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KXBD Coral Fleece Solid Skidproof Winter Home Women Slippers


Looking for a pair of winter slippers to wear to get through the cold winter? Have you ever fallen over yourselves because of the wet and slippery floor? So I think it's time to have a real warm, cozy, comfortable, convenient and anti-slippery winter...
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  • With stylish appearance, the women slippers will add much elegance to you
  • This pair of winter slippers features with the compact design, cool and stylish
  • Keep your feet warm in cold winter and make your housing life more comfortable and cozier
  • These winter slippers are soft to touch and comfortable to wear
  • These winter slippers can be easily match with other clothing
  • The winter slippers have luxurious and delicate-stitched details 
  • Upper Material: Coral Fleece
  • Sole Material: Fur Leather


KXBD Coral Fleece Solid Skidproof Winter Home Women Slippers

  • The anti-slip slippers have the fashionable color and compact design

KXBD Coral Fleece Solid Skidproof Winter Home Women Slippers

  • Your feet won't feel cold with this warm and soft winter slippers

KXBD Coral Fleece Solid Skidproof Winter Home Women Slippers

  • With coral fleece and fur leather materials, the women slippers are soft and comfortable to wear

KXBD Coral Fleece Solid Skidproof Winter Home Women Slippers

  • The winter slippers are with anti-slip design, well protect you from falling down on wet floor

KXBD Coral Fleece Solid Skidproof Winter Home Women Slippers 

  • You can choose from the five kinds of colors, and they are pink, light green, purple, coffee and navy

How to Measure:

KXBD Coral Fleece Solid Skidproof Winter Home Women Slippers

Size Reference Table:


Sole Length

Sole Thickness
















  • There may be certain error of these dimensions. Specific dimension varies from person to person

About Slippers:

KXBD Coral Fleece Solid Skidproof Winter Home Women Slippers

  • Slippers are a favorite gift for friends and loved ones of all ages. Since they are so affordable, you can throw in a couple of extra pairs for yourself. After a long tiring day on your feet, sliding into a pair of warm, comfortable slippers is one of the highlights of coming home from work. There are so many options, it's hard to settle on just one type, so try several varieties


  • When a young traveling shoe salesperson, named Daniel Green, took a trip in 1881 to Dolgeville Felt Mill in New York, he noted how some of the factory workers were wearing shoes made from scrap pieces of felt to keep warm. He took a pair back home with him to show his brother, William Green, and together they produced 600 more pairs of slippers, founding the first slipper company. The company quickly expanded, offering a wide selection of slippers, worn both inside and outside the home. Although slippers continue to be updated, many of the traditional styles have been preserved


  • Besides relaxing at home, you can wear slippers going to casual places such as the beach. Therapeutic slippers help people heal from food problems. They are especially appreciated by diabetics, who have special slippers designed for them, as 20 percent of them are hospitalized for foot problems. Wearing slippers helps protect people who have neuropathy. Because nerves are damaged and the sense of feeling is lost with neuropathy, there is a risk of not knowing when your feet are in danger. Wearing slippers also help prevent ulcers. If symptoms are ignored, people could lose their feet through amputation


  • There are various types of slippers from which to choose, made from different fabrics and styles. Ballet slippers are stretchy and comfortable, and can easily be thrown in a tote bag. While the stretchy fabric provides comfort, the latex foam insole protects against shock. Sock-style slippers are made of socks with a rubber sole. For slippers easy to slide into, choose slip-ons. You can also select either closed or open toed slippers. Homemade slippers can be crocheted and knitted, including Plain Jane slippers, which are easy to make and have a strap across the foot. For children, slippers are usually over-sized, fuzzy or cuffed. Indoor slippers, such as thongs and sandals, can also be worn outdoors when going to places such as the beach or medical appointments


  • Before buying slippers as a gift, be sure they are suited for the climate. Those light, linen slippers you bought in south Florida may be ideal for you, but not for your elderly aunt who lives in Minnesota. You may have to order online as it can be harder to find slippers warm enough if you live in a tropical climate. Because slippers are often sold in packages, you can't always try them on. Therefore, know the correction foot size of yourself or recipients before making a purchase


  • Although slippers serve a purpose, wear other shoes, too. Wearing slippers constantly could hurt your legs and feet. A recent study at Auburn University (See Resources) showed that because people take shorter strides to avoid slippers coming off, this can lead to problems with the lower legs and feet. One way to prevent this problem is to change the way you walk, using the toe to grip the flip-flop. Then swing your leg through the stride. In other words, don't kick your foot as much. It is also advisable to periodically replace old slippers as they wear out quickly


  • To prevent accidents, buy slippers with rubber soles, especially if you are worried about an elderly loved one slipping. Also, be sure that your slippers fit tight enough not to cause falls

How to Clean Suede Slippers:

KXBD Coral Fleece Solid Skidproof Winter Home Women Slippers

  • Suede can be an ideal fabric for the construction of slippers. This durable fabric can keep the feet warm while the softness of suede can soothe tired feet. Unfortunately, suede slippers can become soiled by frequent use and will require a thorough cleaning. Suede can become damaged if not properly cared for, so harsh cleaning products are not recommended for use on this tender material. It is possible to clean suede slippers at home to maintain their appearance for several years
  • Blot at the slippers with a clean towel. This will remove any dirty liquid found on the slippers
  • Soak a soft cloth with soapy water and gently rub at any stains in a circular motion. Use mild detergent that does not contain any dyes or perfumes to clean the suede
  • Soak a second soft cloth with plain water and gently blot away any soapy residue. Allow the suede slippers to air dry completely
  • Gently rub at any difficult stains with a nail file. This will help restore the nap as well as remove these stubborn stains
  • Rub the outer surface of the suede slippers with a suede brush. This will restore the nap, and the appearance, of the slippers

Package Included:

  • 1 x Pair of Slippers