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Disposable Healthy Triple Filtering Smoking Pipe ZB-802


Triple Filtering Smoking Pipe can effectively NiDing of tar filtered cigarettes, ancient and a sour carbon etc, effectively relieve for smoking causes more phlegm, shortness of breath, significantly reduce symptoms such as the smoke of teeth scale.
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  • This product can reduce tobacco tar, greatly filtering tar and nicotine damage to human body
  • Cigarette Pipe in simple design Require no modification, very easy to install
  • Such type of Smoking Tobacco Pipe belongs to best collection for man
  • New Tobacco Cigarette Smoking Pipe with high quality
  • A smoother taste is achieved
  • Classic Tobacco Smoking Pipe fits in any occasions to use
  • Reduce tar, nicotine and other harmful substance to keep healthy
  • Material: Mental &  Resin
  • Size: 1 x 4.5cm/0.39 x 1.77in


Disposable Healthy Triple Filtering Smoking Pipe ZB-802

  • New Tobacco Cigarette Smoking Pipe with high quality

How to Clean Smoking Pipes:

  • Cleaning your smoking pipes keeps them from getting built up with too much resin.Smoking pipes tend to get clogged with resin build up from frequent use, so it's necessary to clean your smoking pipes regularly. Knowing how to clean your smoking pipes gives you the ability to remove the clogged resin build-up safely, without damaging your pipe. Depending on how dirty your pipe is, the amount of time needed to clean it varies, but with a little tenacity you can clean your pipes up to look and smoke like they're brand new again


  • Put on the rubber gloves and spread out about four or five thick paper towels in front of you. Do this on your bathroom sink area
  • Hold the pipe in your hands and pour rubbing alcohol down the mouthpiece of the pipe. Hold your thumb and forefinger over the bowl and carburettor of the smoking pipe to keep the alcohol inside of it
  • Shake the pipe in your hand gently to swoosh the alcohol inside of it. Try to use 92 percent rubbing alcohol as opposed to 70%, which can be found in most any pharmacy or department store
  • Take your thumb off of the bowl of the pipe and allow the black, chunky liquid to flow out into the sink. Repeat steps two and three two more times
  • Insert the end of a fuzzy pipe cleaner into the carburettor of the smoking pipe, which is located to the side of the bowl. Twist the pipe cleaner and pull it in and out of the pipe
  • Insert a pipe cleaner into the mouth piece of the pipe and feed it through as far as it will go. Pull it in and out, and twist it several times to clean the pipe
  • Run rubbing alcohol through the pipe again, as you did in steps 2 through 3
  • Run hot water through the pipe, by holding it under the sink's running faucet. Do this for about two minutes or until the black chunks of resin and other material stops coming out of the orifices
  • Place the pipe, with the bowl pointing down, on the paper towels. Allow it to sit for about an hour to drip-dry

Package Included:

  • 120 x Smoking Pipe