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Stylish Athletic Fold Over Cleats Mens Soccer Shoes


Take your team to the next level with these eye-catching Cleats Soccer Shoes. Enjoy your sports time even more with the stability and smoothness of the Cleats Soccer Shoes. A pair of perfect mens soccer shoes for you to hunt out in the field, and enj...
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  • Advanced-chassis system stabilizes your feet over uneven and rocky terrain
  • Cushioned insole for exceptional comfort
  • These Cleats Soccer Shoes can keep you comfortable all day
  • These Cleats Soccer Shoes are contoured for an ergonomic fit and offer all-day cushioning
  • The Mens Soccer Shoes is a perfect gift for someone special or treats for you
  • Upper Material: PVC
  • Sole Material: MD & Rubber & TPU
  • Color: Yellow


Stylish Athletic Fold Over Cleats Mens Soccer Shoes

  • High quality material insole keeps your feet from bacteria and odour
  • Take your team to the next level with these eye-catching Cleats Soccer Shoes. Enjoy your sports time even more with the stability and smoothness of the Cleats Soccer Shoes

Stylish Athletic Fold Over Cleats Mens Soccer Shoes

  • This shoe features a rugged textured sole for ultimate traction
  • A pair of perfect mens soccer shoes for you to hunt out in the field, and enjoy the happiness the soccer brings to you

Stylish Athletic Fold Over Cleats Mens Soccer Shoes

  • Fashionable design makes this shoe a must have equipment for your different kinds of exercises

Stylish Athletic Fold Over Cleats Mens Soccer Shoes

  • A fold-over tongue for premium comfort and ball feel. It features the special design and it is comfortable for prolonged wearing

Stylish Athletic Fold Over Cleats Mens Soccer Shoes

  • Fashion and popular design full complement any cloth, durability features ensures your kid can wear it on everyday

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What You Should Know About Athletic Shoes:

Stylish Athletic Fold Over Cleats Mens Soccer Shoes

  • Athletic shoes come in many different styles and are often designed for specific uses. When picking out a pair of athletic shoes, you should have some ideas about the style, brand and activity level sneaker you want. Remember that not every shoe is right for every foot, and while recommendations are always good to have, it's best to try on a shoe before you purchase.
  • Activity and Use
  • The athletic shoe you purchase should be specific to the activity you plan on using them for. For example, running shoes are generally made of breathable material that bends more easily. Running shoes are also more arched than other activity-specific shoes, to create a better surface for the foot to fall onto while jogging or running. They are also cut lower in the ankle to allow for a freer ankle.
  • Basketball sneakers, on the other hand, are more constricting and sit higher on the ankle to provide better support to the wearer when he needs to pivot and move in different directions quickly. Casual athletic shoes, on the other hand, tend to keep fashion on the forefront with a flatter bottom and less support throughout the shoe.
  • Style and Practicality
  • Style is an important consideration when thinking about athletic shoes. While sneakers must feel good and be built for the activity in mind, the way they look is also important. Before you set out to buy athletic shoes consider what color combo you might prefer. All-white sneakers dirty easily, so sneakers that will be hitting the dirt often should be a darker color. Black and gray sneakers are best for highly intensive sports, while white sneakers will do fine for indoor sports. Style will depend on your personal preferences, but keeping the activity in mind while picking a style is important.
  • Brands
  • Nike remains one of the top sneaker brands in the world, however, they are best known for basketball shoes. Nike rose to basketball fame for the construction of their sneakers. The flat, smooth bottoms allow for quick movements and the high, heavily-padded ankle helps prevent injury.
  • Brooks and New Balance are well known for their running sneakers and Adidas is known for their tennis shoes. Both New Balance and Brooks create light, breathable sneakers that offer cushioning and support for serious runners. Adidas, on the other hand, has a celebrated history in tennis shoes because of their traction-heavy bottoms and highly structured leather uppers.
  • You may want to choose the brand that offers the best shoe for the activity you're interested in. Research the brands you are interested in before you go to the store. Knowing what you are looking for in a brand of athletic shoes is paramount in getting the right pair.

How to Choose the Right Athletic Shoe:

Stylish Athletic Fold Over Cleats Mens Soccer Shoes

  • Athletic shoes are a $20 billion industry, and there are hundreds of brands, models and features on the market today. All sneakers are not created equal, so it is important to choose an athletic shoe that fits the specific needs of your feet.
  • Instructions
  • Find the right type of shoe for your sport. Running, walking, cross-training, basketball and aerobic shoes all have different characteristics. Go to the section of the shoe store where your sport's sneakers are located so you aren't tempted by other options.
  • Wear sport-appropriate socks. Some sports call for thick athletic socks, while others require only thin, anklet socks. Bring the socks you will wear most often with the shoes you're buying.
  • Measure both feet. From a standing position, have the sales associate measure both of your feet, taking particular care if one foot is bigger than the other. Choose the larger foot and ask for that size.
  • Try on both shoes and lace them up completely. Check the fit of the shoes on your feet. Your heel should fit snugly in the back of the shoe without sliding around. Allow enough room in the front of the shoe that your toes don't feel pinched.
  • Move around. Try out the shoes in a way specific to how you will use them. For example, if you're trying on running shoes, go for a short jog around the store.
  • Try out different shoes and sizes. Find an athletic shoe that not only feels great, but feels the best when compared to other options. Experiment with half sizes and different brands to find a pair of shoes that feels right.

How to Wash Sneakers:

  • Do you wash your workout clothes regularly but leave your shoes languishing in the locker until they smell up the locker room? Your shoes, too, should be cleaned regularly to keep them looking good and smelling sweet. Here are a few easy steps to get your sneakers looking new again.
  • Instructions
  • Remove the laces and any inserts from the shoes.
  • Throw the laces in with a load of laundry, and then let them air-dry.
  • Mix up a solution of mild soap and water (dishwashing soap or Ivory soap flakes work well). If the shoes are very heavily soiled, you might want to buy a cleaner specifically designed for athletic shoes instead. Check the bottle's label to make sure it is appropriate for all the materials--whether nylon, leather, vinyl, canvas or rubber--your shoes are made of.
  • With a soft-bristle brush and the soapy water or shoe cleaner, clean the inserts and the shoes, inside and out. Then use clean water to rinse the shoes and the inserts well with clean water.
  • Wipe off the excess moisture with paper towels.
  • With paper towels, stuff the shoes to soak up moisture and preserve their shape.
  • Place the shoes and the inserts on a waterproof surface in a well-ventilated room to dry, replacing the paper towels if necessary as they become soaked through.
  • Put the laces and the inserts back into the shoes once all the parts are completely dry.
  • Sprinkle a bit of baking soda inside the shoes to keep them smelling fresh.
  • Allowing your shoes to dry out thoroughly between wearings will lengthen their life considerably.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Pair of Mens Soccer Shoes