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Alevin Double Deck Antifog Protective Ski Goggles


Are you a skiing enthusiast? Have you got also your skiing equipments ready? Maybe you haven't, just have a look at our ski goggles here, I'm sure that you'd like to add them to your ski ensemble.Designed with double layers of PC material, our ski go...
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  • Frame Color: Black Grid & White
  • Lens Color: Lily Orange
  • Head Strap Color: Black
  • Frame Material: TPU
  • Lens Material: UV & PC


  • These pair of ski goggles is equipped with comfortable soft sponge padding on the inside of the frames
  • With the long, stretchy and comfortable head strap, you can wear helmet in addition
  • Made of TPU material, the optical frame is also very tough and durable against the scratches
  • Lens of this skiing goggles is anti-ultraviolet, dustproof, anti-fog, anti-pressure, windproof and shock resistant
  • This pair of snow goggles can prevent the sun's ultraviolet ray to a minimum
  • There is no doubt that such ski goggles will make you outstanding in your skiing sports
  • This type of best ski goggles can effectively protect your eyes outdoor


 Alevin Double Deck Antifog Protective Ski Goggles

  • This pair of skiing goggles can also be great snowboard goggles for you 

 Alevin Double Deck Antifog Protective Ski Goggles

  • Adjustable head strap design of this pair of ski goggles fits your head size perfectly

 Alevin Double Deck Antifog Protective Ski Goggles

  • Inner soft pads of the ski goggles is suitable for your face and will not harm your skin

 Alevin Double Deck Antifog Protective Ski Goggles

  • Coating film on the lens also protects your eyes from the damage of ultraviolet ray

 Alevin Double Deck Antifog Protective Ski Goggles

  • Designed with double layers of PC material, our ski goggles features durability and high scratch resistance

 Alevin Double Deck Antifog Protective Ski Goggles

  • You can enjoy your skiing better with this pair of ski goggles

How to Fix the Strap on Ski Goggles:

 Alevin Double Deck Antifog Protective Ski Goggles

Ski goggles serve the important function of protecting skiers' eyes from snow, sun and debris while speeding down mountains. However, ski goggles must withstand a great deal of stress and strain during their use. Torn or snapped straps are some of the most common damages incurred by ski goggles. You can fix a broken strap at home for a fraction of the price of a new pair of goggles

  • Remove the broken strap from your goggles. Assess the damage, and determine whether you can fix the strap yourself. If the strap shows signs of wear in more than one spot, or if it is damaged beyond repair, skip to Step 4
  • Cut off the torn portion of your old goggle strap. You end up with two blunt ends. Make sure you remove all of the damaged material before moving on to the next step
  • Use a sewing machine to join the two overlapping blunt ends. Reinforce this area several times by making the machine double back on it's work until you are confident that the strap can endure strain. You want the sewn area to be as strong as possible
  • Purchase a new strap if your old strap is damaged beyond repair or if you do not feel comfortable operating a sewing machine. Thread the new strap through the holes and adjust the strap tension so that you comfortably can wear the goggles

How to Care for Ski Goggles:

 Alevin Double Deck Antifog Protective Ski Goggles

If you've purchased a new pair of ski goggles for your winter vacation, you want to protect your investment, right? It is not hard to keep your goggles in nice shape all winter long, as long as you make the effort

Sensible Care for Goggles

  • When you set your goggles down, always put them lens-side up
  • Don't throw your goggles onto the floor of your car or into your boot bag
  • When you're not using them, set your goggles aside in their case, so as to avoid unintentional slides onto the floor, into the street, or other mishaps

Cleaning Goggles

  • Mist the lenses with an eyeglass spray (make sure it is plastic-compatible), and gently rub with the soft cloth case that came with your goggles or another eyeglass cleaning cloth
  • Never use paper products to clean your goggles or sunglasses, as these are ever-so-slightly scratchy and could cause damage to the lenses
  • Do not use a glass cleaner or other cleaning agent that contains ammonia, as this could damage any anti-fog treatments on your goggles

Package Included:

  • 1 x Pair of Ski Goggles