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Splendid Windproof Protective Neck Earflaps Half Face Ski Mask


Skiing is such a refreshing winter sport. But if you've ever skied when the temperature or weather is less than favorable, then you know how bitter cold it can be. The solution is a Half Face Ski Mask. For those occasions when you need partial f...
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  • Material: 30% Neoprene & 10% Nylon & 60% Polyester
  • Brand: Other Brand
  • Made in Asia
  • Easy and fast to wear, wind resistant
  • Very warm and lightweight to wear Half Face Ski Mask
  • Adjustable with closure, Protects entire face from various weather
  • Great with glasses, goggles, under helmet, or alone
  • The Half Face Ski Mask has an improved ergonomic shape enhances comfort
  • Exposed population have raised nose, mouth have ventilation holes
  • New ventilation system will keep you breathing easily and eliminate mouth odor
  • The Windproof Ski Mask is ideal for hunting, snowboarding, skiing, fishing, Biking, or cold weather activity
  • Free Size, Normal head circumference of the people can wear the Half Face Ski Mask
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Splendid Windproof Protective Neck Earflaps Half Face Ski Mask

  • Low back profile allows for a very comfortable fit with helmets

Splendid Windproof Protective Neck Earflaps Half Face Ski Mask

  • It is very soft, comfortable & very lightweight

Splendid Windproof Protective Neck Earflaps Half Face Ski Mask

  • Free Size, Normal head circumference of the people can wear it


Splendid Windproof Protective Neck Earflaps Half Face Ski Mask

  • Wear the ski mask when skating

How to Buy a Ski Mask:

  • Determine the style of ski mask you would like to buy. Since they are a one-size fits most item, style is where you are going to have choices. Some ski masks wrap from your neck, leave a space for your mouth, nose and eyes and have a visor on top; these are of course called "visor ski masks." Others simply cover your nose and mouth (and leave small holes for breathing) and expose your eyes, and even another version which is called a "three hole mask" leaves only your eyes and nose exposed. It is all about what you feel most comfortable wearing
  • Select the material for your ski mask. Again this all comes down to personal preference. Materials like neoprene do better at repelling water than their cotton or wool counterparts. Also of late spandex has taken a share of the market. Try a few on and see what feels the most protective and unobtrusive
  • Check out sites like Burton and Rei for a plethora of styles when it comes to ski masks and other outdoor apparel. You can get some great deals toward the end of the season for next year. Buy in the spring and be ready for the snow
  • Go to the slopes in your area or stores in the resort towns themselves. Skiing stores are still "mom and pop" operations. Meaning that there really isn't a national chain from coast to coast. So if you don't want to order online, (and truth be told, with something like a ski mask, you probably want to try it on before you buy it) go to the actual store. You can type in "ski store" and your town in your favorite search engine. Or you can also check out sites like Ski Slopes for a comprehensive guide of slopes all across North America
  • Bid on ski masks on auction sites. Ski apparel is definitely something that can be bought second-hand. With kids growing every year and the equipment sometimes only being used a handful of times, sites like eBay are great places to look to buy a ski mask, as people throughout the country clean out their closets from year to year

How to Wear a Ski Mask:

Splendid Windproof Protective Neck Earflaps Half Face Ski Mask

  • Pull the mask over the top of your head with the opening facing forward. Roll the lower portion of the ski mask up to cover the crown of the head
  • Unroll the lower portion of the mask so that it covers your neck and upper shoulders; this portion can be tucked into your shirt or coat. Pull down the opening below your nose to allow breathing
  • Pull the bottom of the opening down while keeping the upper part in place. By stretching the opening a bit you are able to reveal your mouth, nose and eyes
  • Pull the opening down around the back of your head to wear the ski mask to warm your neck

Tips & Warnings:

  • Buy all of your ski gear from the same place. Many times, they offer discount packages. And they may throw in a low cost item like a ski mask for free
  • Tips & WarningsWear goggles with the ski mask for protection from cold weather as well as unimpeded vision
  • Remove a ski mask before entering banks and federal buildings

Package Included:

  • 1 x Half Face Ski Mask