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Durable Streamline Pattern Adjustable Ski Helmet


When you are spending the day gliding on a bed of soft snow, injuring your head is probably the last thing on your mind. If you've spent the last decade or so on the slopes, you've probably noticed a rapid growth in the number of skiers and snow...
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  • The Adjustable Ski Helmet has thickening earmuffs and a rotary type head circumference regulator
  • Designed with the younger rider in mind; The Adjustable Ski Helmet offers protection and durability
  • High impact material outer shell provides a very durable impact resistant lid that can take even the most punishing day in the park
  • The ear pads on this Adjustable Ski Helmet include full-coverage hardshell with a soft padding to provide you with comfort and a little bit of extra warmth for your run
  • The fact is that these Skiing Helmets are race-inspired means that it offers a clean look along with a wide angle cut for great peripheral vision and a snug fit
  • Allows you to dial in your fit with our fit kit pad system, offering different thickness of fit pad
  • In sum, these Snow Ski Helmets will fit you almost perfectly
  • Size: Free Size, Adjustable

Durable Streamline Pattern Adjustable Ski Helmet
Durable Streamline Pattern Adjustable Ski Helmet

  • An absolute stunner for protection comfort and the utmost style you will find, get your hands and see for yourself

Durable Streamline Pattern Adjustable Ski Helmet 
Durable Streamline Pattern Adjustable Ski Helmet

  • The helmet can protect your head in a safe environment, it is very popular among the youth

How to Determine Your Ski Helmet Size:

  • Measure around your head above your eyebrows and ears but below your hairline. This measurement will be your helmet size, but in order to determine this for sure you'll need to head to your local sporting goods shop and try it out
  • Ask for a helmet based on the size you measured and try on a few brands in that size. Pay attention to how they fit. The back should stop just above the nape of your neck, with the front edge stopping about half an inch from your eyebrows. If you can't find any that fit in this manner, go up or down a size and try a few until you find the size that fits properly
  • Select three helmets that you like based on color and fit. Fasten each one onto your head and pay attention to how snug or tight each one feels. You want a helmet that feels a little tight, but does not hurt or make your face red
  • Pull each helmet forward and attempt to roll it off. If it slides off easily it is too large. If it gives a little resistance and pulls at your facial skin it is a good fit. If it is impossible to pull forward and off, it is too tight
  • Put ski goggles on with each of your selected helmets to ensure they'll fit nicely with your helmet. The top of your goggles should touch the top front edge of your helmet. Select a helmet that fits snugly and goes well with your goggles

How to Fit a Ski or Snowboard Helmet:

Wearing a properly fitted ski or snowboard helmet is extremely important. A helmet that is too large or too small will not protect your head nearly as well as a properly sized one. Follow the simple steps below to ensure your helmet fits properly and provides maximum protection.

  • Helmet size is determined by the circumference (in centimeters) of your head. The first thing you need to do is measure the circumference of your head right above your eyebrows with a tape measure. Helmet sizes for different brands have different circumference ranges. A Large from brand X may be different than a Large from brand Y. Check the helmet box or sticker for the range. The helmet that has your head circumference in its range will usually be a good fit.
  • Trying a helmet on: Put the front rim of the helmet in line with your eye brows and then lower the back of the helmet around your head. The pads should be snug. Make sure you can't fit more than 2 fingers under the rim of the helmet. If you can, the helmet may be too big. The back rim of your helmet should not touch the nape of your neck.
  • A simple test: With the strap fastened, try to roll the helmet off of your head. When doing this, the skin on your forehead should move with the helmet rather than the helmet moving independently. If the skin on your forehead moves you have a good fit.
  • Keep in mind that all heads are different shapes regardless of head circumference. All brands and styles vary in this way as well. Try on several different brands and styles to make sure you get the best fit.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Streamline Pattern Adjustable Ski Helmet