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Bertor Fashion Bamboo Charcoal Sleep Mask


Thanks for your viewing this cute sleeping eye mask. With good quality the cute eye mask looks prefect! No more hesitation for the traveling, and this sleeping eye mask will meet your expectations. This bamboo charcoal sleep ...
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  • Bamboo charcoal cloth sleeping eye mask have good air permeability
  • Made of high quality cotton and bamboo charcoal cloth is durable enough
  • Adjustable elastic strap offers a personalized fit
  • The cute eye mask create a natural way to get to sleep quickly
  • This eye sleep mask is very comfortable to wear and touch
  • Without putting pressure on your eyes, this mask is designed to block out 100% of light to create a natural way to get to sleep quickly
  • Alleviate the eye tiredness, promote blood circulation
  • A beauty tool to rejuvenate your eyes, mind and soul
  • Size: 19 x 9cm/ 7.5 x 3.6in(L x W)
  • Material: Cotton & Bamboo Charcoal Cloth


Bertor Fashion Bamboo Charcoal Sleep Mask

  • The fashion bamboo charcoal health care sleep mask is great for naps, traveling, or every night use

Bertor Fashion Bamboo Charcoal Sleep Mask

  • This sleeping eye mask with cute stars design will give you more fun

Bertor Fashion Bamboo Charcoal Sleep Mask

  • With bamboo charcoal cloth, the sleeping eye mask will have good air permeability  

Bertor Fashion Bamboo Charcoal Sleep Mask

  • The sleeping eye mask can create a peaceful natural environment, so you can have a good sleep
Bertor Fashion Bamboo Charcoal Sleep Mask

  • Add some style to long flights and much-needed naps with this men silk sleep eye mask, great luxurious item for pampering sleep

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Bertor Fashion Bamboo Charcoal Sleep Mask

How to Wear an Eye Mask to Sleep?

Bertor Fashion Bamboo Charcoal Sleep Mask

Whether you have been burning the midnight oil and need the occasional midafternoon nap or you simply cannot sleep without total darkness, wearing an eye mask can help you obtain a deep, satisfying rest that will rejuvenate you for the day to come. However, wearing an eye mask properly can be tough if you have never done it or if you feel uncomfortable wearing a strap around your face. Here are some steps to help you wear your eye mask properly to achieve maximum rest


  • When you put an eye mask on for the first time, it can seem a little uncomfortable. Before you know it, your eyes are entirely covered and the room has gone dark! Putting the eye mask on properly may help to relieve some initial frustration. In order to put the eye mask on properly, hold it as if it were a pair of goggles. Stabilizing the cloth part against your forehead, gently pull the elastic strap over your head. The elastic strap should fit comfortably at the nape of your neck
  • Close your eyes and pull the cloth part of the eye mask gently downward until it feels comfortable over your eyes and nose. Pulling the mask downward will help to keep your eyelashes from being bent uncomfortably upward
  • With the mask firmly in place, open your eyes just a bit. You'll want to check to see if light is coming through any open areas of the eye mask. If possible and if needed, adjust the eye mask to compensate for any open areas
  • If the eye mask is firmly in place, you should be able to toss and turn to your heart's content without losing your eye mask in your sleep

Types of Eye Masks

Bertor Fashion Bamboo Charcoal Sleep Mask

Eye masks used for the purposes of wellness or beauty fall into three general categories: therapeutic masks, sleep masks and facial eye masks. Some of these eye masks, however, straddle the line between the categories. For example, gel masks are primarily for reducing eye puffiness and under-eye circles, but can also help to lessen sinus pain

Therapeutic Eye Masks

  • Therapeutic eye masks are generally made out of a soft fabric and filled with an aroma-therapeutic scent meant to soothe and relax. Some common scents and herbs used in this way are lavender and sage; coupled with other organic components like flaxseed to weigh the mask down. The fabric on these eye masks are meant also to soothe and contour to your face, blocking out light and creating a light cooling sensation

Sleep Masks

  • Sleep masks, though the objective is ultimately to contribute to health and wellness, focuses more on your ability to achieve quality sleep. These can alternatively be called travel eye masks, as they work mostly to shut all light out during sleep situations in which there may be a lot of light or distraction. Sometimes, sleep masks can come with an aromatherapy pouch for herbs, similar to strictly therapeutic eye masks

Facial Eye Masks

  • Facial eye masks can fall into two sub-categories --- skin treatment masks and superficial masks. Skin treatment masks go on as a gel or cream, and when allowed to dry, harden a little so that they are eventually peeled off the skin. Usually, these are meant to moisturize, exfoliate and refresh the eye area in terms of wrinkles, bags and dark circles. Superficial masks are more like gel eye masks and are generally made of plastic and filled with gel. You can either heat or refrigerate them depending on whether you'd like to reduce eye swelling and dark circles, or if you want to treat sinus pain and head colds

Package Included: 

  • 1 x Fashion Bamboo Charcoal Sleep Mask