaters
  • Designed for your kids who just love to get out on the ice and skate
  • These  speed skates are not only stylish, but also reliable


Winterfum Figure Skating Fixed Yards Ice Skates

  • These ice skates can keep your feet from the coldness and moisture

Winterfum Figure Skating Fixed Yards Ice Skates

  • The ice skates feature durable blades for added balance and support

Winterfum Figure Skating Fixed Yards Ice Skates

  • This pair of cheap ice skates has precision craftsmanship in the raw seams

 Winterfum Figure Skating Fixed Yards Ice Skates

  • These ice skates use the bottes design and also they have firm shoestring

Winterfum Figure Skating Fixed Yards Ice Skates

  • These best ice skates use superior knitted mesh and look like fashionable

 How to Measure Foot:

Winterfum Figure Skating Fixed Yards Ice Skates

Size Reference Table:

US Sizes

Euro/China Sizes

International Sizes

Japan Sizes

Foot Length












  • These dimensions are for reference only. Specific dimension varies from person to person
  • Size may be smaller than usual standard; you can choose a larger size

How to Ice Skate Safely:

Winterfum Figure Skating Fixed Yards Ice Skates

Having fun and being safe can go hand in hand during the winter months. Prepare for an ice skating trip by purchasing the correct skates and winter clothing. Find a safe spot to skate and avoid injuries

  • Pick locations that are locally approved for skating. Skate at ice rinks, lakes or ponds that have been officially checked for safe ice conditions
  • Group children together when skating. Use the buddy system to make sure no one encounters an emergency situation by themselves
  • Skate in the same direction as the others. If the rink is full of people, keep with the crowd. Remind kids to skate in the same direction as everyone to avoid collisions
  • Wear proper winter attire both indoors and outdoors. Hats maintain body heat that would otherwise escape through your head. Make sure you have warm socks on to keep your feet warm and gloves to warm your hands
  • Pick skates that fit comfortably and have good ankle support. The best skate is a tight, comfortable one with sharp blades

How to Fit Ice Skates:

Winterfum Figure Skating Fixed Yards Ice Skates

Fitting ice skates is quite different than fitting everyday shoes. Because of their use, ice skates must be durable and stable yet flexible. You can order ice skates online or via catalog if you want skates that fit your feet exactly. Otherwise, any sporting goods store or ice skating equipment retailer will have a fine selection of sizes, widths and brands to choose from 

Fit Custom Ice Skates

  • Trace the outline of both feet from a sitting position. Keep the pen close to your feet as you trace
  • Measure the length of your foot by starting at the tip of your longest toe and end at your heel
  • Proceed to the ball of your foot by placing the tape measure around your foot just above the base of your toes
  • Take a measurement for your instep by wrapping the tape measure around the underside of your foot where your arch is located
  • Fit the tape measure around your heel. You'll need to close the tape measure off at the top part of your foot where the base of your ankle is located
  • Gauge the circumference of your true ankle size. This means you'll need to measure your ankle at its widest point, usually just above the base
  • Submit additional information that may be necessary to customize your fit. This includes age, height, weight and current brand of skate wear

Fit Store-Bought Ice Skates

  • Try several different models and manufacturers. Often, you will find that one brand is a better fit for you
  • Bring your socks. It's important to try on the ice skates with the socks you intend to skate in so that the sizing is correct
  • Line your feet up properly to check the accuracy of the size. Push your heels to the back of the skate before lacing and then alternate standing and sitting to gauge the fit
  • Check the position of your toes. They should be close to the end of the boot, but not touching it
  • Be sure your heel has room to move around. Sideways and front to back motions are ideal, but not up and down movement which indicates a bad fit
  • Spend at least 15 minutes in the skates before buying them. This helps to reveal wear problems which may not be immediately evident

Package Included:

  • 1 x Pair of Ice Skates