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Shinelee Fashion Soft Cotton Grid Striped Sofa Cover


Do you want to keep your sofa clean and dry? Here, let us show you this household washable traditional style sofa slipcover seat covers!These soft sofa cover is exceptionally durable while remaining machine washable for easier care. Brighten up your ...
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  • Durable enough that sofa slipcover can be washed by washing machine
  • You can find it soft and comfortable when you touch the cotton sofa slipcover
  • This sofa slipcover keeps your outside sofa clean and dry
  • Each detail you can find on this grid striped sofa cover just for one reason which ensures these Slipcovers worth each penny you pay
  • The washable sofa cover will prevent your sofa from getting dirty
  • With the greet design the cotton sofa cover will be a good decoration for your home
  • Material: Cotton


Shinelee Fashion Soft Cotton Grid Striped Sofa Cover

  • This distinctive grid striped sofa cover protects your outdoor sofa furniture from the elements and provides long-lasting beauty

Shinelee Fashion Soft Cotton Grid Striped Sofa Cover

  • This cotton sofa cover is a quick and beautiful way to brighten your home with a fresh, new look-just throw it over a sofa and you're done

Shinelee Fashion Soft Cotton Grid Striped Sofa Cover

  • This supreme cotton soft sofa cover is meant to withstand the wear that comes with having a busy lifestyle

Shinelee Fashion Soft Cotton Grid Striped Sofa Cover

  • The material of this sofa slipcover is great, touch soft and comfortable

Shinelee Fashion Soft Cotton Grid Striped Sofa Cover

  • The side of sofa slipcover with lace design will make your sofa more beautiful

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35.4 x 35.4

90 x 90


35.4 x 59.1

90 x 150


35.4 x 70.9

90 x 180


35.4 x 82.7

90 x 210


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How to Install a Sofa Slipcover:

Shinelee Fashion Soft Cotton Grid Striped Sofa Cover

If you are into saving money and or saving the earth, there is a good chance that the sofa in your living room is one that enjoyed a previous life in someone else's home. As such, the sofa you love to lounge on has probably lost its visual appeal. Thankfully, you can buy a sofa slipcover to give new life to your comfy, but hideous, sofa. Sofa slipcovers are available in the home goods section of most department stores and come in an assortment of colors, styles and sizes. Picking out a sofa slipcover is the easy part-however, knowing how to properly install it is another story. Take a minute to get familiar with the basics of how to install a sofa slipcover so that the installation process goes much more smoothly

  • Measure the sofa before removing the sofa slipcover from its package
  • Vacuum the sofa. You will be covering the sofa with a heavy slipcover so you don't want to trap dust and food crumbs underneath. If the cushions have a removable, washable cover, wash and dry before installing the slipcover
  • Check the positioning of all sofa cushions to make sure they are all arranged properly
  • Remove the slipcover from the package. If the slipcover is excessively wrinkled, steam or iron the fabric. Follow the manufacturer's care instructions, as placing a slipcover in a hot dryer or under a hot iron may damage the fabric
  • Identify the center of your sofa. Usually a visual estimation is sufficient
  • Identify the center of the slipcover. The easiest way to do this is to fold the entire slipcover in half (horizontally) on the floor
  • Match the center of the slipcover to the center of the sofa and then drape the slipcover over the entire sofa. Keep in mind that you will lose some length as you install the slipcover over the sofa.
  • Adjust the slipcover to smoothly fit the arms of the couch
  • Tuck the slipcover under and behind the sofa cushion, following the existing edges of the cushions with your hands to meet the contours of the sofa. Use a large wooden kitchen spoon to help you tuck the fabric into the crevices of the couch. Keep an eye on the bottom edge of the sofa. As you tuck the fabric securely into the sofa, fabric pooled on the floor may start to get pulled upward. Make sure that the fabric covers the sofa and that any pooling disappears
  • Continue pulling and tugging at the slipcover until it fits the way you want it to. If necessary, begin again. Just pull the cover completely off the sofa and begin again

How to Buy a Sleeper Couch Slipcover:

Shinelee Fashion Soft Cotton Grid Striped Sofa Cover

Furniture slipcovers are an easy alternative, especially when you can't afford to cover the cost of replacing or reupholstering a large couch. Slipcovers are also available for sleeper couches, but watch out for a few minor details before purchasing a cover

  • Shop in person first. When it comes to covering a sleeper couch, you want a personal look at what you're getting into. Visit a local store first so you can physically feel the material and estimate the size you'll need
  • Check the label or product description to ensure the slipcover is designed for a sleeper couch. Many slipcovers are made from a stretchy material, but this doesn't guarantee they will fit over your sleeper. Better to be safe than sorry by purchasing a ready-made product that is specifically designed for (or compatible with) sleepers
  • Choose a heavy-duty material. The frequent removal that is required to open and close a sleeper couch will most certainly cause faster wear and tear on your slipcover. Don't skimp on quality if you can help it.
  • Consider a custom-made order for your sleeper. Slipcovers that are ordered based on your couch's dimensions can be much more convenient, sturdy and formal looking. Unfortunately, they are usually much more expensive
  • Order online for the best prices on sleeper couch slipcovers. Most home furnishing retailers have websites offering this product, and there are many websites that are solely slipcover businesses.
  • Skip the bows, ties and extra fabric when buying a cover for your sleeper. Hanging fabric can easily get caught on the fold-out bed and ruin your slipcover in an instant

Package Included:

  • 1 x Sofa Cover